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July 3, 2012

Hofbauer Wiener Composition

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austriaHofbauer has a very big name in Austria for chocolates. The chocolate box “Hofbauer Wiener Composition” is the crowning of Viennese chocolate art. Reason enough to take a closer look into the box, and introduce those delicious products to the visitors of

Hofbauer stands for the finest chocolate art since 1882!


Hofbauer Wiener Composition

The box in a clear blue.

Hofbauer Wiener Composition

The first look inside the chocolate box.

Hofbauer Wiener Composition

A closer look on the chocolates.

Hofbauer Wiener Composition

This chocolate is called “Einspänner”. Tender melting coffee truffle in white chocolate.

Hofbauer Wiener Composition

This one is called “Orange Dessert”. Fruity orange marzipan in dark chocolate. You can taste the high quality dark chocolate. The perfect candy!

Hofbauer Wiener Composition

Wiener Schmankerl. Hazelnut crispy nougat cream in milk chocolate.

Hofbauer Wiener Composition

Baci is nougat with a whole hazelnut.

Hofbauer Wiener Composition

Wiener Nougat is the finest three layer nougat.

Hofbauer Wiener Composition

It’s very soft, and gone on the tongue soon.

Hofbauer Wiener Composition

This is a milk truffle dessert. The half of it.

Hofbauer Wiener Composition

And here we have the Franz Schubert chocolate.

Hofbauer Wiener Composition

It looks like that: the finest nougat orange cream.


February 13, 2010

Milka Toffee Caramel Cream Hazelnut Chocolate

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Milka Toffee Caramel Cream Hazelnut Chocolate is one of the latest chocolate creations of Milka. The product consists of a whole hazelnut, milk cream, and caramel cream. The chocolate is tender as always for a Milka chocolate bar. The filling tastes very soft and melts very quickly on the tongue. The last experience is the whole hazelnut in the centre. A quick bite and another piece of Milka Toffee Caramel Cream Hazelnut Chocolate is gone.

A very sweet taste characterizes the product.

Milka Chocolate “Choco Cookie”

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Milka Chocolate cookies are made of wheat, oat flakes, and tender chocolate pieces. The cookies tastes quite dry. Not too bad, but other chocolate cookies of the same kind are not such bad either. I would label Milka Choco Cookie as medium cookies. Nothing really exciting. Only the lical wrapping with the Milka logo is the most impressing thing.

The package includes 12 pieces which have a weight of 168g.

The wrapping looks very appealing.

12 chocolate cookies.

February 2, 2009

Casali Liqueur Chocolate Bottles

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austriaThe roots of Casali Liqueur Chocolate Bottles can be found in the Italian harbour town of Trieste. It was in the year 1792 when Joseph Casali decided to establish his company. He was manufacturing rum and liqueurs.

In 1810 he moved with his company to Vienna. Napoleon and his soldiers made to much troubles in Trieste, and the continuity of the company was in danger. In Vienna he found more economical freedom, and he was able to continue his successful work.

During the difficult times of the first world war a new idea turned out to be a top seller. The liquers and rum specialities were sold as filling in little chocolates. This was the birth of Casalis liqueur chocolate bottles.

Today those chocolates were sold mainly before christmas as delicious christmas tree decoration.

– Casali Eier Likör (Egg Liqueur)

– Casali Karibik

– Casali Gold Teufel (Golden Devil)

– Casali Wodka

The chocolate has a cocoa content of 50 percent, and a strong and filling character. Its liquid filling results in a wonderful and delicious combination. Casali Karabik is filled with Carribean rum. Similar like the famous Casali Rum Kokos.

Casali Golden Devil chocolate bottle is filled with tasty Viennese spirits. The vodka inside the Casali Wodka chocolate bottle tastes very smoothly. Casali chocolate bottles are quite traditional before christmas, and very popular in Austria. Now I have to wait until December again, when I am going to be able to buy some new of those delicious chocolate bottles.

December 14, 2008

Tiroler Edle Cranberry Chocolate

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austriaTiroler Edle is a very special chocolate from Austria. The chocolate factory is located in the Tirolean town of Landeck, which can be found on the border between the federal states of Tirol and Vorarlberg. Deep in the Western part of Austria, and quite close to Switzerland.

