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December 29, 2007

Lindt Chocolate

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lindtThe chocolate bar called “Lindt Extra Milk/Milch/Au Lait” is finest swiss milk chocolate, manufactured by the candy manufacturer Lindt&Sprüngli AG in the 7.000 inhabitants town Kilchberg, which is located close to Zürich.

Lindt Chocolate has a very sweet and tender character. The sweet temptation nestles gentle around the tongue and delights with a full and pleasant taste of milk.


The chocolate is a true pleasure. To be honest I haven’t expected something else. The name of “Lindt” guarantees quality on a higher level.

lindt chocolate

Lindt Chocolate was founded in 1879 by Rodolphe Lindt. Lindt was the inovater of a conche machine, which was able to increase the quality of the chocolate on a multiple higher level. He was also the first one who put cocoa butter into the chocolate mass. Those two things made the Swiss chocolate world famous. He is the father of modern chocolate.

lindt chocolate

Rodolphe Lindt sold his chocolate brand and the secret of conche in 1899 to Sprüngli. Since that time the Lindt Chocolate is produced by the company called “Lind & Sprüngli AG”.

lindt chocolate

December 27, 2007

Patience Chocolate “Victor Schmidt”

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austriaPatience Chocolate is manufactured by the Viennese candy producer “Victor Schmidt”, which belongs to the Manner company now. Manner is also located in Vienna.

Patience Chocolate has a quite long history. The first box of Patience chocolate was sold in 1905. 9 years before the first world war broke out. In that time Patience chocolate was a part of the old Vienna. You can still taste the special flavour of that period in the Patience chocolate. It was the style and the character how the people enjoyed their sweet passion in those days.

patience chocolate victor schmidt

Patience chocolates are little thin cookie creations, some are formed like letters, coated with the finest premium quality bitter chocolate.

patience chocolate victor schmidt

The possibility to experience this very interesting candy product makes me a happy man. At least for this evening.
patience chocolate victor schmidt

patience chocolate victor schmidt

Patience Chocolate from Victor Schmidt is only available some days before christmas. The rest of the year you won’t be able to find some Patience chocolates. This keeps the product mystical and secret. Just like the time around 1905 in Vienna …

Ferrero Rocher

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italyFerrero Rocher is an Italian chocolate produced by Ferrero in Italys North Western town of Alba.

Alba has 30.200 inhabitants and is located in the Piemont province, which can be found close to the border to France and in vincinity to the two Italian cities of Genova and Torino.

The delicious chocolate speciality came on the market in 1984, and is very popular in Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg and even in the USA.

ferrero rocher

The chocolate ball of Ferrero Rocher consists of a round formed waffle which is filled with a kind of a liquid nut cream. This cream has even a certain name. It’s called Ginduia cream.

ferrero rocher

In the centre of every Ferrero Rocher chocolate is a whole hazelnut. Ferrero Rocher chocolates are also coated with tender milk chocolate and little pieces of hazelnuts.

ferrero rocher

Ferrero Rocher is a sweet flavour experience on its top. This kind of candy is a dream of chocolate and nut. After you have cracked the light and hollow seeming chocolate-nut-waffle creation, you can enjoy yourself in this heavenly dream of nuts and chocolate.

ferrero rocher

The Ferrero Rocher chocolate with its coating of tender and sweet milk chocolate and the little pieces of hazelnuts.

ferrero rocher

Inside the Ferrero Rocher … the special nut cream comes out. The whole hazelnut is still covered inside that cream. 😉

Eza Mascao Chocolate

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switzerlandEza Masco Chocolate is declared as a fancy organic chocolate, produced in a secret place in Switzerland of precious cocoa butter from Latin America.

The sugar which is included in the chocolate is imported from the Philippines and known as natural full cane sugar.

EZA Chocolate exists since 1975 and has the FAIRTRADE seal of approval.

eza mascao chocolate

My first flavour experience was a specific bitter taste. The taste was not really good, but maybe I am just not used to such a high quality chocolate? The cocoa content of 85 percent is also maybe a bit too high. Such high cocoa content chocolates have not really a pleasant taste.

eza mascao chocolate

At the end of my testing I would consider the Eza Mascao Chocolate as acceptable. The mild bitter taste has no cheap character, but I am just not used to such a special bitter chocolate flavour. It’s okay but not exciting.

December 22, 2007

Björnsted Ecuador Chocolate

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germanyBjörnsted Ecuador Chocolate consists of 70 percent cocoa, and is manufactured in the German town of Herford, which is located in the Western part of Germany.

