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January 24, 2008

Sirius Chocolate

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icelandAnother exotic chocolate from Iceland: Sirius Rjomasukkuladi med hnetum.

The chocolate is manufactured in Icelandics capital Reykjavik (Hesthalsi 2-4). The name of the chocolate factory is “NOI SIRIUS”.

sirius chocolate iceland

The first impression of Sirius is an experience of light chocolate with a lot of big hazelnuts.

sirius chocolate iceland

I think this is one of my lightest chocolate in life, althought the content of cocoa amounts 33 percent. I have never experienced such a light taste of chocolate before.

sirius chocolate iceland

There is also a slight taste of milk and vanilla. Sirius Chocolate is an exotic chocolate from the Norhern Atlantic.

sirius chocolate iceland

I would say Sirius has a very unique taste. The strong and full taste is missing. Maybe I am not used to such a flavour, but I would not rate it as a bad chocolate. Let’s put it in those words: Sirius was a very interesting chocolate experience from Iceland.

sirius chocolate

November 22, 2007

Goa Lindu Chocolate Kaffi Sukkuladi

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icelandA chocolate from Iceland. How long I had to dream about such an exotic chocolate product from the island between Europe and North America?

I cannot remember, but to open and to taste the “Kaffi Sukkuladi” was a very special experience to me, because this kind of chocolate is not available in Central European shops.

goa lindu chocolate kaffi sukkuladi

Goa Lindu Chocolate Kaffi Sukkuladi is manufactured in the village of “Gardabae Simi” by the Icelandic chocolate manufacturer “Goa Lindu”, and consits of sugar, glucose, cocoa butter, cocoa liquer, fondant, fresh milkpowder, skimmed milkpowder, milkprotein, lecitin and flavoring.

goa lindu chocolate kaffi sukkuladi

Not just the origin is something special to me. Also the taste is something very unique. Kaffi Sukkukadi has a coating of light milk chocolate, and a filling of coffee cream and sticky cocoa liqueur mass. The flavour of coffee is very strong. While melting on the tongue the chocolate envolves a slight taste of cocoa liqueur.

goa lindu chocolate kaffi sukkuladi

As this kind of chocolate is very difficult to buy here in Austria, I have enjoyed every single fibre on my tongue. Yes, this chocolate is a good one. Yes, I really enjoyed it. Yes, I would buy it more often if it would be available in Austria.

goa lindu chocolate kaffi sukkuladi

A negative point? Yes, if you don’t like the taste of coffee, you wont be excited about “Kaffi Sukkuladi”.

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