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July 9, 2008

Berger Chocolate

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austria chocolateBerger is a chocolate maker from Salzburg, who has also a chocolate shop in Vienna (Wollzeile). I found this shop in Vienna by accident, and thought to buy a little bar.

Berger Chocolate is something very fancy, and the prices are quite elevated. I suppose a chocolate for the special moments in life. Not for everyday life. Something to enjoy and make other people happy. This is Berger Chocolate for me.

berger chocolate

There were different types of chocolates. Some of them had also funny forms and characters. I went for the cheapest and bought the little bar of 40g. My chocolate bar was named as “the harmonic one”.

berger chocolate

The special character of this chocolate is its tartish flavour. The cocoa content amounts 33 percent. Chocolate maker Mr. Berger used cocoa beans from the African island of Madagascar for this product.

berger chocolate

There is also a strong taste of milk noticeable, and a light flavour of caramel. I must confess that this one is really a top class chocolate. It’s okay to pay such a high price for that kind of flavour experience. I am in love with Berger Chocolate. Chocolate in paradise might taste like that.

– link: Berger Confiserie (Berger chocolate shop in Vienna)

May 2, 2008

Pischinger Chocolate Oblaten Torte

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austriaThe Pischinger Oblaten Torte is manufactured by the traditonal company Pischinger from Vienna.

The company exists since 1849 and received world fame with the invention of the “Pischinger Torte” in 1881.

pischinger oblaten torte

The Pischinger Oblaten Torte has two thin wafer plates on the top and the bottom, and a tender filling of cocoa cream.

pischinger chocolate oblaten torte

It was a very pleasant experience to taste such a fine delicacy. The dry wafers and the intensive cocoa cream are a wonderful combination.

pischinger chocolate oblaten


April 22, 2008

Casali Rum Kokos Chocolate

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austriaCasali Rum Kokos are chocolates made of the finest Viennese chocolate and filled with Carribean rum.

Casali has a very long history. The company was founded in 1782, and started to manufacture rum. The brilliant quality of the products soon opened the doors to the Imperial family and other aristocratic personages.

casali rum kokos chocolate

During the wars in the Napoleon times the company moved from Trieste to Vienna. Trieste was an Austrian city in those times, and had to suffer a lot by the French soldiers. The boss of the company, Julian Casali, did not see a future anymore in this city and moved to the Austrian capital Vienna.

casali rum kokos chocolate

In 1810 Julian Casali, who was the son of the founder, moved into his first office in Vienna. It was located in the city centre of Vienna, Wollzeile Nr. 816.

casali rum kokos chocolate

One year before the first world war in 1913, the Casali company was sold to a family called “Beer”. They started to manufacture chocolate candy with alcoholic filling. Casali Rum Kokos was born!


Even two world wars could not stop the success of Casali Rum Kokos. Today they are manufactured by the Manner company (since 1970), and one of Austrias most famous and popular candy specialities.

April 9, 2008

Bobby Chocolate

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austriaVery fine milk chocolate as a covering for a heavy filling banana cream, garnished with round cereal crisps. This is Bobby Chocolate. An Austrian chocolate creation with interesting history.

At first I have experienced the inspiring taste of the milk chocolate melting on my tongue. When I started to bite, I have heared the cereal crisps crunching. The rich banana cream inside Bobby is the last thing I was able to taste. This is also the most intensive part of the product. A full taste of smooth banana cream.

bobby chocolate

Bobby Chocolate was invented at the end of the 70’s.  “Graf Bobby” was a famous and popular character in the Austrian TV in those times.  This chocolate was named according to him.

bobby chocolate

Since 1993/94 Bobby Chocolate is manufactured in a chocolate factory in Salzburg. The chocolate was invented by Bensdorp. Later in the middle of the 80’s Bobby Chocolate was bought by Suchard, and produced in the Lower Austrian town of Tulln.

bobby chocolate

Now Bobby Chocolate is manufactured in the same chocolate factory like the famous Mirabell Mozartkugeln in Salzburg, and very popular among young and old chocolate lovers. Bobby Chocolate is not available in every supermarket. You have to search a little while until you are going to find a supermarket which sells Bobby chocolate bars.

March 18, 2008

Ildefonso Chocolate

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austriaThe chocolates of Ildefonso are something very special, and a true delicacy for nougat and chocolate lovers.

Ildefonso chocolates are manufactured since 1880.

