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November 30, 2008

Schwedenbomben Chocolate

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austriaSchwedenbomben are creations from Austria, and consist of glair foam and a filmy covering of bitter chocolate with and without coco crumbles. A legend tells that this kind of candy speciality was invented 90 years ago. Schwedenbomen means “Swedish bombs” in English language. It’s told that the inventors best friend was from Sweden.

Today the Schwedenbomben factory is located in Linz and known as Niemetz. Their shop can be seen on the following link: Niemetz Linz. Schwedenbomben are a top seller in Austria, and available in almost every supermarket.


This Niemetz Schwedenbomben box is protected by law. It’s not allowed to use it for other candy products.

schwedenbomben chocolate

Inside the holy candy box: a mix of Schwedenbomben with coco crumbles and without.


A “Swedish bomb” in full pomp and splendour. Now it’s time to take a bite …

schwedenbomben chocolate

… so that’s the inside. A very sweet glair foam. The thin chocolate covering breaks easily, and unconveres the massiv amount of the soft filling. The bottom of every Schwedenbombe is a waffle.

Schwedenbomben are a divine treat, but eating the whole box at once alone makes me sick for sure.

November 24, 2008

Villars Chocolate

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switzerlandAfter quite a long time I have found a chocolate bar from Switzerland again. The chocolate factory called “Villars” is located in Fribourg. A town with a mainly French population.

Villars Maitre Chocolatier Suisse exists since 1901. As their website is completely in French language, I have no additional informations about the companies history.

villars chocolate

My Villars chocolate bar has the label “Larmes de Kirsch”. It’s bittersweet chocolate with a liquid filling of cherry spirits. The wrapping looks quite alright. It seems the chocolate wont taste too cheap. In fact the price in the chocolate shop was not too cheap anyway.

villars chocolate

My first impression is a noble taste of bittersweet chocolate. The content of cocoa amounts 53 percent. This is the perfect ratio. The taste is just perfect. After a while the cherry spirits comes through the chocolate and I have a nice experience of the finest cherry spirits. It’s quite warm running down my throat. Lovely!

villars chocolate

Yes, I like Villars. It’s difficult to stop eating if you once have started. Usually I am not such a fan of liquid chocolate fillings, but Villars made a really good job. Of course a chocolate experience of more than 100 years pays well in this case.

villars chocolate

Finest spirits made of cherries and great bittersweet chocolate. I really love it! Well done French speaking Swissmen! 🙂

November 23, 2008

Apple Wine Chocolate (Mostschokolade)

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apple wine chocolateGosh! What is that? Mostschokolade! A chocolate with Austrian apple wine flavour. A very unusual creation. I have never seen something like that before, and so I thought I should try and take this product.

Mostschokolade is manufactured in the Upper Austrian town of Frankenmarkt by a company called “Frucht und Sinne”, which means “Fruit and Senses” in English language. On their website it’s written that this chocolate factory received an official sponsorship by the European Union. Very interesting.

apple wine chocolate mostschokolade

Frucht & Sinne Mostschokolade is white chocolate with dried fruits, and a cocoa content of 28 percent, as well as vanilla, dried apples, and an apple wine concentrate. In my opinion a very adventurous but interesting creation. But let me have a try.

apple wine chocolate mostschokolade

The first bite and my hair stands on end. This chocolate is extremely sour. I have never tried such a sour chocolate before in my whole life. Some seconds later I am able to experience the typical “Most flavour”. The national drink of some certain Austrian provinces.

apple wine chocolate mostschokolade

I think now it depends if you are an apple wine lover or not. I don’t like apple wine, and so I am not so excited about the flavour. The flavour is extremly sourish, and of course the taste of apples is also very strong.

After some more bites I get more used to the Mostschokolade. Now the taste is not that shocking anymore. Yes, I was shocked after my first bite. Mostschokolade is a new and funny way to enjoy a bar of white chocolate. Not more. I don’t think I am going to buy another bar.

apple wine chocolate mostschokolade

Maye this review would be more positive, if I would enjoy drinking the Austrian apple wine. I think at the end the chocolate is not that bad. You really must be used to the new and unique taste. The first bite is truely a shock. Usually chocolates are sweet or bitter, but this one is sour[!]

November 20, 2008

Tre Marie La Meneghina Al Cioccolato

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tre marie la meneghina al cioccolatoThe following product is a yeast cake filled with chocolate from Italy.

Manufacturer is the company “Gran Milano” in “Via Bistolfi 31”, “10134 Milano”.  Tre Marie La Meneghina Al Cioccolato is packed in a black and red cardboard box with a carry handle. It seems this cake is only sold before christmas. While opening the box, the first typical smell is noticable. It’s a cosy smell which seems to promise a lot.

The cake looks a bit burned, is my first impression.  Tre Marie La Meneghina Al Cioccolato is very dark. The cake looks much lighter on the picture of the wrapping.

tre marie la meneghina al cioccolato

I take my first bite and experience a very juicy character.  Tre Marie La Meneghina Al Cioccolato is filled with raisins and chocolate cream, which makes the product not too dry. The covering is dry indeed. So we have a great combination and wonderful completition of a dry exterior and a juicy inside.

tre marie la meneghina al cioccolato

At the end I must say that Tre Marie La Meneghina Al Cioccolato is a very delicious cake from Italy. It’s a wonderful experience to enjoy a slice of Tre Marie La Meneghina Al Cioccolato with a cup of coffee in the morning for breakfast. The price is not too cheap, but adequate. I did not regret my purchase. La Dolce Vita Italia!

tre marie la meneghina al cioccolato

Looks a bit burned. Don’t you agree?

tre marie la meneghina al cioccolato

The juicy inside of the cake. Filled with raisins and chocolate cream.

tre marie la meneghina al cioccolato

A closer look. The chooclate filling was strong, soft, creamy, and satiating.

