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December 29, 2008

Peters Chocolate

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austriaPeters Chocolates are manufactured in a simple coffee house, in the German town of Lippstadt. Lippstadt is located in Western Germany, close to Dortmund city.

The coffee house called “Cafe Peters”, which also serves as a little chocolate factory, was founded in 1936. Soon the special place of sweet dreams became the most popular cake shop, confectionery, and coffee house in the whole town.

Today Peters Chocolates are known as “luxury pure”. I have received bitter chocolate filled with truffle cream and garnished with gold dust. The comercial slogan of Peters Chocolate is “The sweet sides of life”.

Peters Chocolate is sold in a flat tin with 8 pieces. These look quite esthetical and well shaped.

My first taste experienced a strong layer of the finest bitter chocolate with a soft and crunchy filling of truffle cream. Peters Chocolate can be described as luxury bitter and rather divine. Some crispy ingredients in the truffle cream boost the enjoyment at high altitudes.

That was definitely a fantastic chocolate and a great experience!

December 14, 2008

Tiroler Edle Cranberry Chocolate

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austriaTiroler Edle is a very special chocolate from Austria. The chocolate factory is located in the Tirolean town of Landeck, which can be found on the border between the federal states of Tirol and Vorarlberg. Deep in the Western part of Austria, and quite close to Switzerland.

The special thing about this chocolate is that the milk is only taken from the happiest and best local cows. The cow must be declared as “noble one”, that her milk is worth to be used for this chocolate bar. Another mentionable thing about this chocolate is the filling of cranberries. Also these cranberries are not any cranberries, but exclusively cranberries from the Tirolean Ötztal valley.

So “Tiroler Edle” is a true chocolate from Tirol. The milk from Tirolean cows. The cranberry filling from Tirolean cranberries. And … if you are not living in Tirol, you might have a problem to find this precious product.

While I was unwrapping the chocolate, I have experienced a very strong and cosy chocolate smell. The first bite turned out to be fruity and juicy.

There is a juicy bitter chocolate with a very noble character and cocoa content of 60 percent, and a fruity filling of cranberries.

Tiroler Edle Cranberry Chocolate is a very good creation and a true enjoyment for the senses. A top class chocolate. My honest congratulations to Tirol!

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