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February 26, 2008

Snickers Cruncher

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usaSnickers Cruncher is the new version of the traditional Snickers bar.

Snickers Cruncher has not such an intensive taste of roasted peanuts like the traditional Snickers.

snickers cruncher

Snickers Cruncher has also a more rough consistency (less caramel and no nougat). Because of the crispy rice inside the Snickers Cruncher, the taste is more gentle. The crispy rice creates a very pleasant flavour.

snickers cruncher

In my opinion the Snickers Cruncher is much better than the traditional Snickers.

snickers cruncher


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usaSnickers was invented around 1930 in the USA.

The chocolate bar is known as the most selling candy of all times. Snickers consists of roasted peanuts with caramel and nougat, and is covered with milk chocolate.


I have experienced a strong taste of roasted peanuts. The taste of the peanuts is really dominating this chocolate.



February 24, 2008

Milka Chocolate Egg

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milka chocolateThe Milka Chocolate Egg is a very funny idea.

It consists of the finest milk chocolate which is formed as hollow egg and filled with sticky milk cream.

milka chocolate

My experience was a fine taste of the milk chocolate, but the milk cream was not that good as expected. I think this product is something for children instead for the people who are calling themselfes “chocolate gourmets”. There is just too little chocolate and too much milk cream inside.

milka chocolate

But nevertheless the idea is quite inventive, and I think this is also the main motivation for such a creation.

milka chocolate

Hmm … I have found two spoons and four chocolate eggs in the wrapping.

milka chocolate

One of the chocolate eggs uncovered.

milka chocolate

Let’s behead it.

milka chocolate

I have found a sticky milk cream inside the chocolate egg. To be honest this milk cream was not really a pleasure. Maybe children will like it.

milka chocolate

My destiny: now I have to spoon out the sticky mass. Okay, it was not that bad.


Milka Amavel

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milka chocolateMilka Amavel is a new chocolate creation from Milka.

The bar has a weight of 160g and should go after the demanding chocolate lover.

This kind of Milka Amavel chocolate is filled with a fluffy chocolate cream called “Mousse au Chocolat”.

milka amavel

Milka Amavel consists of a strong covering of tender milk chocolate. The chocolate melts quickly down the throat. It’s a nice enjoyment, but nothing for people who prefer pure chocolate. The fluffy chocolate cream is too annoying for those.

milka amavel

Interesting designed chocolate bar.

milka amavel

The naked desire of Mousse Chocolat.

milka amavel

Taking a look into the heart of Milka Amavel.


Bounty Chocolate

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netherlandsBounty Chocolate is manufactured in the Dutch town of Veghel. Veghel has 37.000 inhabitants, and is located in the south of the Netherlands.

The idea of Bounty Chocolate came from the USA, but Bounty was not sold there until 1995.

bounty chocolate

Bounty Chocolate consists of a covering of tasty and crisp milk chocolate, and a luscious filling of coconut core.

bounty chocolate

The coconut core has not an intensive taste, but is a very good combination with such a tasty and crisp milk chocolate.

bounty chocolate

Swedy Chocolate

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austriaSwedy is a traditional chocolate candy bar from Austria.

The Upper Austrian confectioner Niemetz from Linz is the manufacturer of Swedy.

Swedy is filled of the finest peanuts cream and covered with savoury milk chocolate.

swedy chocolate

The result of this creamy combination is an experience with a strong character of peanuts. Swedy is very soft, which is always a problem during hot days in summer. The candy bar melts away very easily. That’s why many supermarkets does not sell Swedy during summer.

swedy chocolate

At the end the chocolate peanuts cream bar feels a bit sticky in mouth and stomach. This is the only real negative point of Swedy. Some other people may think it tastes a bit too cheap and fat.

– link: Niemetz Linz (picture of the Niemetz candy factory in Linz)

Mirabell Mozart Chocolate

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austriaMirabell Mozart Chocolates are manufactured in the 7.000 inhabitant town of Grödig in the federal state of Salzburg.

There are many different chocolate manufacturers in Austria and Germany who produce Mozart Chocolates, but only the ones from Mirabell are allowed to be called the genuine ones (Die Echten).

mozartkugeln mirabell

Mozartkugeln from Mirabell are also the most famous, most popular, and most sold ones in Austria.

mirabell mozartkugeln chocolates mozart

Their character is strong and sweet. The covering consists of the finest dark chocolate. The filling is a cream of nougat and a marzipan mass. Especially the marzipan, which is the core of the chocolate creation, has a very strong and important taste.

mirabell mozartkugeln


Mars Chocolate

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usaMars is a chocolate creation from the USA. This heavy delicacy was invented in 1911 by a guy called Frank C. Mars from Minnesota.

Frank C. Mars was a very talented chocolate manufacturer. He was also the one who created famous chocolate bars like Milky Way and Snickers.

mars chocolate

In 1932 Britains were the first ones in Europe who started to produce and sell Mars. Germans and Austrians had to wait until 1961 when Mars came into their supermarkets.

mars chocolate

Mars has a very strong taste of caramel, and a quite a saturating effect. The filling consists of a soft nougat and a sticky caramel mass. The covering is made of delicious milk chocolate with crisp character.

February 22, 2008

Zotter White Poppy Chocolate

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austriaAnother certain creation of Austrias famous confectioner Josef Zotter. I received this interesting candy for christmas.

The chocolate bar which is filled with white poppy is made by hand, and one of Josef Zotters popular chocolate bars.

zotter chocolate

Zotter White Poppy Chocolate is filled with cocoa mass, white poppy, apricot schnapps and almonds.

zotter chocolate

The chocolate has a very strong character. The first impression was a heavy taste of cinnamon. The filling of white poppy tastes quite fruity.

zotter chocolate

The chocolate is not so bad, but for me there is too little chocolate and too much filling. Not really something for a pure chocolate lover.

zotter chocolate

Baci Perugina

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italyBaci Perugina is a chocolate creation for people who like nuts.

The chocolates are manufactured in the Italian city of Milano by Nestle Italiana.

baci perugina

The impression was a thick layer of milk chocolate which was not too sweet. This chocolate is a covering for a core of a nut, nuts pieces and cocoa butter.

baci perugina

The milk chocolate is not too sweet, but seems to be very creamy. I would say it’s only something for real nutslovers. I was not so exicted about it. Too much nuts and too little chocolate is my summary.

baci perugina

baci perugina

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