November 18, 2008

Toffifee Chocolate

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toffifee chocolateToffifee is a candy product from the German company of Storck, and exists since 1973.

The product consists of caramel, nougat, chocolate and a hazelnut.  Toffifee is known as a very delicious chocolate, and delights with a smooth and round taste.

toffifee chocolate

The first layer is a strong covering of sweet caramel. Caramel is also the first impression of Toffifee. If the caramel is melted, the chocolate and the nougat comes in evidence. At the end of the German candy enjoyment uncoveres the hazelnut, which is located in the center of the whole thing. In this special moment the hazelnut is ready for bit through.

toffifee chocolate

Toffifee is a great experience, and I know this product since my childhood. It’s qutite hard to stop if you once have started to eat this sweet kind of pleasure.

toffifee chocolate

November 16, 2008

Pardos Crisp Chocolate

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austriaThe manufacturer of those little Pardos crisp chocolate balls is not an unknown one. It’s the chocolate factory “Salzburg Schokolade” from the south of Salzburgs province, in the little town Grödig.

Salzburg Schokolade is also the manufacturer of the famous Mirabell Mozartkugeln. This promise a good quality.  The product is a paper box of 140g finest little chocolate balls.

The core of the Pardos chocolate ball is a mass of rice and wheat cisp. The covering consists of a mix of white and milk chocolate.

pardos crisp chocolate

Pardos Crisp Chocolate is a funny sweet snack. The chocolate enjoyment is not seeping, as the covering has only a thin layer. The core has more weight. But the good and attractive taste is not affected by such economical use of chocolate in the composition.

pardos crisp chocolate

The chocolate covering is melting smoothly on the tongue. The core crunches crispy under the teeth. It’s similar to Maltesers, only with better and more chocolate. I am very excited about Pardos Crisp Chocolate. A great Alpine chocolate product from Austria.

pardos crisp chocolate

A look into Pardos chocolate box. Many little candy balls covered with the finest milk and white chocolate.

November 15, 2008

Leaf Royal Chocolate

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leaf royal chocolateLeaf Royal Samettinen Maitosuklaa is a small chocolate bar of just 42 gram from the Finish town of Turku. “Leaf” is the name of the chocolate factory. Unfortunately I was not able to find more informations about this company. All I have found was in Finnish language. But I do not understand this language.

Leaf Royal Chocolate consists of 35 percent cocoa. The chocolate is not too sweet and not too bitter. Well balanced I would say. Remarkable only the unique taste. The taste is different in comparison with Central European milk chocolate bars.

leaf royal chocolate

I don’t know what it is. Maybe the milk is not from cows? Or they have different cows? Or maybe the milk of the chocolate is from elks? Who knows? Everything is possible!

leaf royal chocolate

I would desribe the chocolate enjoyment as thin milky and creamy. I hope this sounds not too stupid. I want to say that there is no full taste of milk chocolate. I was not able to experience a full aroma. The aroma was meager and thin, but that does not mean this chocolate is bad. No way. It’s just … different.

leaf royal chocolate

Like I said before  Leaf Royal Chocolate is well-balanced. There is a creamy flavour, which is not too insistent. I would describe this product as an understated chocolate. Nice to eat, not disgusting, but of course also nothing very special. Acceptable chocolate from Finland.

November 11, 2008

WalCor Chocolate Cigars

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walvor chocolate cigarsWal-Cor Cioccolato al Latte. Today I have tried something really funny. Chocolate Cigars from Italy. A company from Cremona in the North of Italy had the glorious idea to manufacture such an amusing chocolate creation.

Wal Cor stands for Walter Corsanini. The founder of the chocolate factory. He started to make chocolates in 1954. It seems he is quite a big name in Italy. Well, but I have never heard about him before.

walcor chocolate cigars

The company promise productive flexibility, which makes it possible to complete satisfaction of the client’s requirements.

On the WalCor website I am reading: “Excellent product quality, punctuality of deliveries, care and innovation in packaging and an excellent quality/price ratio complete the company’s profile of great reliability and efficiency.
Wal-Cor guarantees every toy and gadget included with its products with EC certification issued by Italian Authorities according to current Italian and Community laws.

walcor chocolate cigars

Time to put those three massive chocolate cigars out of the box. The content of cocoa amounts 30 percent. I am quite curious about that product. How will it taste? Is there a secret filling inside? Maybe yummy nougat?

walcor chocolate cigars

The next step: away with the annoying paper.  Now it’s time for my first bite. And here we go …

walcor chocolate cigar

… oh yes! Wonderful! A crisp sound and the first bite was taken. I experience a cosy chocolate flavour on my tongue. As I am in desperate need for chocolate at the moment, I am going to start biting and biting.

I am disappoint that there is no filling inside the chocolate cigar. Totally empty! I think a filling of finest nougat would boost the taste of Walcor enourmosly.

But also without filling,  WalCor Chocolate Cigars are something quite good. All three chocolate cigars were finished inside a very short time. Well done, WalCor …if I am going find myself another chocolate from Walcor, I will give it try again. There is no doubt about it. Great Italian chocolate with unique shape and wrapping.

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