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December 2, 2007

Carletti Chocolate Dark

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denmarlThis dark chocolate bar from the Danish candy manufacturer Carletti, is another piece of high quality chocolate art from that Scandinavian country which is located directly next to the Northern border of Germany.

A cocoa content of 70 percent enables a full and glorious taste of dark chocolate.

carletto chocolate dark

I have finished this chocolate bar in a short time. The full and round taste with the cocoa content of 70 perfect and the best ingredients is the perfect mix of a chocolate for the special moments.

carletti chocolate dark 

Carletti Chocolate exists since 1918. The high quality chocolates confirm the long tradition and experience in making good chocolates.

November 29, 2007

Carletti Chocolate Milk Chocolate

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denmarkThis kind of chocolate bar is one of the many I have received from the Danish chocolate manufacturer “Carletti”, which is located in the town called “Skødstrup”.

“Okologisk Maelkechokolade” is the official brand name of the product.

carletti chocolate

The chocolate is a milk chocolate with a very creamy and pleasant flavour. The content of cocoa amounts 32 percent.

carletti chocolate

Carletti Chocolate Milk Chocolate is “Fair Trade” certified.

carletti chocolate

November 25, 2007

Carletti Chocolate Hasselnødder

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denmarkThe full name of the chocolate is “Carletti Økologisk Maelkechokolade Med Ristede Hasselnødder”.

Manufacturer is the candy factory of Carletti in the Danish town called “Skødstrup”.

The chocolate consists of 16% roasted hazelnuts, 84% milk chocolate, and has a cocoa content of 36 percent.

carletti chocolate hasselnodder

Carletti Økologisk Maelkechokolade Med Ristede Hasselnødder has a fine and tender taste of milk chocolate which melts smoothly on the tongue. The roasted hazelnuts, which are cutted into small pieces, are fresh and crunchy.

carletti chocolate hasselnodder

Carletti Chocolate Hasselnødder is a very fine chocolate from Denmark. It was a great pleasure to taste this kind of delicious product from Scandinavia.



carletti chocolate hasselnodder

carletti chocolate hasselnodder

November 23, 2007

Carletti Chocolate Mørk Kaempeplade

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denmarkCarletti Chocolate “Mørk Kaempeplade” cannot compete with the two other chocolate bars of Carletti which I have tasted before.

The white chocolate bar and the milk chocolate bar are much more tasteful than the dark chocolate of the Danish candy manufacturer.

carletti chocolate

The chocolate is not a bad dark chocolate, but a bit too average. There is no special flavour which makes me say “woohoo”. There is only a monotonous sweet taste of dark chocolate. The sweetness is also a bit too much for a dark chocolate bar. The cocoa content amounts 44 percent.

carletti chocolate

I could not find anything outstanding in that chocolate. This is the only negative point. I could eat the 200g bar without a problem at once.

carletti chocolate

The consistency of Carletti Chocolate “Mørk Kaempeplade” is hard and rough.

My personal summary: the chocolate bars “Hvid Kaempeplade” and “Lys Kaempeplade” of Carletti are much better.

November 15, 2007

Hvid Kaempeplade

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denmarkHvid Kaempeplade is a white chocolate bar from Denmark.

The chocolate is manufactured in the Danish candy factory “Carletti”.

A bar of white “Hvid Kaempeplade” chocolate has a weight of 200g and a content of cocoa of 30 percent.

hvid kaempleplade white chocolate denmark schokolade

This chocolate is not like all the other white chocolates I have tasted. This white chocolate is something special.

hvid kaempeplade white chocolate weisse schokolade

At first I have experienced a sweet taste. There was also a fresh flavour of lemon. While melting on the tongue the chocolate deployed a wholehearted delicious white chocolate taste. Probably the best white chocolate in my whole life.

November 11, 2007

Lys Kaempeplade

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lys kaempepladeLys Kaempeplade is a chocolate from the Central part of Denmark, manufactured in the village of Skødstrup.

The chocolate bar is a milk chocolate with a cocoa content of 33 percent.

lys kaempeplade chocolate

The manufacturer of Lys Kaempeplade Chocolate is the Danish candy producer “Carletti”.

lys kaempeplade chocolate

I have experienced this chocolate product as a chocolate with a decent sweet taste. The chocolate is sweet, but not so sweet as Milka Chocolate.

lys kaempeplade

I would say Lys Kaempeplade has a classy Danish taste of the European north. Not too intrusively and not too intensive. A gentle milk chocolate, nice to enjoy.

lys kaempeplade

Mentionable is also the hard character of the bar.

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