The owner of a Viennese chocolate factory spent his holiday in Spain. During that holiday, he has visited the church of Toledo, which was dedicated to the Bishop St. Ildefonso.

ildefonso chocolate

The owner of the chocolate factory entered the church, and received the idea of a new chocolate creation in his head, like it was sent directly from heaven. Seven layers of dark and light nougat with a coating of delicate chocolate was his holy chocolate vision in this certain church.

 ildefonso chocolate

Immediately when he was back in Vienna, he told his confectioners of the chocolate vision. They tried to create the best of his idea, and the result was “Ildefonso”.

ildefonso chocolate

Ildefonso was a tremendous success in that time, and is still sold with great profit until today. This proves the quality of Ildefonso. Truely a divine vision of chocolate which brought fame, success, and glory to the Viennese chocolate factory of Victor Schmidt.

ildefonso chocolate

I can confirm that Ildefonso is really a wonderful chocolate creation. It has such a tender character that it’s melting easily on the tongue. A true enjoyment of dark and light nougat, coated with the finest Viennese chocolate.

ildefonso chocolate


March 16, 2008

Hofbauer Chocolate

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austriaHofbauer is one of Austrias most traditional chocolate manufacturers.

The company was founded in the middle of the 19th century, and is located in Austrias capital Vienna.

Hofbauer Chocolate is the finest selection of dark chocolate with a brilliant filling of marzipan. This is my personal opinion about “Hofbauer Für Verwöhnte Marzipan”.

hofbauer chocolate

Hofbauer is the leading manufacturerer of chocolates in Austria. It’s always a pleasure and the perfect enjoyment for the special moments, to try one of their chocolate creations.

hofbauer chocolate

Hofbauer chocolates are quite expensive in the price, but that’s okay, because they are not intended for daily consumption. You should try those chocolates only for the very special moments.

hofbauer chocolate

There are not much chocolates in the box, but they are not made to fight starvation. Hofbauer chocolates are made to enjoy and to let them melt on the tongue.

hofbauer chocolate


February 24, 2008

Milka Chocolate Egg

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milka chocolateThe Milka Chocolate Egg is a very funny idea.

It consists of the finest milk chocolate which is formed as hollow egg and filled with sticky milk cream.

milka chocolate

My experience was a fine taste of the milk chocolate, but the milk cream was not that good as expected. I think this product is something for children instead for the people who are calling themselfes “chocolate gourmets”. There is just too little chocolate and too much milk cream inside.

milka chocolate

But nevertheless the idea is quite inventive, and I think this is also the main motivation for such a creation.

milka chocolate

Hmm … I have found two spoons and four chocolate eggs in the wrapping.

milka chocolate

One of the chocolate eggs uncovered.

milka chocolate

Let’s behead it.

milka chocolate

I have found a sticky milk cream inside the chocolate egg. To be honest this milk cream was not really a pleasure. Maybe children will like it.

milka chocolate

My destiny: now I have to spoon out the sticky mass. Okay, it was not that bad.


Milka Amavel

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milka chocolateMilka Amavel is a new chocolate creation from Milka.

The bar has a weight of 160g and should go after the demanding chocolate lover.

This kind of Milka Amavel chocolate is filled with a fluffy chocolate cream called “Mousse au Chocolat”.

milka amavel

Milka Amavel consists of a strong covering of tender milk chocolate. The chocolate melts quickly down the throat. It’s a nice enjoyment, but nothing for people who prefer pure chocolate. The fluffy chocolate cream is too annoying for those.

milka amavel

Interesting designed chocolate bar.

milka amavel

The naked desire of Mousse Chocolat.

milka amavel

Taking a look into the heart of Milka Amavel.


Swedy Chocolate

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austriaSwedy is a traditional chocolate candy bar from Austria.

The Upper Austrian confectioner Niemetz from Linz is the manufacturer of Swedy.

Swedy is filled of the finest peanuts cream and covered with savoury milk chocolate.

swedy chocolate

The result of this creamy combination is an experience with a strong character of peanuts. Swedy is very soft, which is always a problem during hot days in summer. The candy bar melts away very easily. That’s why many supermarkets does not sell Swedy during summer.

swedy chocolate

At the end the chocolate peanuts cream bar feels a bit sticky in mouth and stomach. This is the only real negative point of Swedy. Some other people may think it tastes a bit too cheap and fat.

– link: Niemetz Linz (picture of the Niemetz candy factory in Linz)

Mirabell Mozart Chocolate

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austriaMirabell Mozart Chocolates are manufactured in the 7.000 inhabitant town of Grödig in the federal state of Salzburg.

There are many different chocolate manufacturers in Austria and Germany who produce Mozart Chocolates, but only the ones from Mirabell are allowed to be called the genuine ones (Die Echten).

mozartkugeln mirabell

Mozartkugeln from Mirabell are also the most famous, most popular, and most sold ones in Austria.

mirabell mozartkugeln chocolates mozart

Their character is strong and sweet. The covering consists of the finest dark chocolate. The filling is a cream of nougat and a marzipan mass. Especially the marzipan, which is the core of the chocolate creation, has a very strong and important taste.

mirabell mozartkugeln


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