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September 29, 2007

Russian Cognac Chocolate

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russia chocolateThe true origin of this chocolate bar is a bit confusing. At first glance it looks like a real chocolate from Russia. The letters on the wrapping are Cyrillic and the blonde lady with a glass of cognac has the beauty of a Russian princess.

But if you take a closer look on the backside, you are going to find out that everything is wrong. The chocolate is produced in Poland and distributed by a Latvian company. The name of the Polish manufacturer is “PPHU Tomasz”, and I was not able to find more informations about that company. Maybe the lady on the picture is Russian, but the rest of the chocolate isn’t. I suppose the Cyrillic letters of the wrapping shows that Russia might be the most important market for that chocolate brand.

russian cognac chocolate

The chocolate has a content of cacao of 50%. This is usually a promise for a good taste. The first experience isn’t bad indeed. There is a good and solid taste of bitter chocolate. A short time after the first bite you are able to explore the filling. It’s a soft cream of a slight cognac flavour. So the chocolate consists of cognac cream coated with plain chocolate. The aftertaste can be a bit strange, but in general the chocolate is not too bad. I think without cognac cream the product would be even better. But anyway, Russian Cognac Chocolate was a nice chocolate experience on a dark and cold Saturday evening at the end of September.

russian cognac chocolate

September 28, 2007

Alpinella Chocolate “Czekolada Mleczna”

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alpinella chocolateAlpinella Czekolada Mleczna “milk chocolate” is a chocolate bar from the Polish city of Poznań.

“Interagra” is the name of the factory which manufactures Alpinella.

According to their Polish website, Alpinella chocolate should bring a piece of Alpine lifestyle to Polish chocolate consumers. The chocolate factory claims there is the clean nature and the wild rivers of the Alpine moutains included in the chocolate product.

alpinella chocolate czekolada

I have tasted the chocolate and experienced a medium chocolate product. There ia a high content of milk inside, which should be a usual thing for an official bar of milk chocolate. As usually the content of cacao seems to be quite low. 26 percent is written on the wrapping, but it tastes like less. I would say Alpinella chocolate is possible to eat, if your desire chocolate and there is nothing else to take, but I could not find a true enjoyment in the Alpinella. I would say it’s a medium chocoate with a tendency down.

alpinella chocolate czekolada

alpinella chocolate czekolada

September 27, 2007

Sostines Chocolate Grietininis “Cream Chocolate”

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sostines chocolate lithuaniaThe chocolate bars of “Sostines” are manufactured in the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius by the company called “Vilniaus Pergale”.

“Vilniaus Pergale” means “Victory of Vilnius”, and was founded in 1952. Vilniaus Pergale produces one of the widest range of chocolate and candy specialities in the Baltics.

sostines chocolate cream grietininis

Many times the chocolate creations of the company were honoured by medals and awards. Sostines chocolates are sold to Germany, Israel, Russia, Latvia, Estonia, and Poland.

“Sostines” is the expression for “capital” in the Lithuanian language.

sostines chocolate cream grietininis

I had the pleasure to taste the Sostines Chocolate “Grietininis”. Grietininis is the Lithuanian expression for “cream”. The taste of the chocolate confirms the good reputation of the manufacturer. My first piece melts very pleasant on my tongue. The taste is not bitter, but not too sweet either. The content of cacao amounts 33 percent. The chocolate is a good enjoyment if you like it sweet. For bitter chocolate lovers Sostines might be a tad too sweet.

sostines chocolate grietininis cream

September 24, 2007

Olympia Chocolate

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olympia chocolate hungaryOlympia is a chocolate from Hungary.

Manufacturer is the company in Budapest called: “Choko Service BT” (Ihasz u. 28, 1105 Budapest, Hungary).

On the wrapping I can read the chocolate bar is a milk chocolate with raisins and hazelnut.

olympia chocolate

The first experience is a very sweet taste. The second thing I recognize is quite a cheap taste. This product is surely no high quality premium chocolate. Where is the content of cacao? I could not taste it, and I also could not find an information about the content of cacao on the wrapping. This is extremely poor!

olympia chocolate

After a short time the chocolate becomes a fat taste, and at the end of my very first little piece of Olympia Chocolate I even feel disgusted. There are raisins and hazelnuts in the chocolate? I was not able to find, or to taste those kinds of ingredients. Summary: a very disappointing chocolate product. The worst chocolate I have tried on this website up to now. If all chocolates from Hungary taste like that, I am very sorry for the Hungarian chocolate lovers.

