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October 12, 2010

Amano Artisan Chocolate

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M&M's chocolateI really can’t remember where I got that small 56g bar of US-American chocolate. But it had a long shelf life. It was laying almost one year in my office and is still valid until February 2011. 6 more months.

The full name of the bar is “Amano Artisan Chocolate Montanya Limited Edition Handcrafted Dark Chocolate”. The cocao content amounts 70 percent and was made of premium beans from the mountains of Venezuela. On the backside of the wrapping I read following informations: “Accesible only on horseback in the mountains of Northern Venezuela are several family-owned cocoa plantations. Here I discovered a limited supply of truly exquisite cocoa beans. We are the first to make a single origin chocolate from these precious beans. Our vintage process gently accentuates their finest flavours. The result is a remarkable chocolate with flavour notes of apricot and marshmallow that you will find enchanting. Amano Artisan Chocolate is dedicated to reviving the art of making fine chocolate from the bean. We craft our chocolate in small batches only from the finest cocoa beans, pure cane sugar, and whole vanilla beans. I hope you enjoy our chocolate.

Well, what should I say. At first the chocolate tastes quite neutral. Later, after one or two minutes melting on the tongue, I experience much more flavour. A bit vanilla is recognizable. As the bar is very small I only take very small bits and try to enjoy best I can. I must say, if you know the story of this chocolate, the flavour is quite interesting. It also has something slight of blue berries in the taste. Also for the huge content of cocoa the taste is not too bitter. A quite good chocolate product from the USA, but of course, I have experienced much better chocolates in my life. It was not the best, but rather good.

The second wrapping of Amano Artisan Chocolate.

… and finally the broken 65g bar. Amano Artisan Chocolate is manufactured in the 85.000 inhabitant town of Orem in Utah. The chocolate factory is located about 40 miles south of Salt Lake City in the heart of the Wasatch Mountains.

March 9, 2009

Stainer Chocolate

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M&M's chocolateStainer chocolate is manufactured in the American village of Littleton (6.000 inhabitants), which can be found in the state of New Hampshire.

The privately owned chocolate producer is well known for its creative and exceptional chocolate delicacies. I was able to get the dark chocolate bar with aloe and blackcurrant.

At first the chocolate is slighty bitter. Later the fruity flavour of blackcurrant is recognizable. But everything not too strong and intrusive. The taste stays polite hushed in the background.

Stainer Chocolate has a very hard character. The wallower of this chocolate needs strong teeth.

One bar has only 50g, but a cocoa content of 70 percent. For such a high content of cocoa Stainer chocolate has a brillant taste. The blackcurrent harmonises fabulous and imparts the chocolate an unique enjoyment. Well done you chocolate makers from the USA!

October 18, 2008

M&M’s Chocolate

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M&M's chocolateLittle chocolate pieces coated with sugar glaze was an invention during the Spanish civil war in the 30’s of the last century. Soldiers were able to enjoy chocolates without the danger of melting. An American traveller in Spain during the war, found this special kind of chocolates by accident, and brought the idea to the USA.

1941 was the time when the M&M’s conquered the American candy market. The chocolates were manufactured by the Mars company. The two ‘m’ mean Mars & Murrie’s. Mars was the manufacturer, and Murry his business partner.

m&m's chocolate

The layer of the sugar glaze is quite strong and crispy. The chocolate box is full of colourful chocolate pieces.

m&m's chocolate

The chocolate inside the coating is nothing special. Not disgusting and not exciting. Medium milk chocolate I would say.

M&M's chocolate

Eating 200g of those chocolates is quite much. I just did that and know I feel sick.

February 26, 2008

Snickers Cruncher

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usaSnickers Cruncher is the new version of the traditional Snickers bar.

Snickers Cruncher has not such an intensive taste of roasted peanuts like the traditional Snickers.

snickers cruncher

Snickers Cruncher has also a more rough consistency (less caramel and no nougat). Because of the crispy rice inside the Snickers Cruncher, the taste is more gentle. The crispy rice creates a very pleasant flavour.

snickers cruncher

In my opinion the Snickers Cruncher is much better than the traditional Snickers.

snickers cruncher


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usaSnickers was invented around 1930 in the USA.

The chocolate bar is known as the most selling candy of all times. Snickers consists of roasted peanuts with caramel and nougat, and is covered with milk chocolate.


I have experienced a strong taste of roasted peanuts. The taste of the peanuts is really dominating this chocolate.



February 24, 2008

Mars Chocolate

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usaMars is a chocolate creation from the USA. This heavy delicacy was invented in 1911 by a guy called Frank C. Mars from Minnesota.

Frank C. Mars was a very talented chocolate manufacturer. He was also the one who created famous chocolate bars like Milky Way and Snickers.

mars chocolate

In 1932 Britains were the first ones in Europe who started to produce and sell Mars. Germans and Austrians had to wait until 1961 when Mars came into their supermarkets.

mars chocolate

Mars has a very strong taste of caramel, and a quite a saturating effect. The filling consists of a soft nougat and a sticky caramel mass. The covering is made of delicious milk chocolate with crisp character.

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