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January 7, 2008

Gerbeaud Chocolate Budapest

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gerbeaud chocolate budapestNow I have found a chocolate from Hungary, which can be called a chocolated indeed.

It’s a bar of “Gerbeaud Budapest Anno 1858”. The wrapping looked very fancy, and also the content did not disappoint me.

The chocolate factory from Hungaries capital was established by a man called “Henrik Kugler” in 1858.

gerbeaud chocolate

Gerbeaud Chocolate received its biggest fame at the end of the 19th century. The chocolate was known around the world. The chocolate bars of Gerbeaud are not industrial made. Every chocolate bar is made by hand.

gerbeaud chocolate budapest

Gerbeaud is still manufactured the same way as back in 1858.

gerbeaud chocolate budapest

My first experience with Hungarian chocolate was quite a disaster. But this time it was so different. Gerbeaud tastes milky and creamy. The chocolate has a very tender character. It is milk chocolate of the finest kind. Unfortunately the content of cocoa stays a secret, but this doesn’t matter. The enjoyment of Gerbeaud Chocolate was a true pleasure.

gerbeaud chocolate budapest

After that I know that also Hungarians are able to make very good chocolate.

September 24, 2007

Olympia Chocolate

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olympia chocolate hungaryOlympia is a chocolate from Hungary.

Manufacturer is the company in Budapest called: “Choko Service BT” (Ihasz u. 28, 1105 Budapest, Hungary).

On the wrapping I can read the chocolate bar is a milk chocolate with raisins and hazelnut.

olympia chocolate

The first experience is a very sweet taste. The second thing I recognize is quite a cheap taste. This product is surely no high quality premium chocolate. Where is the content of cacao? I could not taste it, and I also could not find an information about the content of cacao on the wrapping. This is extremely poor!

olympia chocolate

After a short time the chocolate becomes a fat taste, and at the end of my very first little piece of Olympia Chocolate I even feel disgusted. There are raisins and hazelnuts in the chocolate? I was not able to find, or to taste those kinds of ingredients. Summary: a very disappointing chocolate product. The worst chocolate I have tried on this website up to now. If all chocolates from Hungary taste like that, I am very sorry for the Hungarian chocolate lovers.

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