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March 26, 2008

Panda Cashew Chocolate

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finlandNow I have tried another chocolate from the Finnish candy factory of Oy Panda Ab, which is located in the town of Vaajakoski.

This time it was a Panda Chocolate with cashew nuts.

The chocolate consists of 30 percent cocoa. At first I have experienced a bit of a rough taste. After a while in the mouth the chocolates becomes more smoothly.

panda chocolate

I don’t know what’s so special about those cashew nuts.  I was not able to experience a certain taste. There was only a very slight taste of those nuts. I could not say it’s a good taste. It has a very slight character, which is almost not noticeable.

panda chocolate cashew

I would say Panda Cashew Chocolate is quite good to eat. I wouldn’t take it for the enjoyment. Just if you are in the mood for chocolate, take it. Not more.

panda chocolate

panda chocolate

March 18, 2008

Ildefonso Chocolate

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austriaThe chocolates of Ildefonso are something very special, and a true delicacy for nougat and chocolate lovers.

Ildefonso chocolates are manufactured since 1880.

The owner of a Viennese chocolate factory spent his holiday in Spain. During that holiday, he has visited the church of Toledo, which was dedicated to the Bishop St. Ildefonso.

ildefonso chocolate

The owner of the chocolate factory entered the church, and received the idea of a new chocolate creation in his head, like it was sent directly from heaven. Seven layers of dark and light nougat with a coating of delicate chocolate was his holy chocolate vision in this certain church.

 ildefonso chocolate

Immediately when he was back in Vienna, he told his confectioners of the chocolate vision. They tried to create the best of his idea, and the result was “Ildefonso”.

ildefonso chocolate

Ildefonso was a tremendous success in that time, and is still sold with great profit until today. This proves the quality of Ildefonso. Truely a divine vision of chocolate which brought fame, success, and glory to the Viennese chocolate factory of Victor Schmidt.

ildefonso chocolate

I can confirm that Ildefonso is really a wonderful chocolate creation. It has such a tender character that it’s melting easily on the tongue. A true enjoyment of dark and light nougat, coated with the finest Viennese chocolate.

ildefonso chocolate


March 16, 2008

Panda Mint Chocolate “Minttu Suklaa”

Filed under: Finnish Chocolate — admin @ 10:37 pm

panda mint chocolatePanda Omintakeinen Makeinen Minttu is a chocolate from Finland. It’s a dark chocolate bar with a mint flavoured filling.

The mint filling consists of a liquid mint cream.

I must say that this chocolate is really excellent. Finns know how to make delicious chocolate bars. This is my personal realizing after my chocolate tasting.

panda mint chocolate minttu

Panda Mint Chocolate has a brilliant dark chocolate, and a filling of the finest liquid mint cream.

panda mint chocolate minttu

The only thing which I did not liked, was that fact that I was not able to find the cocoa content of the chocolate on the wrapping. I don’t know the reason for that. The chocolate is brilliant. I don’t understand why the manufacturer is hiding the cocoa content of the chocolate on the wrapping.

panda mint chocolate minttu

But anyway. I have finnished the whole bar in the record time. Panda Minttu is really fabulous.

Hofbauer Chocolate

Filed under: Austrian Chocolate — admin @ 10:21 pm

austriaHofbauer is one of Austrias most traditional chocolate manufacturers.

The company was founded in the middle of the 19th century, and is located in Austrias capital Vienna.

Hofbauer Chocolate is the finest selection of dark chocolate with a brilliant filling of marzipan. This is my personal opinion about “Hofbauer Für Verwöhnte Marzipan”.

hofbauer chocolate

Hofbauer is the leading manufacturerer of chocolates in Austria. It’s always a pleasure and the perfect enjoyment for the special moments, to try one of their chocolate creations.

hofbauer chocolate

Hofbauer chocolates are quite expensive in the price, but that’s okay, because they are not intended for daily consumption. You should try those chocolates only for the very special moments.

hofbauer chocolate

There are not much chocolates in the box, but they are not made to fight starvation. Hofbauer chocolates are made to enjoy and to let them melt on the tongue.

hofbauer chocolate


March 14, 2008

Panda Chocolate Hurmaava Tumma

Filed under: Finnish Chocolate — admin @ 6:34 pm

chocolatePanda Chocolate Hurmaava Tumma is a dark chocolate bar from Finland.