September 22, 2007

Geisha Chocolate

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finlandGeisha is a chocolate from Finland, which is manufactured by the Fazer chocolate factory.

Fazer was founded in 1891 by Karl Otto Fazer, a son of Swiss immigrants, in Helsinki. In that time Finland was part of the Russian empire, and not a free and independent nation. Since his childhood the son of a Swiss furrier was interested in chocolates and coffee. He always wanted to learn how to make good chocolate.

geisha chocolate schokolade

So Karl Otto Fazer learned how to make chocolates in Paris, Berlin and Saint Petersburg. When he was 25 years old, he returned home to Finland and opened his first coffee house. But his true love was the manufacture of chocolate. Three years later he opened his chocolate factory which exists until today.

geisha chocolate schokolade

Geisha is made of tender milk chocolate and filled with a soft and crispy hazelnut cream. The chocolate tastes quite alright. I think it’s a bit too sweet, could be more cacao included, and there is too much milk inside.  Not a product which throws me out of my shoes, but a sweet and nice enjoyment for in between.

September 19, 2007

Laima Chocolate

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laima chocolate latviaLaima is a Latvian chocolate manufacturer which was established in 1870 in Latvians capital Riga.

It was the German confectioner Theodore Riegert who set the foundation stone of Laima Chocolate with Rigas first candy factory.

Riegert’s chocolate factory became famous in the whole Baltic region and Russia in a short time. In 1925 the chocolate factory was turned into a joint stock company and received its name of today: Laima.

laima chocolate schokolade

By 1938 the factory Laima could have been surely called an empire of sweets: high quality chocolate, candy, cocoa, squish were made on modern foreign machinery and exported in large quantities.

The factory’s turnover was about 4-5 million lats. Its products supplied the whole range of warehouses and shops in towns and provinces. Imagine – up to 1000 people worked in Laima system! In spite the competition among 29 sweets manufacturers, Laima was a recognized leader occupying 39% of the market of sweets in Latvia and 79% of the export market. Laima products were exported to England, France, Sweden, Canada, Holland, Norway, South Africa, Palestine, Morocco, the Bermudas and India…

When the second world war started in 1939 the exports stopped immediately, and the prices on the domestic market increased.

laima chocolate schokolade

After the war Latvia became a part of the Sovietunion and Laima Chocolate a Communist enterprise. Nevertheless the company achieved many trophies and compliment in international exhibitions.

In 1993 Laima became a private company again. Today, as decades ago, Laima faces high competition from foreign manufacturers, but people of Riga and Latvia do not change their tastes and stay faithful to their favourite sweets.

laima chocolate schokolade

I have tried the “Laima Piena”. It’s the Laim Mik Chocolate. The chocolate has a pleasant full taste of milk chocolate. I experienced a very sweet flavour and it reminded me on our traditional christmas tree chocolate in Austria. Quality chocolate in a very sweet and tasty style.

September 16, 2007

Kalev Chocolate

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estoniaThe Estonian chocolate manufacturer Kalev was founded in 1806 in the old town of Estonians capital Tallinn by the Swiss confectioner Lorenz Caviezel.

In 1864 the chocolate manufacture was bought by the 25-year-old German Georg Johann Stude. He was the man who made the company to a success. His chocolate creations made him to a legend in Estonia, and the company became the biggest chocolate producer in 1921. The chocolate was also exported to foreign countries like Great Britain, France, USA and even to North Africa, India and China.

kalev chocolate schokolade

In 1948 the company was socialized by the Communist occupiers from Russia. The Soviets also changed the name from Kawe to Kalev. Kalev was the name of a mythologic king of Estonia. Even communism could not stop the success story of the chocolate. Kalev was very popular in the whole Soviet Union and known for its high quality chocolate.

