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July 3, 2012

Hofbauer Wiener Composition

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austriaHofbauer has a very big name in Austria for chocolates. The chocolate box “Hofbauer Wiener Composition” is the crowning of Viennese chocolate art. Reason enough to take a closer look into the box, and introduce those delicious products to the visitors of

Hofbauer stands for the finest chocolate art since 1882!


Hofbauer Wiener Composition

The box in a clear blue.

Hofbauer Wiener Composition

The first look inside the chocolate box.

Hofbauer Wiener Composition

A closer look on the chocolates.

Hofbauer Wiener Composition

This chocolate is called “Einspänner”. Tender melting coffee truffle in white chocolate.

Hofbauer Wiener Composition

This one is called “Orange Dessert”. Fruity orange marzipan in dark chocolate. You can taste the high quality dark chocolate. The perfect candy!

Hofbauer Wiener Composition

Wiener Schmankerl. Hazelnut crispy nougat cream in milk chocolate.

Hofbauer Wiener Composition

Baci is nougat with a whole hazelnut.

Hofbauer Wiener Composition

Wiener Nougat is the finest three layer nougat.

Hofbauer Wiener Composition

It’s very soft, and gone on the tongue soon.

Hofbauer Wiener Composition

This is a milk truffle dessert. The half of it.

Hofbauer Wiener Composition

And here we have the Franz Schubert chocolate.

Hofbauer Wiener Composition

It looks like that: the finest nougat orange cream.


May 19, 2012

Cukrcek Dark chocolate with Teran

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M&M's chocolateCukrcek Dark chocolate with Teran from Slovenia. The chocolate was also in the parcel which I have received directly from the manufacturer.

The introduction on the back of the box is as follows: Unquestionably Teran is a Slovene wine speciality. Teran is wine, produced on the Kras plateau, from the grapes of the wine Refosk. This is a red sort of wine, heavily influenced by the fact that it grows on Terra rossa, which is an unique soil when it comes to wine growing.

Teran is rich in antioxidants that fight the free radicals, prevent against cancerous and other disases and are even said to slow down the aging process. The vintage aroma and taste of the wine come from the sun that in the summer shines over all the vineyards in Slovenia.

It’s difficult to taste something out of the Teran flavour inside the chocolate. For me it’s a good dark chocolate.

cukrcek cark chocolate teran

Black chocolate in a black wrapping.

cukrcek dark chocolate teran

A look inside the chocolate.

May 13, 2012

Cukrcek white chocolate with blackberry

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M&M's chocolateAnother delicious chocolate I got from Slovenia. White chocolate with blackberry. The backberries are inside and on the bottom of the chocolate bar. The surface is plain and has the engraving of the manufacturer.

Well, what can I say. The chocolate tasted brillant. The blackberry pieces had quite proper sizes. It just took a very short time and the whole bar was eaten.

On the back of the chocolate box I could read following information:
White chocolate with blackberry
A fresh blackberry is a sweat [sic!] fresh fruit which ripens in the summer and which was recently indentified as one of the best weapons against cancer. A study has shown that blackberries contain the highest amount of antioxidants and very significant anti-cancer properties.

white cukrcek white chocolate blackberry

The package of the chocolate: “ko razvada postane navada”. Bela cokolada z robido.

cukrcek white chocolate

The surface.

cukrcek white chocolate blackberry

The back of Cukrcek white chocolate.

cukrcek chocolate

A look inside the chocolate. The blackberry pieces are located on the bottom.

Conclusion: Another fabulous chocolate from Cukrcek. Cukrcek white chocolate with blackberry has the right sweet, and the blackberry pieces are the right crowning of a great product.

April 4, 2012

Cukrcek white chocolate with orange

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M&M's chocolateCukrcek Chocolate from the company called “Benedict” is the first Slovenian chocolate here on this website. I got those delicacies unrequested by mail from the manufactuer. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THAT!

There several chocolate bars with different flavours in the box. I decided to start with the “white chocolate with orange”.

cukrec white chocolate with orange

Before some words about the manufacturer. The company called “Benedict podjetje za notranjo in zunanjo trgovino, d.o.o.” was founded in February 1991 with a starting capital of 8.763,14 Euro. Bededict d.o.o. is located in the capital Ljubljana. Their chocolates are made by hand with “love and devotion”, how they wrote on their website.

