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February 8, 2009

Rübezahl Spongebob Chocolate Lentils Chocolate

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austriaThe Spongebob Chocolate Lentils Chocolate is a very creative idea from a chocolate manufacturer from Germany. “Rübezahl Schokoladen” is the name of the German company which can be found in the South Western part of the country, close to the city of Stuttgart.

Rübezahl produces chocolates since more than 50 years. The chocolate factory is specialized on season chocolate like Santa Claus chocolates or Easter Bunny chocolates. In this case we have something completely different from all christmas and easter chocolates. This is a chocolate dedicated to the famous cartoon character “Spongebob”.

The special delicacy consists of milk chocolate with a cocoa content of 30 percent, and little chocolate pieces with a sugar icing and tasteful chocolate inside. Similar to the famous m&m’s. Those chocolate pieces are called “Chocolate Lentils”.

Those colourful “chocolate lentils” shine through the chocolate bar. Very impressive for little children. I suppose.

But the best of all is the taste. It is a tasteful chocolate product indeed. Very creamy milk chocolate, and a strong flavour of sweet cocoa. The little chocolate lentils inside the bar are an additional attraction, and increase the enjoyment by a crispy character.

Rübezahl Spongebob Chocolate Lentils Chocolate is a very good product with a great taste.

January 25, 2009

Weibler Confiserie Chocolate

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austriaWeibler Chocolate is located in Cremlingen. A town of 13.000 inhabitants, in the centre of Germany, close to the city of Braunschweig.

The chocolate confiserie and factory was founded in 1988 by the passionate chocolatier Peter Waibler in Braunschweig. Before he was a teacher in the school for confectioners in the town of Wolfenbüttel. Two years later the place became to small, and he decided to move to Cremlingen.

Today the company employs more than 95 workers. Since 2002 Weibler Confiserie Chocolate is managed by Matthias Weibler, who is the son of the founder.

I had the pleasure to taste a Weibler chocolate portrait of a golf player with a weight of 85 gram. The cocoa amount was 35 percent. This product consisted of milk chocolate, decorated with white and dark chocolate, and green decoration mass.

The chocolate is very sweet, but quite okay. If you take a huge bit and get all the milk, dark and white chocolate at once, you are able to feel the chocolate flavours of all different chocolate types together. A quite nice experience.

Such a flavour reminds a bit on the Milka Triolade chocolate bar.

January 8, 2009

Klett Chocolate

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austriaKlett Chocolate “Choko Winter” is a milk chocolate from the German town Nehren with a cocoa content of 30 percent, and has a filling of little crunchy Speculaas biscuit pieces.

The Klett chocolate factory already exists since more than 50 years. At first the founder Walter Klett was specialized on chocolate hollow characters. This is also the basis of his success until today. 200 different chocolate are available.

Choko Winter is quite sweet, but not too bad. A positive experience depends on the requirement if someone likes milk chocolate or not. The little buscuit pieces inside the chocolate care for a crunchy character.

Quite nice experience. Tasty, creamy, and crunchy … 🙂

December 29, 2008

Peters Chocolate

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austriaPeters Chocolates are manufactured in a simple coffee house, in the German town of Lippstadt. Lippstadt is located in Western Germany, close to Dortmund city.

The coffee house called “Cafe Peters”, which also serves as a little chocolate factory, was founded in 1936. Soon the special place of sweet dreams became the most popular cake shop, confectionery, and coffee house in the whole town.

Today Peters Chocolates are known as “luxury pure”. I have received bitter chocolate filled with truffle cream and garnished with gold dust. The comercial slogan of Peters Chocolate is “The sweet sides of life”.

Peters Chocolate is sold in a flat tin with 8 pieces. These look quite esthetical and well shaped.

My first taste experienced a strong layer of the finest bitter chocolate with a soft and crunchy filling of truffle cream. Peters Chocolate can be described as luxury bitter and rather divine. Some crispy ingredients in the truffle cream boost the enjoyment at high altitudes.

That was definitely a fantastic chocolate and a great experience!

November 18, 2008

Toffifee Chocolate

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toffifee chocolateToffifee is a candy product from the German company of Storck, and exists since 1973.

The product consists of caramel, nougat, chocolate and a hazelnut.  Toffifee is known as a very delicious chocolate, and delights with a smooth and round taste.

toffifee chocolate

The first layer is a strong covering of sweet caramel. Caramel is also the first impression of Toffifee. If the caramel is melted, the chocolate and the nougat comes in evidence. At the end of the German candy enjoyment uncoveres the hazelnut, which is located in the center of the whole thing. In this special moment the hazelnut is ready for bit through.

toffifee chocolate

Toffifee is a great experience, and I know this product since my childhood. It’s qutite hard to stop if you once have started to eat this sweet kind of pleasure.

toffifee chocolate

October 26, 2008

Sea Salt Chocolate

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sea salt chocolateHeilemann Confiserie Chocolate “Sea Salt” was one more unique chocolate experience in my life. Chocolate with salt. Is that acceptable? Well, at first it’s something new. I have never seen or tasted salted chocolate before. Many people are bored about usual chocolate creations, and they are searching for something new. Sea Salt Chocolate could be something interesting for those kind of people.

The chocolate itself is very fine and tender. It goes smoothly down the throat. The content of cocoa amounts 32 percent. So this is quite a good quality. There is not doubt about that.

sea salt chocolate

The first impression is the fine chocolate flavour from Heilemann confiserie. Heilemann chocolate factory is famous for its good chocolate productions. Some seconds later the first taste of salt is noticable. After more and more melted chocolate, the salty taste becomes stronger and stronger. Sometimes it’s possible to taste a real big grain of salt. Then the salt taste is really extremely strong.

sea salt chocolate

Well, I think that kind of salted chocolate is quite funny to taste for the first time. But for a second or third time? I don’t think I am going to buy another bar. Salt and chocolate does not really fit together. It’s a funny experience to taste it one time, but that was it.

