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November 18, 2007

Karaliskas Chocolate

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lithuaniaKaraliskas is a royal chocolate from Lithuania.

The chocolate is produced by Lithuanians traditional candy manufacturer “Karuna”, which belongs to Kraft Foods Lietuva.

Karaliskas is a dark, hard and strong chocolate with a content of cocoa of 55%. The production takes place in Lithuanias second biggest city of Kaunas.

karaliskas chocolate

The bar had a weight of 300g. I don’t know if there are smaller bars.

karaliskas chocolate

The big chocolate bar of Karaliskas has a strong and hard character. I needed some strength to break the bar in two pieces.

karaliskas chocolate schokolade sokoladas

The chocolate reminded me on Austrian cooking chocolate. It was such a full taste of bitter chocolate. I would say the chocolate is not so bad, but I would not rate it as one of my top chocolates.
Karaliskas Chocolate is a bit over the average.

November 6, 2007

Vilniaus Pergale Chocolate

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vilniaus pergale milk chocolate

Vilniaus Pergale Chocolate is Milk Chocolate, manufactured by a Lithuanian candy producer, which is located in the Lithuanian capital Vilnius.

Vilniaus Pergalė was founded in 1952, and is the biggest confectionery factory among the Baltic nations.

vilniaus pergale milk chocolate

The first taste is cheap and sweet. At the beginning not too bad. Chapped and dry if you take a bite. At the end you get an ugly, unattractive, and not very tasteful “chocolate” mass in your mouth. The same like with the Elfas Chocolate, but this time the taste is not that bad that you want to spit it out. But enjoyable? No way!

vilniaus pergale milk chocolate

I would say the Milk Chocolate of Vilniaus Pergale is a cheap candy product and not recommendable. I won’t eat this chocolate again. It’s better to eat an apple. Better taste and more healthy.

vilniaus pergale milk chocolate

November 5, 2007

Elfas Chocolate

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chocolateCongratulations! This is for sure the worst chocolate in my whole life.

I already had a bad feeling when I saw the childish motive on the wrapping. A smiling dwarf in ridiculous clothes. What to expect from a product with such a dubious wrapping?

elfas chocolate

But finally I gave it a try and opened the chocolate. The experience was horrible. Elfas Chocolate is a soft mass which only looks like chocolate. If you expect a chocolate taste you will be disappointed. The sad result about this chocolate test was that I had to run out of the house, and spit out the “Elfas mass” into the garden.

elfas chocolate

Elfas Chocolate is a horrible product. I still feel sick of tasting that product, and this makes me quite upset.

October 14, 2007

Princas Sokoladas Chocolate

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princas sokoladas chocolate schokoladePrincas Sokoladas Chocolate “Pieninis Sokoladas Su Grietineles Skonio Jdaru” is a chocolate bar, manufactured in the Lithuanian city of Kaunas by AB Kraft Foods Lietuva.

The first impression of the chocolate: very sweet.

princas sokoladas chocolate schokolade

After you suck the chocolate for one or two minutes, you are going to explore the precious filling of Princas. The filling consits of creamy caramel. The taste of the caramel is not too strong. Just a gentle caramel flavour, and very creamy.

princas sokoladas chocolate schokolade

My opinion: a very good chocolate. The wrapping looks not too tempting, so I hestitated to take this chocolate product. But now I must say, it was not a mistake to take and try Princas chocolate. But if you are a fan of dark bitter chocolates: take your hands away!

princas chocolate sokoladas schokoladeprincas sokoladas chocolate schokolade

Princas Sokoladas Chocolate is the chocolate of the former Lithuanian princes and princesses.

October 11, 2007

Karuna Chocolate

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lithuania chocolateKaruna is a Lithuanian chocolate manufactured in Lithuanias second biggest city Kaunas.

Karuna is one of Lithuanias top chocolate brands. The special characteristic of Karuna is the sweet and bitter taste at the same time.

karuna chocolate schokolade

If you take a bite of the chocolate you hear a loud “crack”. This is another interesting thing about Karuna. You could eat one bar of Karuna in several minutes.

karuna chocolate schokolade

Karuna Chocolate is a good chocolate with a very full taste. It’s always a big pleasure to enjoy this chocolate.

karuna chocolate schokolade

Karuna Chocolate is part of Kraft Foods. The chocolate has a cocoa content of 44%.

karuna chocolate schokolade

September 27, 2007

Sostines Chocolate Grietininis “Cream Chocolate”

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sostines chocolate lithuaniaThe chocolate bars of “Sostines” are manufactured in the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius by the company called “Vilniaus Pergale”.

“Vilniaus Pergale” means “Victory of Vilnius”, and was founded in 1952. Vilniaus Pergale produces one of the widest range of chocolate and candy specialities in the Baltics.

sostines chocolate cream grietininis

Many times the chocolate creations of the company were honoured by medals and awards. Sostines chocolates are sold to Germany, Israel, Russia, Latvia, Estonia, and Poland.

“Sostines” is the expression for “capital” in the Lithuanian language.

sostines chocolate cream grietininis

I had the pleasure to taste the Sostines Chocolate “Grietininis”. Grietininis is the Lithuanian expression for “cream”. The taste of the chocolate confirms the good reputation of the manufacturer. My first piece melts very pleasant on my tongue. The taste is not bitter, but not too sweet either. The content of cacao amounts 33 percent. The chocolate is a good enjoyment if you like it sweet. For bitter chocolate lovers Sostines might be a tad too sweet.

sostines chocolate grietininis cream

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