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August 31, 2008

Sissi Kugeln Chocolates

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austriaOn a sunny Sunday at the end of August like today, I thought its time for a very special chocolate creation.

I have found my delight in an organge chocolate box with the title “Sissikugeln”. Sissi Kugeln were tradionally manufactured by the Viennese chocolate maker “Hofbauer”, but as the company was sold to “Lindt & Sprüngli, the delicious chocolates are now produced in the chocolate factoy of Gloggnitz, which can be found in the Eastern part of Lower Austria.


sissi kugeln chocolates

Sissi Kugeln are part of Viennas wonderful chocolate history. Those delicious chocolate piece are named according to Austrias queen “Elisabeth of Austria”, who lived from 1837 to 1898. She was also called the worlds most beautiful queen in history.

sissi kugeln chocolates

Sissikugeln chocolates consist of an apricot marzipan and nougat filling, covered by a mixture of the finest bitter and milk chocolate.

sissi kugeln chocolates

Sissi Chocolates are available on the market since 1998. This certain year was the time of the Sissi anniversary. As the chocolates celebrated an unbelievable success in sales, the product is still available since that time.

sissi kugeln chocolates

When I took my first try, I have experienced a full, intensive, and magnificent taste of apricot.  This is the apricot marzipan. An unique creation of confiserie skills, only made for the Sissi chocolate. It’s the first impression of this special and impressive candy delicacy.

sissi kugeln chocolates

At the end of the whole enjoyment comes the wonderful taste of the chocolate coating to its full expansion. I have tasted a tenter chocolate taste, not too sweet, not too bitter, melting on my tongue. Sissi Kugeln chocolates are a wonderful seducement for special and unique moments. My opinion: very good!

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