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January 25, 2009

Weibler Confiserie Chocolate

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austriaWeibler Chocolate is located in Cremlingen. A town of 13.000 inhabitants, in the centre of Germany, close to the city of Braunschweig.

The chocolate confiserie and factory was founded in 1988 by the passionate chocolatier Peter Waibler in Braunschweig. Before he was a teacher in the school for confectioners in the town of Wolfenbüttel. Two years later the place became to small, and he decided to move to Cremlingen.

Today the company employs more than 95 workers. Since 2002 Weibler Confiserie Chocolate is managed by Matthias Weibler, who is the son of the founder.

I had the pleasure to taste a Weibler chocolate portrait of a golf player with a weight of 85 gram. The cocoa amount was 35 percent. This product consisted of milk chocolate, decorated with white and dark chocolate, and green decoration mass.

The chocolate is very sweet, but quite okay. If you take a huge bit and get all the milk, dark and white chocolate at once, you are able to feel the chocolate flavours of all different chocolate types together. A quite nice experience.

Such a flavour reminds a bit on the Milka Triolade chocolate bar.

January 19, 2009

Zaabär Chocolate

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belgiumZaabär is a luxury chocolate brand from the Belgian capital of Brussels. The concept of the highly gifted Belgian chocolatier Francois Decarpentries is to create fancy chocolates with a cocoa content of 55 percent, and spice blends from around the world.

Zaabär offers only dark chocolate in a little factory shop in Brussels city center. I decided to buy the “Chocolat Noir Dark Pure Pistaches de Cappadoce Pistachios”. Two small chocolate bars of 35 g were included in the box.

The Zaarbär chocolate box with two 35 g little chocolate bars in stylish wrapping.

I opened the box and discovered the two little chocolate bars.

Now I can’t wait to experience the Belgian chocolate flavour.

The good the wrapping, the better the chocolate bar itself. I think it looks very tasteful.

I have experienced a meager cocoa flavour without any traces of fat. The pistachios inside the chocolate bar turned out to be quite crunchy.

Zaabär Chocolate is a fantastic dark chocolate with the finest flavour. The bar offers a unique taste aswell. If you are able to buy it, you should give it a try. I am very delighted about such lovely candy experience on a dark and cold evening in January.

January 11, 2009

1 Cru Chocolate

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italyChocolate from Italy again. Such kind of products from that country are always known being delicious and exquisite. Trying “1 Cru Cioccolato Da Degustazione Los Vasquez” confirms my opinion and delighted my Sunday afternoon chocolate enjoyment.

1 Cru Chocolate is manufactured by “Muzzi Antica Pasticceria dal 1795” in the Italian town of Foligno. Folgino has 55.000 inhabitants and can be found in the province of Umbria, close to Perugia city.

I am not able to understand the Italian language, but there was something written about the Dominican Republic on the backside of the box.  The weight of 1 Cru Chocolate amounts 70 g.

The cocoa content amounts 75 percent. The hope for pure and good chocolate is not an empty promise. The chocolate tastes really brillant, and is not that bitter as I have expected before. Yes, I would call it “luxury chocolate”.

January 8, 2009

Klett Chocolate

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austriaKlett Chocolate “Choko Winter” is a milk chocolate from the German town Nehren with a cocoa content of 30 percent, and has a filling of little crunchy Speculaas biscuit pieces.

The Klett chocolate factory already exists since more than 50 years. At first the founder Walter Klett was specialized on chocolate hollow characters. This is also the basis of his success until today. 200 different chocolate are available.

Choko Winter is quite sweet, but not too bad. A positive experience depends on the requirement if someone likes milk chocolate or not. The little buscuit pieces inside the chocolate care for a crunchy character.

Quite nice experience. Tasty, creamy, and crunchy … 🙂

January 6, 2009

Real Chocolat

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ivoria chocolate“Chocolat noir, eclat de caramel” is a fabulous chocolate creation from the French chocolate manufacturer and Biscuiterie et Chocolaterie “Real Chocolate”.

The home of this chocolate can be found in the town of “Colayrac”, in the South Western part of the country.

Unfortunately I have no informations about the history of this chocolate brand, and other interesting facts. All letterings on the chocolate wrapping are in French language, and even on their website I could not find a single English word. I suppose that’s the French pride not to use the English language.

However that may be, the chocolate product itseld does not need any letterings. Only the good taste counts, and a good taste is noticable indeed.

At first I have experienced a very dark, fine, and noble flavour. The chocolate has a cocoa content of 61,2 percent. Just perfect!

The chocolate is strewed with a lot of soft caramel pieces, as you can see in the photos. But the flavour is quite neutral and I was not able to taste a certain caramel flavour. Maybe this is the only negative point. The caramel ingredient has no big influene on the chocolate taste.

All things considered “Real Chocolat” is truely a fancy chocolate manufacturer with great dark chocolate. I am very glad that I was able to taste one of their products, and participate a little bit in the charming life of the sweet French chocolate world.

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