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October 30, 2007

Emotion Chocolate Macadamia Krokant

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Emotion Chocolate Macadamia Krokant is manufactured by the Swiss chocolate factory Frey in Buchs.

The chocolate manufacture Frey has a philosophy to give three certain things in its chocolates: enjoyment, seduce and sensuality.


emotional chocolate macadamia krokant

The manufacturer of this chocolate bar exists since more than 120 years, and you are really able to taste the quality of such a skilled chocolate producer.

emotional chocolate macadamia krokant

A tender taste of finest milk chocolate flatters the gustatory nerves of your tongue. The chocolate melts smoothly down your throat, and leaves a wonderful chocolate enjoyment behind.

emotional chocolate macadamia krokant

When the chocolate is almost melted, the filling of the caramelized macadamia nuts comes into the game. Crunchy pieces of nuts gives that chocolate bar its extra boost. Emotion Chocolate Macadamia Krokant is a chocolate for the special moments in life.

October 28, 2007

Ritter Sport Dark Milk Chocolate

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Ritter Sport Dark Milk Chocolate is a combination of sweet milk chocolate and dark bitter chocolate.

The combination is a true success. The chocolate is a very nice treat and deserves to be called a “good piece of chocolate”.

40% content of cocoa makes the chocolate not too sweet and not too bitter. Just the perfect proportion for the sophisticated chocolate gourmet.

ritter sport chocolate dark milk chocolate

Ritter Sport is a traditional chocolate brand from Germany, which was sold the first time in 1912. The choclate factory is located in the South Western city of Stuttgart.

ritter sport chocolate dark milk chocolate

The name of the chocolate consits of “Ritter”, which is the second name of the founder (Alfred Ritter), and “Sport”, which should keep in mind that this practical quadratic chocolate bar fits in every sports jacket.

ritter sport chocolate dark milk chocolate

October 24, 2007

Camille Bloch Ragusa Chocolate

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ragusa camille bloch chocolateCamille Bloch Ragusa Chocolate is manufactured in the chocolate factory of “Chocolats Camille Bloch SA” in Courtelary, and little town in Switzerland.

Camille Bloch Ragusa Chocolate is a chocolate confectionery with truffle filling and whole hazelnuts.

camille bloch chocolate cream schokolade

Ragusa is the undisputed leader product from the house of Camille Bloch. A bar of the finest chocolate with praline filling and whole hazelnuts. Originally born from an emergency situation – the admixture of hazelnuts came about because of the shortage of raw materials in Switzerland during the Second World War – Ragusa is our supreme, classic product. Naturally made according to a recipe that has remained unchanged up to the present day.

ragusa camille bloch chocolate

The price of the chocolate is quite expensive, and so I really tried to enjoy this special kind of chocolate product.

The chocolate is sweet, but not too sweet. The filling is fine and seems to be a luxury truffle cream. It’s very easy to enjoy Camille Bloch Ragusa Chocolate on the tongue. The whole hazelnuts come at the end of the taste chain. If you take a strong bite, you can mix the crunched nuts with the delicious truffle cream. An expensive but wonderful chocolate experience from Switzerland.

ragusa camille chocolate schokolade

Camille Bloch: a big chocolate name keeps its promise.

October 23, 2007

Czekolada Mleczna Chocolate

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poland chocolateCzekolada Mleczna Chocolate is a delighful chocolate experience from Poland.

I was not able to find the manufacturer or the place of manufacture of that chocolate.

This seems to be a secret.

mleczna chocolate czekolada

Incomprehensibly a secret, because I do not understand why the manufacturer don’t want be known. The chocolate is not that bad. On the contrary! I have experienced a very good chocolate taste with a cocoa content of 25%.

mleczna czekolada chocolate

The most impressing thing about that chocolate are the big whole hazelnuts. I could not rememeber a chocolate where I could enjoy such big hazelnuts.

mleczna czekolada chocolate

On the wrapping a “tender taste of the finest milk chocolate” is promised. Czekolada Mleczna keeps the promise. The chocolate is not too sweet and not too bitter, it’s not a very fancy chocolate, but quite good. I really don’t understand why the manufacturer wants to stay unknown. There is no need for that.

czekolada mleczna chocolate

October 21, 2007

After Eight Thin Chocolate Mints

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after eight“After Eight” are thin plates of bitter chocolate, filled with peppermints cream.

The sophisticated chocolate creations are manufactured by Nestle in the German city of Frankfurt/Main.

after eight peppermint chocolates mints thin

The idea of “After Eight” was born 1962 in England. It was the English company “Rowntree’s” who created this kind of chocolate product. In 1988 Nestle bought Rowntree’s and received the marketing rights for “After Eight”.

peppermints chocolates after eight

The peppermints cream filling of “After Eight” has a very refreshing effect. It’s quite a good product, and the success prove the popularity. The only negative thing I have experienced about the thin peppermints chocolates is the too distinctive sweet taste of the peppermints cream.

after eight chocolates

after eight chocolate mints

October 19, 2007

Fazer Chocolate

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fazer chocolateFazer is a chocolate from Finland made from fresh milk.

The bar consits of milk chocolate with whole hazelnuts.