After the end of communism in Estonia, the chocolate factory became private again in 1995. Today Kalev is Estonias biggest candy manufacturer again and in Estonian possession.

kalev chocolate schokolade

I had the luck to receive a product from Kalev. It was the chocolate bar called “Tume Sokolaad Kirsitükkidega”. It’s dark chocolate filled with dried pieces of cherry and apples. The dark chocolate is very tasteful and not too bitter (47% cacao content).  The filling of cherries and apples is something quite unique to me and fits quite well. Kalev Chocolate is a very delicious chocolate creation which delighted my senses to its highest pleasure.

kalev chocolate schokolade

September 15, 2007

Bachhalm Chocolate Macchiato Orange

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austriaBachhalm is a confectioner and pastry shop in the South Upper Austrian town of Kirchdorf, which was opened in 1928.

Bachhalm manufactures hand made chocolate bars, and has a highly reputated name in and around the region. The precious products aren’t available in supermarkets, but you are able to find them in more and more coffee houses and chocolate shops of Austrias federal state Upper Austria.

bachhalm chocolate macchiato orange schokolade

The chocolate bar of Bachhalm which I have tried was the “Macchiato Orange”. A Hand Made Grand Cru Cuvée Gourmet Chocolate: Pure varieties of noble cocoa beans of the variety Criollo from the best growing regions and plantations in the world. 10 degrees to the north and south of the equator, form the unique basis for all of our Grand Cru Cuvée chocolates, is written on the packaging of the chocolate.

Macchiato Orange consits of 63,8% cacao, sugar, cacao butter, bourbon vanilla and natural orange flavour. The weight amounts 85 gram.

bachhalm chocolate macchiato orange

The chocolate bar has two main colours: orange and black. The taste of the chocolate depends on the primary colour of your piece. An orange piece of this chocolate has a much stronger taste of orange as a darker one. A dark piece of chocolate has a very smooth taste of macchiato. Generally is to say that this kind pf product is really a premium quality chocolate bar. You can lay back, close your eyes, and let this chocolate melt on your tongue. It is a very special chocolate experience for very special moments. Bachhalm is a master piece of chocolate manufacturing art.

In spite of a cocao content of 63,8%, the chocolate tastes surprisingly not too bitter.  The smooth, not too sweet and not too bitter taste of the chocolate, delights the palate of the chocolate friend in a very gorgeous way.

bachhalm chocolate macchiato orange schokolade

The home of Bachhalm Chocolate: Hauptplatz 1 in the town centre of Kirchdorf. The confectioner and pastry shop of Bachhalm is located in the opposite to the town hall and just some metres away from the church.

bachhalm hauptplatz 1

Hauptplatz 1: Bachhalms confectioner and pastry shop has its place there since 1928.

September 9, 2007

Toblerone Chocolate

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switzerlandToblerone is a Swiss chocolate from Bern, which was invented in the year 1908.

The name consits of the words “Tobler”, which was the name of the inventor Theodor Tobler, and “Torrone”, which is the Italian expression of honey-almond-nougat.


During the second world war the tank traps of the Swiss army were also called “Tablerone” in the style of the famous chocolate creation.

toberlone chocolate

Toblerone is one of my favourite chocolates. The chocolate is tender delicious Swiss milk chocolate with honey and almond nougat. If you once started to eat the chocolate bar in the unique mountain form, it’s hard to stop. The only negative thing about Toblerone is the sticky honey filling, which can be annoying for the teeth. The milk chocolate is very good and melts gentle down the throat.

toblerone chocolate

September 8, 2007

Sarotti Chocolate (Bittersweet 70% cocoa)

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sarotti chocolateSarotti is a chocolate from Germany.

The story started in Berlin in 1852, when a guy called Heinrich Ludwig Neumann opened a chocolate shop in the Friedrichstrasse. He sold imported chocolate from France. In 1881 Hugo Hoffmann bought the shop and stopped importing chocolates from France. He started to produce the chocolate himself. This was the birth of “Sarotti”. His chocolates were sold under this name.

After the first world war, a negro character became the symbol of Sarotti Chocolate. You can find this kind of symbol on all chocolate bars of Sarotti. The so called “Sarotti Moor” became very famous in Germany during the 60’s when he appeared in many TV spots of Sarotti.

sarotti chocolate bittersweet zartbitter

I tried the Sarotti bar “Bittersweet 70% cocoa”. The chocolate tastes, as you can expect by a 70% cocoa content, quite bitter. The sweet taste stays in the background. I would say the bar is also a bit dry. The bitter flavour is quite on the border. Of course you can eat it, but for me the enjoyment was not that big. It’s just a tad too bitter.

sarotti chocolate bittersweet zartbitter schokolade

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