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May 19, 2012

Cukrcek Dark chocolate with Teran

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M&M's chocolateCukrcek Dark chocolate with Teran from Slovenia. The chocolate was also in the parcel which I have received directly from the manufacturer.

The introduction on the back of the box is as follows: Unquestionably Teran is a Slovene wine speciality. Teran is wine, produced on the Kras plateau, from the grapes of the wine Refosk. This is a red sort of wine, heavily influenced by the fact that it grows on Terra rossa, which is an unique soil when it comes to wine growing.

Teran is rich in antioxidants that fight the free radicals, prevent against cancerous and other disases and are even said to slow down the aging process. The vintage aroma and taste of the wine come from the sun that in the summer shines over all the vineyards in Slovenia.

It’s difficult to taste something out of the Teran flavour inside the chocolate. For me it’s a good dark chocolate.

cukrcek cark chocolate teran

Black chocolate in a black wrapping.

cukrcek dark chocolate teran

A look inside the chocolate.

May 13, 2012

Cukrcek white chocolate with blackberry

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M&M's chocolateAnother delicious chocolate I got from Slovenia. White chocolate with blackberry. The backberries are inside and on the bottom of the chocolate bar. The surface is plain and has the engraving of the manufacturer.

Well, what can I say. The chocolate tasted brillant. The blackberry pieces had quite proper sizes. It just took a very short time and the whole bar was eaten.

On the back of the chocolate box I could read following information:
White chocolate with blackberry
A fresh blackberry is a sweat [sic!] fresh fruit which ripens in the summer and which was recently indentified as one of the best weapons against cancer. A study has shown that blackberries contain the highest amount of antioxidants and very significant anti-cancer properties.

white cukrcek white chocolate blackberry

The package of the chocolate: “ko razvada postane navada”. Bela cokolada z robido.

cukrcek white chocolate

The surface.

cukrcek white chocolate blackberry

The back of Cukrcek white chocolate.

cukrcek chocolate

A look inside the chocolate. The blackberry pieces are located on the bottom.

Conclusion: Another fabulous chocolate from Cukrcek. Cukrcek white chocolate with blackberry has the right sweet, and the blackberry pieces are the right crowning of a great product.

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