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November 30, 2007

Hanuta Chocolate

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italyHanuta is made by the Italian candy manufacturer Ferrero SpA in Alba (Piedmont) for the German market.

Hanuta is the short form of the three German words “HAsel NUss Tafel” (Hazel Nut Bar).

Hanuta is one of Germanies most popular sweet snacks. The tasteful product came on the market in 1959.

hanuta chocolate

The taste of Hanuta is a true seduce. Hanuta consits of two crispy waffles on the top and the bottom. The filling is a creamy chocolate creation which is garnished with little pieces of hazelnuts.

hanuta chocolate

It’s not a surprise to me that this kind of simple treat has such enormous success for such a long time. Hanuta is the perfect quick snack to calm down a hungry stomach, and a culinaric blessing for the senses on a high level for a reasonable price.

The chocolate filling of Hanuta has a creamy character and a fine flavour of coffee.

November 29, 2007

Carletti Chocolate Milk Chocolate

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denmarkThis kind of chocolate bar is one of the many I have received from the Danish chocolate manufacturer “Carletti”, which is located in the town called “Skødstrup”.

“Okologisk Maelkechokolade” is the official brand name of the product.

carletti chocolate

The chocolate is a milk chocolate with a very creamy and pleasant flavour. The content of cocoa amounts 32 percent.

carletti chocolate

Carletti Chocolate Milk Chocolate is “Fair Trade” certified.

carletti chocolate

November 25, 2007

Carletti Chocolate Hasselnødder

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denmarkThe full name of the chocolate is “Carletti Økologisk Maelkechokolade Med Ristede Hasselnødder”.

Manufacturer is the candy factory of Carletti in the Danish town called “Skødstrup”.

The chocolate consists of 16% roasted hazelnuts, 84% milk chocolate, and has a cocoa content of 36 percent.

carletti chocolate hasselnodder

Carletti Økologisk Maelkechokolade Med Ristede Hasselnødder has a fine and tender taste of milk chocolate which melts smoothly on the tongue. The roasted hazelnuts, which are cutted into small pieces, are fresh and crunchy.

carletti chocolate hasselnodder

Carletti Chocolate Hasselnødder is a very fine chocolate from Denmark. It was a great pleasure to taste this kind of delicious product from Scandinavia.



carletti chocolate hasselnodder

carletti chocolate hasselnodder

November 24, 2007

Rosenauer Wiener Schokolade Apple Strudel Chocolate

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austriaWiener Schokolade Apple Strudel Chocolate is a wonderful composition made by the Viennese chocolate manufacturer Rosenauer by hand.

According to the manufacturer, only the best ingredients are used for this kind of fancy chocolate candy.

The chocolate bar is an appreciation of one of Austrias most important and famous sweet dishes: the “Apple Strudel”.

rosenauer wiener schokolade apple strudel chocolate

If you take the first bite, you can taste the fresh apple pieces inside the chocolate. Walnuts, hazelnuts, raisins and cinnamons are the further important ingredients of an apple strudel, which are included in the chocolate.

rosenauer wiener schokolade apple strudel chocolate

The coating is a delicious experience of light milk chocolate with a cocoa content of 34 percent. The bar is made by hand.

rosenauer wiener schokolade apple studel chocolate

The little chocolate factory of Rosenauer is located directly in the centre of Vienna (Fleischmarkt). The chocolate bars are only available in chosen shops and markets.

November 23, 2007

Carletti Chocolate Mørk Kaempeplade

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denmarkCarletti Chocolate “Mørk Kaempeplade” cannot compete with the two other chocolate bars of Carletti which I have tasted before.

The white chocolate bar and the milk chocolate bar are much more tasteful than the dark chocolate of the Danish candy manufacturer.

carletti chocolate

The chocolate is not a bad dark chocolate, but a bit too average. There is no special flavour which makes me say “woohoo”. There is only a monotonous sweet taste of dark chocolate. The sweetness is also a bit too much for a dark chocolate bar. The cocoa content amounts 44 percent.

carletti chocolate

I could not find anything outstanding in that chocolate. This is the only negative point. I could eat the 200g bar without a problem at once.

carletti chocolate

The consistency of Carletti Chocolate “Mørk Kaempeplade” is hard and rough.

My personal summary: the chocolate bars “Hvid Kaempeplade” and “Lys Kaempeplade” of Carletti are much better.

November 22, 2007

Goa Lindu Chocolate Kaffi Sukkuladi

Filed under: Icelandic Chocolate — admin @ 9:45 pm

icelandA chocolate from Iceland. How long I had to dream about such an exotic chocolate product from the island between Europe and North America?