The chocolate is manufactured a little village called Vaajakoski. Unfortunately I could not find any information about this place in the web.

panda chocolate

I suppose “Hurmaava Tumma” means something like dark chocolate. The chocolate looks and tastes quite dark. The cocoa content consists of 49 percent, which surprises me because it tastes like more.

panda chocolate

I would classify Panda Chocolate Hurmaava Tumma as a good and delicious treat of dark chocolate.

The thin plate of the chocolate is a good idea. Panda has a full character and a filling taste. A thick chocolate bar just would be too much.

panda chocolate

I suppose this product could be something for a lover of dark chocolate. If you prefer milk chocolate you wouldn’t be that excited, but still even for a dark chocolate my experience was not that bad. Althought I wouldn’t become addicted.

panda chocolate

Negative point: a bit too close to basely cooking chocolate.

March 13, 2008

Hamlet Chocolate

Filed under: Belgian Chocolate — admin @ 12:09 am

belgiumHamlet Chocolate is sold in little chocolate pieces which have different characters.

The place of manufacture is Belgium.

“Assortiment”is the official name of this chocolate delicacy.

hamlet chocolate

Yes, the chocolates are a delicacy indeed. At first sight I was not sure. The wrapping is made quite simple and there are no detailed descriptions of the different chocolates which can be found in the box.

hamlet chocolate

I would describe the Hamlet chocolate box as a delicious assortment of good Belgian chocolates. It was a pleasure to try those products. Hamlet chocolates taste good and delicious. Every chocolate in the box is an own creation.  

hamlet chocolate

A closer on the Hamlet chocolates.

hamlet chocolate

Interesting filling coated with delicious chocolate from Belgium.

hamlet chocolate

March 2, 2008

Spongebob Chocolate Eggs

Filed under: Dutch Chocolate — admin @ 6:52 pm

hollandAs I have a lack of Dutch chocolate in my collection, I thought I am going to take this box of Spongebob Chocolate Eggs from the Netherlands.

The box has three colourful wrapped chocolate eggs included.

The place of manufacture is located in the Dutch town of Roosendaal. This town can be found in the south of the Netherlands and has about 80.000 inhabitants. The name of the factory is BIP.

spongebob chocolate eggs

I have experienced a thin chocolate plate shaped as an egg.

spongebob chocolate eggs

I would classify the product as an average chocolate of milk and white chocolate. The taste is very sweet and not that smooth and lovely tasting like the surprise egg of Kinder chocolate.

spongebob chocolate eggs

spongebob chocolate eggs

spongebob chocolate

There is a surprise inside the chocolate egg …

spongebob chocolate

… a little plastic character of Spongebob.

March 1, 2008

Cupido Truffles Chocolates

Filed under: Belgian Chocolate — admin @ 11:04 pm

blegiumCupido Truffles Chocolates are manufactured in the Belgian town of Vrasene.

Vrasene is a little town in the north of Belgium and has 4.000 inhabitants.

This chocolate creation is mentioned as “milk chocolate flaked truffles. The cocoa content consits of 33 percent.

cupido chocolates truffles

My impression of Cupido Truffles Chocolates was a creamy taste of milk chocolate. I would call my sentiments as not too bad. I was more interested as delighted because Cupido offered rather a new chocolate experience to me.

If I have to find a negative point of Cupido, I would say that it’s just too fat in the taste.

cupido chocolates truffles

So what how should be my final judgment. The chocolates are new and have a unique taste, but I would not buy them a second time. The flavour experience was not so exciting, that I am tempted to try it again.

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