The product is made in the chocolate factory of “Eco Finia”.

bjornsted ecuador chocolate

Björnsted is a new chocolate brand and available since just one or two years. The special thing about the chocolate is that the ingredients are only taken from the best sources.

bjornsted ecuador chocolate

At first you experience a bitter sweet chocolate. After you take your first bite, the chocolate evolves its unique flavour and taste. The reason of such kind of special flavour is a very rare cocoa bean called “Arriba”.

This kind of cocoa bean was imported from the South American country of Ecuador. Ecuadorian farmers plant such cocoa beans under strict ecological requirements. This “Arriba” cocoa bean counts to one of the best cocoa beans in the world. You are going to taste that in the chocolate. Extremely tasty.

Panuli Chocolate Mocca Beans

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austriaPanuli Chocolate Mocca Beans are manufactured by HARIBO in Austrias third biggest city Linz. 

The company “Panuli” was founded in 1921 in Linz by the confectioner Josef Franz Panuschka (PANUschka LInz = PANULI).  Panuli manufactured fruit bread, waffles and gingerbread. 


In 1929 the company moved to a bigger factory and started to produce also chocolates and candies. This was probably also the birth of the Panuli Chocolate Mocca Beans.

panuli chocolate mocca beans

Panuli was sold to the German candy manufacturer HARIBO between 1988 and 1990.

panuli chocolate mocca beans

Panuli Chocolate Mocca Beans are coated with dark chocolate (48%) and filled with a very sweet mass which has the taste of coffee. The first little pieces taste quite good, but a consumption of some more developes a too annoying sweet taste of the filling.

December 15, 2007

Nestle Chocolate

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nestle chocolate switzerlandNeste White Chocolate “Die Weisse” Crisp comes from the Swiss town of Vevey, which is located in the French part of Switzerland, directly next to the lake Genfersee.

The chocolate bar is filled with crispy rice which has an extra crispy character.

nestle chocolate

The chocolate is good, but has no excitment included. I could eat bar after bar without a single problem, but the special taste, the certain kick, is missing.

nestle chocolate

I would say a lovely white chocolate with a slight flavour of cream in the background. The massive consistance of crispy rice dominates the product.

nestle chocolate

December 14, 2007

Munz Chocolate

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switzerlandMunz Swiss Premium Chocolate is a dark chocolate product from the village of Flawin in Switzerland.

The chocolate factory who produces Munz chocolate bars is called Maestrani. Maestrani is a very traditional chocolate producer in Switzerland. They produce chocolate since more than 150 years. Maestrani bought the chocolate factory of Munz in 1998.

munz chocolate schokolade

We are talking about a dark chocolate with a content of 70% cocoa. On the package it’s written that Munz Chocolate is the finest swiss bittersweet chocolate. For me the taste was a bit too bitter, but there was also a full flavour.

munz chocolate schokolade

 I would say Munz is not that bad, but not very exciting either.

December 4, 2007

Milka Milketten Chocolate

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milka milketten chocolate austriaMilka Milketten are manufactured in the Austrian chocolate manufactury of Bludenz, which is located directly next to the Swiss border in the Western part of Austria.

Milketten are one of Milkas traditional products. They exist since quite a while. At least a couple of decades.

milka milketten chocolate

Milketten consist of the finest Milka Alpine Milk Chocolate and a tender strawberry cream filling. Milka Milketten are also quite popular in Italy.

milka milketten chocolate

The traditional chocolate product of Milka is best to enjoy if you let it melt on your tongue. After a while you are going to taste the tender strawberry cream inside the chocolate pieces. A wonderful feeling comes over you and it’s hard to stop eating …

 milka milketten chocolate

… unwrapped and ready to enjoy ….

milka milketten chocolate

… hmmm … sweet, wonderful, tender and delicious!


December 2, 2007

Ebner/Hanauer Chocolate

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austriaThis kind of chocolate was a rather interesting one.

It was wrapped as “Ebner Chocolate”, and unwrapped it turned out to be a chocolate from the Viennese confectioner Klaus Hanauer.

Ebner is confectionery and pastry shop from the Styrian town of Pöllau. They sell and wrap it as home-made chocolate, but the naked chocolate does not lie. You can read the engraved logo of Hanauer on the chocolate bar.

ebner hanauer chocolate

The chocolate has a coating of sweet milk chocolate and a filling of a honey milk chocolate cream. The content of cocoa amounts 45 percent.

ebner hanauer chocolate

I have experienced a very sweet chocolate. The filling is sweet too. Sweet and sweet results in too sweet. I would not rate the Ebner/Hanauer chocolate as a bad chocolate, but for sure this kind of chocolate wouln’t make me addicted.

ebner hanauer chocolate

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