I cannot remember, but to open and to taste the “Kaffi Sukkuladi” was a very special experience to me, because this kind of chocolate is not available in Central European shops.

goa lindu chocolate kaffi sukkuladi

Goa Lindu Chocolate Kaffi Sukkuladi is manufactured in the village of “Gardabae Simi” by the Icelandic chocolate manufacturer “Goa Lindu”, and consits of sugar, glucose, cocoa butter, cocoa liquer, fondant, fresh milkpowder, skimmed milkpowder, milkprotein, lecitin and flavoring.

goa lindu chocolate kaffi sukkuladi

Not just the origin is something special to me. Also the taste is something very unique. Kaffi Sukkukadi has a coating of light milk chocolate, and a filling of coffee cream and sticky cocoa liqueur mass. The flavour of coffee is very strong. While melting on the tongue the chocolate envolves a slight taste of cocoa liqueur.

goa lindu chocolate kaffi sukkuladi

As this kind of chocolate is very difficult to buy here in Austria, I have enjoyed every single fibre on my tongue. Yes, this chocolate is a good one. Yes, I really enjoyed it. Yes, I would buy it more often if it would be available in Austria.

goa lindu chocolate kaffi sukkuladi

A negative point? Yes, if you don’t like the taste of coffee, you wont be excited about “Kaffi Sukkuladi”.

November 18, 2007

Karaliskas Chocolate

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lithuaniaKaraliskas is a royal chocolate from Lithuania.

The chocolate is produced by Lithuanians traditional candy manufacturer “Karuna”, which belongs to Kraft Foods Lietuva.

Karaliskas is a dark, hard and strong chocolate with a content of cocoa of 55%. The production takes place in Lithuanias second biggest city of Kaunas.

karaliskas chocolate

The bar had a weight of 300g. I don’t know if there are smaller bars.

karaliskas chocolate

The big chocolate bar of Karaliskas has a strong and hard character. I needed some strength to break the bar in two pieces.

karaliskas chocolate schokolade sokoladas

The chocolate reminded me on Austrian cooking chocolate. It was such a full taste of bitter chocolate. I would say the chocolate is not so bad, but I would not rate it as one of my top chocolates.
Karaliskas Chocolate is a bit over the average.

November 15, 2007

Hvid Kaempeplade

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denmarkHvid Kaempeplade is a white chocolate bar from Denmark.

The chocolate is manufactured in the Danish candy factory “Carletti”.

A bar of white “Hvid Kaempeplade” chocolate has a weight of 200g and a content of cocoa of 30 percent.

hvid kaempleplade white chocolate denmark schokolade

This chocolate is not like all the other white chocolates I have tasted. This white chocolate is something special.

hvid kaempeplade white chocolate weisse schokolade

At first I have experienced a sweet taste. There was also a fresh flavour of lemon. While melting on the tongue the chocolate deployed a wholehearted delicious white chocolate taste. Probably the best white chocolate in my whole life.

November 12, 2007

Frey Chocolate

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switzerlandFrey is a Swiss chocolate brand which is almost as old as that of the European chocolate industry itself.

It started around the middle of the nineteenth century, when chocolate making changed over from manual to industrial production.

Frey Chocolate was founded in 1887 by the brothers Max and Robert Frey in Aarau. In its early days the company considerably influenced the way chocolate moved from being an exclusive indulgence for a few privileged people to being a sweet treat generally available to a wide section of the population.


frey chocolate chocolat schokolade

I had the pleasure to taste the “Extra Fine Milk Lait exta fin Vollmilch” chocolate of Frey. A milk chocolate with a cocoa content of 31 percent.

frey chocolate chocolat schokolade

The promise of an “extra fine” chocolate is not a fake. The chocolate is extra fine indeed. There is a pleasant creamy taste of milk chocolate. The chocolate melts quite smoothly on the tongue.

frey chocolate chocolat schokolade

As Frey Chocolate is a very cheap chocolate, the price-performance ratio is just fabulous. You receive a good taste for little money.

The chocolate was manufactured in the Swiss town of Buchs. The official name of the chocolate producer is “Chocolat Frey AG”.

November 11, 2007

Lys Kaempeplade

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lys kaempepladeLys Kaempeplade is a chocolate from the Central part of Denmark, manufactured in the village of Skødstrup.

The chocolate bar is a milk chocolate with a cocoa content of 33 percent.

lys kaempeplade chocolate

The manufacturer of Lys Kaempeplade Chocolate is the Danish candy producer “Carletti”.

lys kaempeplade chocolate

I have experienced this chocolate product as a chocolate with a decent sweet taste. The chocolate is sweet, but not so sweet as Milka Chocolate.

lys kaempeplade

I would say Lys Kaempeplade has a classy Danish taste of the European north. Not too intrusively and not too intensive. A gentle milk chocolate, nice to enjoy.

lys kaempeplade

Mentionable is also the hard character of the bar.

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