The “Karl Fazer” signature has been the sign if Fazer quality since 1891. Fazer Milk Chocolate is made from fresh milk and high quality cocoa beans. Fazer Milk Chocolate has a unique soft and rich taste.

fazer chocolate

Fazer was founded in 1891 by Karl Otto Fazer, a son of Swiss immigrants, in Helsinki. In that time Finland was part of the Russian empire, and not a free and independent nation. Since his childhood the son of a Swiss furrier was interested in chocolates and coffee. He always wanted to learn how to make good chocolate.

fazer chocolate

So Karl Otto Fazer learned how to make chocolates in Paris, Berlin and Saint Petersburg. When he was 25 years old, he returned home to Finland and opened his first coffee house. But his true love was the manufacture of chocolate. Three years later he opened his chocolate factory which exists until today.

fazer chocolate

The Fazer Chocolate has a creamy delicious taste of milk chocolate. Fazer is not that sweet as, for instance, Milka Chocolate. Fazer is really a great chocolate product. Especially the creamy flavour makes this chocolate to a wonderful enjoyment.

October 18, 2007

Rosenauer Viennese Imperial Chocolate

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austriaThe “Viennese Imperial Chocolate” is made by the Viennese chocolate manufacturer “Rosenauer’s Wiener Schokolade”.

Only the best ingredients are used. High quality is very important for the blessed chocolate artist from Vienna. All chocolate bars are made by hand.

viennese imperial chocolate

The Viennese Imperial Chocolate was made in the homage of Austrias and especially Viennas Imperial past. The chocolate has a chocolate coating of the best noble plain chocolate with a cocoa content of 60%. Viennese Imperial Chocolate is filled with raisins, walnuts, candied orange peels, and hazelnuts.

viennese imperial chocolate

The flavour of this chocolate is real pleasure. The chocolate coating is flavour experience at its best. The filling creates a nutty and fruity excitement on the lucky tongue. Viennese Imperial Chocolate has a true Imperial taste. The composition of the best fruit and nuts with noble bitter chocolate is a taste-felicity of the special kind.

viennese imperial chocolate

October 15, 2007

Vilnius Chocolate Tamsusis Sokoladas

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latvian chocolateThe chocolate bar “Vilnius Chocolate Tamsusis Sokoladas” is manufactured in Latvia, but dedicated to Lithuanias capital “Vilnius”.

The world famous chocolate manufacturer from Latvia “Laima”, is the producer of this chocolate bar.

vinius chocolate tamsusis sokoladas

Vilnius Chocolate Tamsusis Sokoladas should be dark chocolate with a cocoa content of 48%. My first impression was sweet and dark chocolate. I would say Vilnius Chocolate Tamsusis Sokoladas is digestible and quite alright. Not one of my top chocolates, but quite okay to enjoy.

vilnius chocolatel laima tamsusis

vilnius chocolate laima latvian schokolade

October 14, 2007

Princas Sokoladas Chocolate

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princas sokoladas chocolate schokoladePrincas Sokoladas Chocolate “Pieninis Sokoladas Su Grietineles Skonio Jdaru” is a chocolate bar, manufactured in the Lithuanian city of Kaunas by AB Kraft Foods Lietuva.

The first impression of the chocolate: very sweet.

princas sokoladas chocolate schokolade

After you suck the chocolate for one or two minutes, you are going to explore the precious filling of Princas. The filling consits of creamy caramel. The taste of the caramel is not too strong. Just a gentle caramel flavour, and very creamy.

princas sokoladas chocolate schokolade

My opinion: a very good chocolate. The wrapping looks not too tempting, so I hestitated to take this chocolate product. But now I must say, it was not a mistake to take and try Princas chocolate. But if you are a fan of dark bitter chocolates: take your hands away!

princas chocolate sokoladas schokoladeprincas sokoladas chocolate schokolade

Princas Sokoladas Chocolate is the chocolate of the former Lithuanian princes and princesses.

October 12, 2007

Chocolate Bonnat Chocolate Voiron

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bonnat chocolateChocolat Bonnat Voiron Isere depuis 1884 pur beurre de cacao is a chocolate from France.

The chooclate is manufactured in the town of Voiron. The little town of 22.000 inhabitants is located in the South Western part of France, in the Rhône-Alpes region, close to the border of Switzerland.

chocolat bonnat chocolate schokolade

It was in 1884 when Felix Bonnat started to do business with chocolates. He created the French praline which forms the basis of the Voiron “Pavé” (Praline Chunk), the recipe of which remains unchanged today.

chocolat bonnat chocolate schokolade

The Bonnat family is one of Frenchs oldest family firm who is manufacturing chocolates.

chocolat bonnat chocolate schokolade

The chocolate itself is really a masterpiece of chocolate production. There is a tender sweet taste of milk, and a bitter flavour in the background at the same time. This makes the chocolate to an unique chocolate experience. You can really taste the high quality of the chocolate on your tongue. Bonnat Chocolate is a wonderful unqiue composition of one of the best chocolates in the world.
chocolat bonnat chocolate schokolade
“What’s good to the taste is good for the soul”, is the slogan of Bonnat: “Ce qui fait du bien au palais ne fait pas de mal á l’ame”. The chocolate has a content of 55% cacao.

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