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January 12, 2010

Amedei Chocolate

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What a wonderful surprise on a cold Tuesday evening in the middle of January. White chocolate with pistachio from the Italian province of Tuscany. The cocoa content amounts 29 percent.

The chocolate manufacturer is located in the 27.000 inhabitant town of Pontedera. The establishment took place in the year 1990. Amedei Chocolate already won a lot of international prizes, which is no surprise for me after enjoying the first bite of this product.

The taste of Cioccolato Al Latte Bianco Con Pastacchi La Tavoletta Amedei Tuscany is a mixture of sweet and bitter elements. The pistachio which serves as filling take the bitter part. The white chocolate itself is creamy, but not too much. So I would label it as not such a sweet chocolate. But there is no doubt that this creation is a very fine chocolate.

Simple design of a wonderful chocolate bar.

I removed the wrapping and experienced a white chocolate bar with dark spots of the pastachio.

At the end I was not disappointed. Amedei was a very interesting chocolate experience. Great!

May 11, 2009

Venchi Chocolate

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italyVenchi Chocolate exists since 1878 and comes from a little village in the North Western part of Italy, close to the French border. Castelletto Stura is the name of the village in the Province of Cuneo in the Italian region Piedmont, located about 70 km south of Turin and about 10 km northeast of Cuneo and has about 1.200 inhabitants.

Venchi Chocolate was my first white chocolate from Italy and the taste was just brillant. Creamy, full flavoured and very tasteful. Pure white chocolate of its best. The amount of cocoa has 30,8 percent.

The 100g bar of Venchi Chocolate was a very delightful experience on a Monday evening. I have finished the whole bar in a very short time. I just could not stop to eat this wonderful piece of white chocolate.

The uncovered chocolate desire of Venchi. Maybe one of the best white chocolates I have ever tried.

February 1, 2009

Kinder Surprise Egg Chocolate Überraschung

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italyThe Italian creation of “Kinder Surprise Egg Chocolates” were invented in 1972, and flooded the Central European market in 1974.

The sweet delicacy is made for children and delights by creamy and smooth milk chocolate with a little surprise toy inside. Kinder Surprise Egg Chocolates are banned in the USA, and meanwhile also controversial in Germany. Children could swallow little plastic parts of the toy surprise.

Kinder Surprise Egg chocolate is very sweet and has a cocoa content of 15 percent. One chocolate egg has a weight of 20 gram without the surprise toy.

I have bought a box with three of such eggs. Usually they are sold seperate.

The uncovered delicacy. Althought I am not a child anymore, the wonderful flavour of the chocolate still remained after all those years on my tongue.

A look inside the chocolate egg: the traditional yellow plastic egg reveals. The technology how to open this plastic egg changed several years ago. The chocolate egg has a white colour inside. The secret why it tastes so smooth and creamy.

At the end: everything together. The opened plastic and chocolate eggs with the surprise toy. A car with a bizarre comic character as driver. Very inventive

January 11, 2009

1 Cru Chocolate

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italyChocolate from Italy again. Such kind of products from that country are always known being delicious and exquisite. Trying “1 Cru Cioccolato Da Degustazione Los Vasquez” confirms my opinion and delighted my Sunday afternoon chocolate enjoyment.

1 Cru Chocolate is manufactured by “Muzzi Antica Pasticceria dal 1795” in the Italian town of Foligno. Folgino has 55.000 inhabitants and can be found in the province of Umbria, close to Perugia city.

I am not able to understand the Italian language, but there was something written about the Dominican Republic on the backside of the box.  The weight of 1 Cru Chocolate amounts 70 g.

The cocoa content amounts 75 percent. The hope for pure and good chocolate is not an empty promise. The chocolate tastes really brillant, and is not that bitter as I have expected before. Yes, I would call it “luxury chocolate”.

November 20, 2008

Tre Marie La Meneghina Al Cioccolato

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tre marie la meneghina al cioccolatoThe following product is a yeast cake filled with chocolate from Italy.