The Cukrcek chocolate makers put a lot attention on the raw materials, which is always important for a proper chocolate bar. The chocolate is made only from cocoa that originates in Latin America and is grown on plantations of Caribbean islands (Aruba, Cuba, ….).

cukrec white chocolate orange

Alright, enough words about it. Let’s take a closer look on the chocolate. On the top of the box I can read something in Slovenian language: “ko razvada postane navada”. On the back I can read some informations in English language.
White Chocolate with orange:
Orange is a popular winter fruit, quite well known in Slovenia. It is the most spread citrus fruit in the world and is produced in diverse variants. Some oranges are yellow and some are red. Various parts of an orange can be used for medicine purposes, primarily the peel of the unriped fruit, the leaves and flowers of a bitter orange. The healing power of oranges strenghtens our immune system and has an anticancerogenous effect. It prevents strokes, diabetes, and many other chronic diseases. Historically oranges are deemed as saviours of sailors – the consummation of oranges prevented sure death by scurvy.
Ingredients: sugar, cocoa butter, skimmed powdered milk, emulsifier: lecitin, vanilla, orange. Cocoa solids: 25 percent minimum.
Net content: 85g.

So how does it taste? It is a tender flavour at the beginning. Some seconds later I have experienced a strong taste of orange. The chocolate is not too sweet for a white one, and the orange flavour is unmistakably. My wife also tasted some lemon, but I wasn’t able to do that.

Cukrcek white chocolate with orange is a brillant chocolate creation. I would buy that without any doubts. Well done, Slovenia!

cukrec white chocolate with orange

October 12, 2010

Amano Artisan Chocolate

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M&M's chocolateI really can’t remember where I got that small 56g bar of US-American chocolate. But it had a long shelf life. It was laying almost one year in my office and is still valid until February 2011. 6 more months.

The full name of the bar is “Amano Artisan Chocolate Montanya Limited Edition Handcrafted Dark Chocolate”. The cocao content amounts 70 percent and was made of premium beans from the mountains of Venezuela. On the backside of the wrapping I read following informations: “Accesible only on horseback in the mountains of Northern Venezuela are several family-owned cocoa plantations. Here I discovered a limited supply of truly exquisite cocoa beans. We are the first to make a single origin chocolate from these precious beans. Our vintage process gently accentuates their finest flavours. The result is a remarkable chocolate with flavour notes of apricot and marshmallow that you will find enchanting. Amano Artisan Chocolate is dedicated to reviving the art of making fine chocolate from the bean. We craft our chocolate in small batches only from the finest cocoa beans, pure cane sugar, and whole vanilla beans. I hope you enjoy our chocolate.

Well, what should I say. At first the chocolate tastes quite neutral. Later, after one or two minutes melting on the tongue, I experience much more flavour. A bit vanilla is recognizable. As the bar is very small I only take very small bits and try to enjoy best I can. I must say, if you know the story of this chocolate, the flavour is quite interesting. It also has something slight of blue berries in the taste. Also for the huge content of cocoa the taste is not too bitter. A quite good chocolate product from the USA, but of course, I have experienced much better chocolates in my life. It was not the best, but rather good.

The second wrapping of Amano Artisan Chocolate.

… and finally the broken 65g bar. Amano Artisan Chocolate is manufactured in the 85.000 inhabitant town of Orem in Utah. The chocolate factory is located about 40 miles south of Salt Lake City in the heart of the Wasatch Mountains.

September 27, 2010

1888 Origin Malmö Chokladfabrik Chocolate

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After a very long time (more than 7 months), I had the pleasure to taste a new chocolate again. It was a chocolate from Sweden, from the town of Malmö in the south of the country. I can’t remember where I got it from. I suppose it was a present from a Swedish friend, who knows I like to try new chocolates from all over the world.

The cocoa content of the chocolate was quite high. 70 percent. So you are might able to imagine the taste. Typical dark chocolate taste. The plate was quite thin though. I would label it as a good and solid chocolate, but nothing outstanding. Maybe I am already too much used to dark chocolate. But Ritter Sport tastes better. Sorry Sweden.

