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September 29, 2007

Russian Cognac Chocolate

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russia chocolateThe true origin of this chocolate bar is a bit confusing. At first glance it looks like a real chocolate from Russia. The letters on the wrapping are Cyrillic and the blonde lady with a glass of cognac has the beauty of a Russian princess.

But if you take a closer look on the backside, you are going to find out that everything is wrong. The chocolate is produced in Poland and distributed by a Latvian company. The name of the Polish manufacturer is “PPHU Tomasz”, and I was not able to find more informations about that company. Maybe the lady on the picture is Russian, but the rest of the chocolate isn’t. I suppose the Cyrillic letters of the wrapping shows that Russia might be the most important market for that chocolate brand.

russian cognac chocolate

The chocolate has a content of cacao of 50%. This is usually a promise for a good taste. The first experience isn’t bad indeed. There is a good and solid taste of bitter chocolate. A short time after the first bite you are able to explore the filling. It’s a soft cream of a slight cognac flavour. So the chocolate consists of cognac cream coated with plain chocolate. The aftertaste can be a bit strange, but in general the chocolate is not too bad. I think without cognac cream the product would be even better. But anyway, Russian Cognac Chocolate was a nice chocolate experience on a dark and cold Saturday evening at the end of September.

russian cognac chocolate

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  1. I’m from Russia, and I don’t know this kind of chokolat. We have “Puteshestvie” or something like that. And this one is Ukriane, I suppose=)

    Comment by ShurupuS — May 21, 2012 @ 11:44 am

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