Manufacturer is the company “Gran Milano” in “Via Bistolfi 31”, “10134 Milano”.  Tre Marie La Meneghina Al Cioccolato is packed in a black and red cardboard box with a carry handle. It seems this cake is only sold before christmas. While opening the box, the first typical smell is noticable. It’s a cosy smell which seems to promise a lot.

The cake looks a bit burned, is my first impression.  Tre Marie La Meneghina Al Cioccolato is very dark. The cake looks much lighter on the picture of the wrapping.

tre marie la meneghina al cioccolato

I take my first bite and experience a very juicy character.  Tre Marie La Meneghina Al Cioccolato is filled with raisins and chocolate cream, which makes the product not too dry. The covering is dry indeed. So we have a great combination and wonderful completition of a dry exterior and a juicy inside.

tre marie la meneghina al cioccolato

At the end I must say that Tre Marie La Meneghina Al Cioccolato is a very delicious cake from Italy. It’s a wonderful experience to enjoy a slice of Tre Marie La Meneghina Al Cioccolato with a cup of coffee in the morning for breakfast. The price is not too cheap, but adequate. I did not regret my purchase. La Dolce Vita Italia!

tre marie la meneghina al cioccolato

Looks a bit burned. Don’t you agree?

tre marie la meneghina al cioccolato

The juicy inside of the cake. Filled with raisins and chocolate cream.

tre marie la meneghina al cioccolato

A closer look. The chooclate filling was strong, soft, creamy, and satiating.

November 11, 2008

WalCor Chocolate Cigars

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walvor chocolate cigarsWal-Cor Cioccolato al Latte. Today I have tried something really funny. Chocolate Cigars from Italy. A company from Cremona in the North of Italy had the glorious idea to manufacture such an amusing chocolate creation.

Wal Cor stands for Walter Corsanini. The founder of the chocolate factory. He started to make chocolates in 1954. It seems he is quite a big name in Italy. Well, but I have never heard about him before.

walcor chocolate cigars

The company promise productive flexibility, which makes it possible to complete satisfaction of the client’s requirements.

On the WalCor website I am reading: “Excellent product quality, punctuality of deliveries, care and innovation in packaging and an excellent quality/price ratio complete the company’s profile of great reliability and efficiency.
Wal-Cor guarantees every toy and gadget included with its products with EC certification issued by Italian Authorities according to current Italian and Community laws.

walcor chocolate cigars

Time to put those three massive chocolate cigars out of the box. The content of cocoa amounts 30 percent. I am quite curious about that product. How will it taste? Is there a secret filling inside? Maybe yummy nougat?

walcor chocolate cigars

The next step: away with the annoying paper.  Now it’s time for my first bite. And here we go …

walcor chocolate cigar

… oh yes! Wonderful! A crisp sound and the first bite was taken. I experience a cosy chocolate flavour on my tongue. As I am in desperate need for chocolate at the moment, I am going to start biting and biting.

I am disappoint that there is no filling inside the chocolate cigar. Totally empty! I think a filling of finest nougat would boost the taste of Walcor enourmosly.

But also without filling,  WalCor Chocolate Cigars are something quite good. All three chocolate cigars were finished inside a very short time. Well done, WalCor …if I am going find myself another chocolate from Walcor, I will give it try again. There is no doubt about it. Great Italian chocolate with unique shape and wrapping.

October 20, 2008

Novi Chocolate

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novi chocolateNovi – Il Grande Cioccolato Italiano. Nocciolato Gianduja. Cioccolato Passione dal 1903.

Novi Chocolate from the Italian province of Piedmont is something very special and unique. This kind of chocolate is not like all the others. There are special ingredients and fabrication techniques which cause a huge difference between chocolate from Novi, and a chocolate from another manufacturer.

novi chocolate

Novi Chocolate is made of Gianduja. Gianduja is a mixture of chocolate and finely grounded Piedmont hazelnuts. The filling consists of whole Piedmont hazelnuts. Such kind of hazelnuts are not something usual. They only grow in the province of Piedmont.