On the backside of the wrapping I can read following things: 1888 – The Swedish Quality Chocolate. At malmö Chokladfabrik we have dedicated to recreating an old tradition of quality chocolate making. Around 100 years ago chocolate was pure and prized for qualities beneficial to health. However, during the 20th century it was often transformed into candy; lower cocoa content, with more sugar, more fat and foreign additives.

The front side of the Swedish chocolate. The net weight amounted 80g.

The story continues … 1888 ORIGIN, by conrast, contains only cocoa and unrefinded cane sugar which, we believe, results in superior taste, aroma and a smooth, natural texture. Our chocolate is made in small, hand crafted batches and conched (stirred) until it is “just right” which may take several days! Skilled chocolate experts monitor this process with care, a process inspired by the tradition started in 1888 in the chocolate factory in Malmö, using original recipes from a century ago. To continue this tradition is our mission!

Maybe 1888 Origin Malmö Chokladfabrik Chocolate usually tastes better. I made the mistake to keep it in a warm room during summer. Much warmer than 16-18°. Now I read on the wrapping that the right temperature is very important for this product. So maybe it’s a bit unfair to review a chocolate which had the wrong storage. I will probably never know the real taste of 1888 Origin Malmö Chokladfabrik Chocolate. That’s life …

The sight after I have received the first wrapping.

Finally I am ready to take the first piece …

February 13, 2010

Milka Toffee Caramel Cream Hazelnut Chocolate

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Milka Toffee Caramel Cream Hazelnut Chocolate is one of the latest chocolate creations of Milka. The product consists of a whole hazelnut, milk cream, and caramel cream. The chocolate is tender as always for a Milka chocolate bar. The filling tastes very soft and melts very quickly on the tongue. The last experience is the whole hazelnut in the centre. A quick bite and another piece of Milka Toffee Caramel Cream Hazelnut Chocolate is gone.

A very sweet taste characterizes the product.

Milka Chocolate “Choco Cookie”

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Milka Chocolate cookies are made of wheat, oat flakes, and tender chocolate pieces. The cookies tastes quite dry. Not too bad, but other chocolate cookies of the same kind are not such bad either. I would label Milka Choco Cookie as medium cookies. Nothing really exciting. Only the lical wrapping with the Milka logo is the most impressing thing.

The package includes 12 pieces which have a weight of 168g.

The wrapping looks very appealing.

12 chocolate cookies.

January 23, 2010

Mora Mora Chocolate

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I have opened a very exotic chocolate bar yesterday evening. A creation of dark chocolate with a cocoa content of 73 percent from the island of Madagascar. For such a strong cocoa content the flavour was quite acceptable. Very solid and dry. True quality.

Mora Mora is a journey from seed to bear and finally to bar. The manufacturers from Madagascar label their product themselfes as “true oringin and fine”. The special creation won the World Chocolate Award of the Chocolate Academy in 2007. The bar I got was the one which was labeled as “Fine Dark Chocolate – fruity mellow and velvety smooth.”

A black covering with a colourful painting of the island of Madagascar.

The unwrapped chocolate bar. I was very curious to take the taste bite.

It was the first chocolate from Madagascar in my whole life.

January 12, 2010

Amedei Chocolate

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What a wonderful surprise on a cold Tuesday evening in the middle of January. White chocolate with pistachio from the Italian province of Tuscany. The cocoa content amounts 29 percent.

The chocolate manufacturer is located in the 27.000 inhabitant town of Pontedera. The establishment took place in the year 1990. Amedei Chocolate already won a lot of international prizes, which is no surprise for me after enjoying the first bite of this product.

The taste of Cioccolato Al Latte Bianco Con Pastacchi La Tavoletta Amedei Tuscany is a mixture of sweet and bitter elements. The pistachio which serves as filling take the bitter part. The white chocolate itself is creamy, but not too much. So I would label it as not such a sweet chocolate. But there is no doubt that this creation is a very fine chocolate.

Simple design of a wonderful chocolate bar.

I removed the wrapping and experienced a white chocolate bar with dark spots of the pastachio.

At the end I was not disappointed. Amedei was a very interesting chocolate experience. Great!

Chocolate Schokolade Chocolat Cioccolata Cioccolato Cioccolatini Sjokolade Suklaa Choklad Chokolade Chocolade Shokolaad šokolāde Sokoladas