The special thing about this chocolate is that the milk is only taken from the happiest and best local cows. The cow must be declared as “noble one”, that her milk is worth to be used for this chocolate bar. Another mentionable thing about this chocolate is the filling of cranberries. Also these cranberries are not any cranberries, but exclusively cranberries from the Tirolean Ötztal valley.

So “Tiroler Edle” is a true chocolate from Tirol. The milk from Tirolean cows. The cranberry filling from Tirolean cranberries. And … if you are not living in Tirol, you might have a problem to find this precious product.

While I was unwrapping the chocolate, I have experienced a very strong and cosy chocolate smell. The first bite turned out to be fruity and juicy.

There is a juicy bitter chocolate with a very noble character and cocoa content of 60 percent, and a fruity filling of cranberries.

Tiroler Edle Cranberry Chocolate is a very good creation and a true enjoyment for the senses. A top class chocolate. My honest congratulations to Tirol!

November 30, 2008

Schwedenbomben Chocolate

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austriaSchwedenbomben are creations from Austria, and consist of glair foam and a filmy covering of bitter chocolate with and without coco crumbles. A legend tells that this kind of candy speciality was invented 90 years ago. Schwedenbomen means “Swedish bombs” in English language. It’s told that the inventors best friend was from Sweden.

Today the Schwedenbomben factory is located in Linz and known as Niemetz. Their shop can be seen on the following link: Niemetz Linz. Schwedenbomben are a top seller in Austria, and available in almost every supermarket.


This Niemetz Schwedenbomben box is protected by law. It’s not allowed to use it for other candy products.

schwedenbomben chocolate

Inside the holy candy box: a mix of Schwedenbomben with coco crumbles and without.


A “Swedish bomb” in full pomp and splendour. Now it’s time to take a bite …

schwedenbomben chocolate

… so that’s the inside. A very sweet glair foam. The thin chocolate covering breaks easily, and unconveres the massiv amount of the soft filling. The bottom of every Schwedenbombe is a waffle.

Schwedenbomben are a divine treat, but eating the whole box at once alone makes me sick for sure.

November 23, 2008

Apple Wine Chocolate (Mostschokolade)

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apple wine chocolateGosh! What is that? Mostschokolade! A chocolate with Austrian apple wine flavour. A very unusual creation. I have never seen something like that before, and so I thought I should try and take this product.

Mostschokolade is manufactured in the Upper Austrian town of Frankenmarkt by a company called “Frucht und Sinne”, which means “Fruit and Senses” in English language. On their website it’s written that this chocolate factory received an official sponsorship by the European Union. Very interesting.

apple wine chocolate mostschokolade

Frucht & Sinne Mostschokolade is white chocolate with dried fruits, and a cocoa content of 28 percent, as well as vanilla, dried apples, and an apple wine concentrate. In my opinion a very adventurous but interesting creation. But let me have a try.

apple wine chocolate mostschokolade

The first bite and my hair stands on end. This chocolate is extremely sour. I have never tried such a sour chocolate before in my whole life. Some seconds later I am able to experience the typical “Most flavour”. The national drink of some certain Austrian provinces.

apple wine chocolate mostschokolade

I think now it depends if you are an apple wine lover or not. I don’t like apple wine, and so I am not so excited about the flavour. The flavour is extremly sourish, and of course the taste of apples is also very strong.

After some more bites I get more used to the Mostschokolade. Now the taste is not that shocking anymore. Yes, I was shocked after my first bite. Mostschokolade is a new and funny way to enjoy a bar of white chocolate. Not more. I don’t think I am going to buy another bar.

apple wine chocolate mostschokolade

Maye this review would be more positive, if I would enjoy drinking the Austrian apple wine. I think at the end the chocolate is not that bad. You really must be used to the new and unique taste. The first bite is truely a shock. Usually chocolates are sweet or bitter, but this one is sour[!]

November 16, 2008

Pardos Crisp Chocolate

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austriaThe manufacturer of those little Pardos crisp chocolate balls is not an unknown one. It’s the chocolate factory “Salzburg Schokolade” from the south of Salzburgs province, in the little town Grödig.