But deep respect to the Heilemann company. They made out of such a weird combination, salt and chocolate, a truely acceptable candy.  I mean, the final result does not taste horrible … just “funny”. 🙂

July 28, 2008

Merci Chocolate

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merci chocolateMerci Chocolate is manufactured by the German candy producer Storck in Germans capital of Berlin.

Storck was founded in 1903. The chocolate factory survived two world wars, and invented its popular Merci chocolates in 1965.

merci chocolate

Merci chocolates are little chocolate sticks, with different fillings, made of milk chocolate. You can find chocolate sticks with following flavours: finest cream, almonds and nuts, nougat and milk cream. In bigger boxes are even much more different kinds of Merci chocolates. Like marzipan or dark chocolate.

Merci Chocolate is a popular gift for special moments, like birthdays, mother’s days, or just to say “thank you” for something.

merci chocolate

The chocolate is something special indeed. You can taste the finest flavour of milk chocolate in combination with one of those certain flavours.

I chose the hazelnuts and almonds chocolate stick first. The chocolate was a true pleasure. The cocoa content of chocolate has a percentage of 32. The little almond and hazelnut pieces in the chocolate are crunchy and digestible.

merci chocolate

Merci is a fantastic chocolate, and sold in more than 70 countries worldwide. The success is no surprise to me. The chocolate is a masterpiece of chocolate making.

April 4, 2008

Karina Chocolate

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germanyKarina is a chocolate which is manufactured in Cologne, a city in the Western part of Germany.

Karina is a dark chocolate with a cocoa content of 72 percent called “Chocolat Noir Bitterschokolade”.

Very dark, very pure and very good. Those three attributes came spotaneous on my mind after my first bite.

karina chocolate

This kind of dark chocolate tastes like a dark chocolate has to taste. Karina Chocolate is not too bitter, and has a flavour of the purest chocolate enjoyment.

karina chocolate

I am surprised about the cheap price. I payed less than one Euro. I have tried much more expensive chocolates with a much higher price which had not such a wonderful taste.

karina chocolate

I must admit that Karina is a true German chocolate dream. The price-performance ratio is almost unbeatable.

February 7, 2008

Reber Chocolate

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reber chocolateReber is a chocolate manufacturer from Germany, located directly on the border to Austria.

The company is Germanies market leader in Mozart chocolates.

The factory of Reber produces 500.000 Mozart chocolates in one single day.

Reber exists since more than 140 years and is still in family property.

reber chocolate

I bought the Reber “hochfeine Confiserie Praline Pasteten” and had a lot to taste in the past days.

reber chocolate

This is the extra chocolate box of Germanies traditonal chocolate manufacturer “Reber.

reber chocolate

So here we are going to have the main item of the Reber chocolate factory: the Echte Reber Mozartkugel.

reber chocoate

The coating consists of tender milk chocolate which melts smoothly on the tongue. The filling is an ennourmos mass of pistachio with an intensive character. It’s almost that strong you might expect an alcoholic filling. But officially there is no alcoholic filling. The Echte Reber Mozartkugel is quite unusual in the taste, compared with a Mozartkugel from Austria, but I would say it taste not too bad.

reber chocolate

Rebers Malakoff Pastete.

reber chocolate

Covered with dark chocolate and filled with raisins and a heavy cream. Quite a tough chocolate for the stomach, but I would characterize it as “interesting”.

esterhazy pastete

Esterhazy Pastete

reber chocolate

Esterhazy Pastete is a crispy bite with marzipan and nougat, covered with milk chocolate from Bavaria.

reber chocolate

Biedermeier Pastete.

biedermeier pastete

Biedermeier Pastete has an alcoholic filling of egg liqueur. The fancy chocolate is also filled with marzipan and curacao. The dark chocolate is very thin and cracks loudly.

reber chocolate

Nuss Pastete has a refreshing taste of nuts and a coating of fine milk chocolate.

mozart pastete

Mozart Pastete.

mozart pastete

Hazelnuts nougat in brandy truffles and pistachio covered in fancy milk chocolate.

reber chocolate

Reber Bissen

reber chocolate

No this one tastes disgusting. There is just too much cream inside.

reber chocolate

Constanze Kugel.

reber chocolate

The pistachio filling of this chocolate ball is very strong and intensive. There is also nougat in the core and you might also find roasted hazelnuts. The ball is covered withe the finest milk chocolate from Reber.

January 17, 2008

Heilemann Confiserie Chocolate

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germanyHeilemann Confiserie Chocolate is manufactured in the south of Germany, close to the borders of Switzerland and Austria. The home of the chocolate is a little village called Woringen. Woringen has about 1.800 inhabitants.

Heilemann Confiserie Chocolate exists since more than 50 years. All chocolate bars are made by the hands of the chocolate master.

heilemann chocolate

There is a special method in the manufacture to create a very easy and gentle melting chocolate. The type of Heilemann chocolate I was allowed to try was the “Noble Milk Chocolate” (Edelvollmilch Chocolade).

heilemann chocolate

The chocolate bar has a tender character and tastes not too sweet. The cocoa content amounts 26 percent, which is quite okay for a milk chocolate. I have experience a quite a good flavour. If you like not too sweet milk chocolates, this might be one for you.

heilemann chocolate

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