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September 27, 2007

Sostines Chocolate Grietininis “Cream Chocolate”

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sostines chocolate lithuaniaThe chocolate bars of “Sostines” are manufactured in the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius by the company called “Vilniaus Pergale”.

“Vilniaus Pergale” means “Victory of Vilnius”, and was founded in 1952. Vilniaus Pergale produces one of the widest range of chocolate and candy specialities in the Baltics.

sostines chocolate cream grietininis

Many times the chocolate creations of the company were honoured by medals and awards. Sostines chocolates are sold to Germany, Israel, Russia, Latvia, Estonia, and Poland.

“Sostines” is the expression for “capital” in the Lithuanian language.

sostines chocolate cream grietininis

I had the pleasure to taste the Sostines Chocolate “Grietininis”. Grietininis is the Lithuanian expression for “cream”. The taste of the chocolate confirms the good reputation of the manufacturer. My first piece melts very pleasant on my tongue. The taste is not bitter, but not too sweet either. The content of cacao amounts 33 percent. The chocolate is a good enjoyment if you like it sweet. For bitter chocolate lovers Sostines might be a tad too sweet.

sostines chocolate grietininis cream

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  1. chocolate sweets “Vilnius” ,”Sostine” are more tasty and popular

    Comment by Jurga — October 13, 2008 @ 7:03 pm

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