Novi takes only the best of those Piedmont hazelnuts for their chocolate. Before the hazelnuts are allowed to serve as Novi chocolate filling,  they became well roasted. Piedmonts hazelnuts are known to be one of the most delicious hazelnuts in the world.

novi chocolate

Those hazelnuts delight the sense of taste by a fine flavour and uncomparable aroma.

Novi Chocolate means pure chocolate. Only cocoa butter is used for the manufacture. No oil and no fat is used.

So how does this special chocolate with “Gianduja” taste? My first impression was a very sapful experience. Later a cosy chocolate feeling coursed through. Indeed pure chocolate. The cocoa content amounts 31 percent.

novi chocolate

Also the big and whole Piedmont hazelnuts are a sensation for itself. Very crunchy and tasteful. Novi Chocolate is a true enjoyment of sapful and pure chocolate from the special kind.

Novi Chocolate exists since 1903.

February 22, 2008

Baci Perugina

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italyBaci Perugina is a chocolate creation for people who like nuts.

The chocolates are manufactured in the Italian city of Milano by Nestle Italiana.

baci perugina

The impression was a thick layer of milk chocolate which was not too sweet. This chocolate is a covering for a core of a nut, nuts pieces and cocoa butter.

baci perugina

The milk chocolate is not too sweet, but seems to be very creamy. I would say it’s only something for real nutslovers. I was not so exicted about it. Too much nuts and too little chocolate is my summary.

baci perugina

baci perugina

December 27, 2007

Ferrero Rocher

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italyFerrero Rocher is an Italian chocolate produced by Ferrero in Italys North Western town of Alba.

Alba has 30.200 inhabitants and is located in the Piemont province, which can be found close to the border to France and in vincinity to the two Italian cities of Genova and Torino.

The delicious chocolate speciality came on the market in 1984, and is very popular in Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg and even in the USA.

ferrero rocher

The chocolate ball of Ferrero Rocher consists of a round formed waffle which is filled with a kind of a liquid nut cream. This cream has even a certain name. It’s called Ginduia cream.

ferrero rocher

In the centre of every Ferrero Rocher chocolate is a whole hazelnut. Ferrero Rocher chocolates are also coated with tender milk chocolate and little pieces of hazelnuts.

ferrero rocher

Ferrero Rocher is a sweet flavour experience on its top. This kind of candy is a dream of chocolate and nut. After you have cracked the light and hollow seeming chocolate-nut-waffle creation, you can enjoy yourself in this heavenly dream of nuts and chocolate.

ferrero rocher

The Ferrero Rocher chocolate with its coating of tender and sweet milk chocolate and the little pieces of hazelnuts.

ferrero rocher

Inside the Ferrero Rocher … the special nut cream comes out. The whole hazelnut is still covered inside that cream. 😉

November 30, 2007

Hanuta Chocolate

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italyHanuta is made by the Italian candy manufacturer Ferrero SpA in Alba (Piedmont) for the German market.

Hanuta is the short form of the three German words “HAsel NUss Tafel” (Hazel Nut Bar).

Hanuta is one of Germanies most popular sweet snacks. The tasteful product came on the market in 1959.

hanuta chocolate

The taste of Hanuta is a true seduce. Hanuta consits of two crispy waffles on the top and the bottom. The filling is a creamy chocolate creation which is garnished with little pieces of hazelnuts.

hanuta chocolate

It’s not a surprise to me that this kind of simple treat has such enormous success for such a long time. Hanuta is the perfect quick snack to calm down a hungry stomach, and a culinaric blessing for the senses on a high level for a reasonable price.

The chocolate filling of Hanuta has a creamy character and a fine flavour of coffee.

Chocolate Schokolade Chocolat Cioccolata Cioccolato Cioccolatini Sjokolade Suklaa Choklad Chokolade Chocolade Shokolaad šokolāde Sokoladas