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June 29, 2008

Daim Chocolate

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daim chocolateDaim is a traditonal candy from Sweden. The inventor and manufacturer of this chocolate is the famous Swedish company called “Marabou”.

Daim came on the Swedish market under the name of “Dajm” in 1953. It took some more years when Daim found its way to the Central European market. 1978 Germany, 1983 Austria, and 1988 France and many other European countries. Since 1989 Daim is also sold in Japan. The furniture store of IKEA seems to be a very important factor for the distribution of the sweet delicacy outside of Sweden.

daim chocolate

In Austria I am able to find Daim Chocolate only in IKEA shops.

Daim Chocolate is a hard and thin bar of chocolate. The coating consists of a delicious milk chocolate. This coating has a very full flavour, and is probably the best of the whole thing. The filling is a hard and crispy plate of cocoa butter, cocoa, butter, almonds, sugar and caramel.

daim chocolate

As I already told the milk chocolate of Daim is quite enjoyable, but the hard filling a bit unusual and quite difficult for melting on the tongue. I suppose you have to bite this hard plate of almonds and caramel. I was not able to let it melt on my tongue. But biting this kind of thing is not such a delighting idea and not so nice for the teeth either.

daim chocolate

June 28, 2008

Cadbury Chocolate

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cadbury chocolateCadbury is a traditional chocolate brand from England. The famous company from Old Albion was established in 1824 by a man called John Cadbury in Birmingham.

First he was just doing business with tea and coffee, but later he decided to extend his range of goods with chocolate. This was the beginning of a fantastic and sweet success story. Today Cadbury is known around the world as the typical chocolate creation from England.

cadbury chocolate

Well, I was happy to find my first Cadbury chocolate in a supermarket called “IKI” in the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius during my last holiday. Of course I did not think twice, and grasped the opportunity. I have never seen a Cadbury chocolate before, but I knew about the existance.

cadbury chocolate

It seemed my Cadbury chocolate was manufactured in Russia, and not in England. There are a lot of Cyrillic letters on the wrapping. Someone who is able to understand the Russian language confirmed that this Cadbury chocolate was made in a Russian city I have never heard of: Novgorod. Novgorod has 220.000 inhabitants, and can be found in the North Eastern corner of Russia, very close to St. Petersburg.

cadbury chocolate

When I have opened the wrapping I could smell a lovely aroma. In my first bite I have experienced a meagre taste. The chocolate was not really sweet, but also not bitter. It was even difficult to locate the milk in the milk chocolate. Very strange.

The hazelnuts are cut in very small pieces. I am not sure what to think about this chocolate. Also the content of cocoa stays a secret. I don’t know why, because there is no cheap taste, which is typical for chocolate brands who enjoy hiding their cocoa content.

cadbury chocolate

Cadbury chocolate is not bad, but also not really an enjoyment. Milka chocolate for instance is more sweet and has more flavour. Maybe Cadbury chocolate has just the character English people like. Gentle, quiet and not too obtrusive in the taste.

June 26, 2008

Ivoria Chocolate

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ivoria chocolateIvoria is a delicious chocolate creation from France. It’s manufactured in the French town of Morteau. Morteau is located in the west of French, directly on the Swiss border, and has 6.500 inhabitants.

The official name of the chocolate bar is: Ivoria Inspirations Patissieres Facon Poire Belle Helene Chocolat Noir Fourre.

ivoria chocolate

There is dark chocolate with a 57% content of cocoa as coating. The filling consists of Poire belle Hélène cream (pears).

ivoria chocolate

The combination is something very new to me. I never had a pear chocolate in my life before. This makes it to a very special chocolate creation to me. But not only that. Also the taste is more than okay, and the tasting was a true enjoyment.

ivoria chocolate

I bought this chocolate in the IKI supermarket of Vilnius (Lithuania).

– link: IKI Supermarket Vilnius

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