Salzburg Schokolade is also the manufacturer of the famous Mirabell Mozartkugeln. This promise a good quality.  The product is a paper box of 140g finest little chocolate balls.

The core of the Pardos chocolate ball is a mass of rice and wheat cisp. The covering consists of a mix of white and milk chocolate.

pardos crisp chocolate

Pardos Crisp Chocolate is a funny sweet snack. The chocolate enjoyment is not seeping, as the covering has only a thin layer. The core has more weight. But the good and attractive taste is not affected by such economical use of chocolate in the composition.

pardos crisp chocolate

The chocolate covering is melting smoothly on the tongue. The core crunches crispy under the teeth. It’s similar to Maltesers, only with better and more chocolate. I am very excited about Pardos Crisp Chocolate. A great Alpine chocolate product from Austria.

pardos crisp chocolate

A look into Pardos chocolate box. Many little candy balls covered with the finest milk and white chocolate.

August 31, 2008

Sissi Kugeln Chocolates

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austriaOn a sunny Sunday at the end of August like today, I thought its time for a very special chocolate creation.

I have found my delight in an organge chocolate box with the title “Sissikugeln”. Sissi Kugeln were tradionally manufactured by the Viennese chocolate maker “Hofbauer”, but as the company was sold to “Lindt & Sprüngli, the delicious chocolates are now produced in the chocolate factoy of Gloggnitz, which can be found in the Eastern part of Lower Austria.


sissi kugeln chocolates

Sissi Kugeln are part of Viennas wonderful chocolate history. Those delicious chocolate piece are named according to Austrias queen “Elisabeth of Austria”, who lived from 1837 to 1898. She was also called the worlds most beautiful queen in history.

sissi kugeln chocolates

Sissikugeln chocolates consist of an apricot marzipan and nougat filling, covered by a mixture of the finest bitter and milk chocolate.

sissi kugeln chocolates

Sissi Chocolates are available on the market since 1998. This certain year was the time of the Sissi anniversary. As the chocolates celebrated an unbelievable success in sales, the product is still available since that time.

sissi kugeln chocolates

When I took my first try, I have experienced a full, intensive, and magnificent taste of apricot.  This is the apricot marzipan. An unique creation of confiserie skills, only made for the Sissi chocolate. It’s the first impression of this special and impressive candy delicacy.

sissi kugeln chocolates

At the end of the whole enjoyment comes the wonderful taste of the chocolate coating to its full expansion. I have tasted a tenter chocolate taste, not too sweet, not too bitter, melting on my tongue. Sissi Kugeln chocolates are a wonderful seducement for special and unique moments. My opinion: very good!

August 21, 2008

Manner Mozartwurfel Chocolate Cubes

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austriaManner Mozartwürfel Chocolate Cubes are manufactured by one of Austrias most traditional chocolate manufacturers.

The chocolate factory is located in the centre of Vienna, and known as “Manner”. Manner was the surname of Josef Manner. A highly gifted chocolate maker with a certain vision. His dream was to offer chocolate delicacies for everyone. At the beginning of the 20th century, chocolates were a luxury item. It was impossible for an average worker to buy chocolates. It was too expensive. Josef Manner, the founder of the chocolate factory, wanted to change that. Chocolate should be affordable for everyone. This was his vision.

mozartwurfel chocolate cubes

Mozartwürfel are on of many delicious chocolate items from Manner. Those chocolates are coated in dark chocolate. The filling consists of marzipan and nougat. The form of the delicacy is a cube.

manner mozartwurfel chocolate cubes

The dark chocolate is very tasty. A clear enjoyment with full flavour. Also the filling has a brillant character: fresh and fruity. Yes, Mozartwurfel Chocolate Cubes are really something nice to increase its mood. Especially if you are a fan of dark chocolate, nougat and marzipan, Mozartwurfel could be something for you.

manner mozartwurfel chocolate cubes

A look inside the Manner Mozartwurfel: wonderful nougat and brillant marzipan coated with exquisite dark chocolate. A true enjoyment the Viennese way.


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