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December 29, 2007

Lindt Chocolate

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lindtThe chocolate bar called “Lindt Extra Milk/Milch/Au Lait” is finest swiss milk chocolate, manufactured by the candy manufacturer Lindt&Sprüngli AG in the 7.000 inhabitants town Kilchberg, which is located close to Zürich.

Lindt Chocolate has a very sweet and tender character. The sweet temptation nestles gentle around the tongue and delights with a full and pleasant taste of milk.


The chocolate is a true pleasure. To be honest I haven’t expected something else. The name of “Lindt” guarantees quality on a higher level.

lindt chocolate

Lindt Chocolate was founded in 1879 by Rodolphe Lindt. Lindt was the inovater of a conche machine, which was able to increase the quality of the chocolate on a multiple higher level. He was also the first one who put cocoa butter into the chocolate mass. Those two things made the Swiss chocolate world famous. He is the father of modern chocolate.

lindt chocolate

Rodolphe Lindt sold his chocolate brand and the secret of conche in 1899 to Sprüngli. Since that time the Lindt Chocolate is produced by the company called “Lind & Sprüngli AG”.

lindt chocolate

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