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October 30, 2008

Thorntons Whipped Fudge Bar

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englandThorntons Whipped Fudge Bar is a quite delicious chocolate creation from the English province of Derbyshire. I received this product from an England traveller.  Thorntons Whipped Fudge Bar is labeled as “the art of the chocolatier”.

The candy consists of whipped fudge with ribbon of caramel in smooth milk and dark chocolate.

thornton whipped fudge bar

The flavour of caramel can be described as very strong in my first bite. The dark and milk chocolate is only noticeable besides.  There is a stale taste of caramel. I think that makes the excessive smoothness.

At the end the whole character of the Thorntons Whipped Fudge Bar becomes quite fine. I suppose this thing is a popular treat in the UK. The soft and smoothness is overwhelming to me. I am not used to such kind of sweets.

thorntons whipped fudge bar

The taste reminds me a bit on a Mars bar. The caramel filling seems to be the same. Only Mars is not that smooth. This is the difference. I would label Thornton chocolate as “quite alright” and “not the worst”.

October 26, 2008

Sea Salt Chocolate

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sea salt chocolateHeilemann Confiserie Chocolate “Sea Salt” was one more unique chocolate experience in my life. Chocolate with salt. Is that acceptable? Well, at first it’s something new. I have never seen or tasted salted chocolate before. Many people are bored about usual chocolate creations, and they are searching for something new. Sea Salt Chocolate could be something interesting for those kind of people.

The chocolate itself is very fine and tender. It goes smoothly down the throat. The content of cocoa amounts 32 percent. So this is quite a good quality. There is not doubt about that.

sea salt chocolate

The first impression is the fine chocolate flavour from Heilemann confiserie. Heilemann chocolate factory is famous for its good chocolate productions. Some seconds later the first taste of salt is noticable. After more and more melted chocolate, the salty taste becomes stronger and stronger. Sometimes it’s possible to taste a real big grain of salt. Then the salt taste is really extremely strong.

sea salt chocolate

Well, I think that kind of salted chocolate is quite funny to taste for the first time. But for a second or third time? I don’t think I am going to buy another bar. Salt and chocolate does not really fit together. It’s a funny experience to taste it one time, but that was it.

But deep respect to the Heilemann company. They made out of such a weird combination, salt and chocolate, a truely acceptable candy.  I mean, the final result does not taste horrible … just “funny”. 🙂

October 20, 2008

Novi Chocolate

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novi chocolateNovi – Il Grande Cioccolato Italiano. Nocciolato Gianduja. Cioccolato Passione dal 1903.

Novi Chocolate from the Italian province of Piedmont is something very special and unique. This kind of chocolate is not like all the others. There are special ingredients and fabrication techniques which cause a huge difference between chocolate from Novi, and a chocolate from another manufacturer.

novi chocolate

Novi Chocolate is made of Gianduja. Gianduja is a mixture of chocolate and finely grounded Piedmont hazelnuts. The filling consists of whole Piedmont hazelnuts. Such kind of hazelnuts are not something usual. They only grow in the province of Piedmont.

Novi takes only the best of those Piedmont hazelnuts for their chocolate. Before the hazelnuts are allowed to serve as Novi chocolate filling,  they became well roasted. Piedmonts hazelnuts are known to be one of the most delicious hazelnuts in the world.

novi chocolate

Those hazelnuts delight the sense of taste by a fine flavour and uncomparable aroma.

Novi Chocolate means pure chocolate. Only cocoa butter is used for the manufacture. No oil and no fat is used.

So how does this special chocolate with “Gianduja” taste? My first impression was a very sapful experience. Later a cosy chocolate feeling coursed through. Indeed pure chocolate. The cocoa content amounts 31 percent.

novi chocolate

Also the big and whole Piedmont hazelnuts are a sensation for itself. Very crunchy and tasteful. Novi Chocolate is a true enjoyment of sapful and pure chocolate from the special kind.

Novi Chocolate exists since 1903.

October 18, 2008

M&M’s Chocolate

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M&M's chocolateLittle chocolate pieces coated with sugar glaze was an invention during the Spanish civil war in the 30’s of the last century. Soldiers were able to enjoy chocolates without the danger of melting. An American traveller in Spain during the war, found this special kind of chocolates by accident, and brought the idea to the USA.

1941 was the time when the M&M’s conquered the American candy market. The chocolates were manufactured by the Mars company. The two ‘m’ mean Mars & Murrie’s. Mars was the manufacturer, and Murry his business partner.

m&m's chocolate

The layer of the sugar glaze is quite strong and crispy. The chocolate box is full of colourful chocolate pieces.

m&m's chocolate

The chocolate inside the coating is nothing special. Not disgusting and not exciting. Medium milk chocolate I would say.

M&M's chocolate

Eating 200g of those chocolates is quite much. I just did that and know I feel sick.

October 12, 2008

Thorntons Turkish Delight Bar

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england chocolateThorntons Turkish Delight Bar is described as “indulgent milk chocolate finished with milk chocolate” with rose and lemon flavoured Turkish delight centre. Well, I have never heard about “Turkish delight” before. I thought it’s some kind of jelly.

The product is made in Derbyshire/England. The milk chocolate contains 30% cocoa solids and 20% milk solids.

thorntons turkish delight bar

I am not so exicited about the chocolate covering. I would describe this chooclate as dull and boring. The jelly is quite fruity and tastes rather refreshing.

The chocolate experience is quite a new one. Chocolate covered around jelly is not so common in my country. The taste of chocolate is not even boring.The taste is also in the background. The amount of jelly is very strong and massive.

thorntons turkish delight bar

The chocolate around the jelly is bit creamy. To find at least one positive thing about it.

In general I would consider Thorntons Turkish Delight Bar as quite interesting experience. Not more. I would not pay money for Thornton Turkish Delight Bar a second time.

thorntons turkish delight bar

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