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October 23, 2007

Czekolada Mleczna Chocolate

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poland chocolateCzekolada Mleczna Chocolate is a delighful chocolate experience from Poland.

I was not able to find the manufacturer or the place of manufacture of that chocolate.

This seems to be a secret.

mleczna chocolate czekolada

Incomprehensibly a secret, because I do not understand why the manufacturer don’t want be known. The chocolate is not that bad. On the contrary! I have experienced a very good chocolate taste with a cocoa content of 25%.

mleczna czekolada chocolate

The most impressing thing about that chocolate are the big whole hazelnuts. I could not rememeber a chocolate where I could enjoy such big hazelnuts.

mleczna czekolada chocolate

On the wrapping a “tender taste of the finest milk chocolate” is promised. Czekolada Mleczna keeps the promise. The chocolate is not too sweet and not too bitter, it’s not a very fancy chocolate, but quite good. I really don’t understand why the manufacturer wants to stay unknown. There is no need for that.

czekolada mleczna chocolate

September 28, 2007

Alpinella Chocolate “Czekolada Mleczna”

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alpinella chocolateAlpinella Czekolada Mleczna “milk chocolate” is a chocolate bar from the Polish city of Poznań.

“Interagra” is the name of the factory which manufactures Alpinella.

According to their Polish website, Alpinella chocolate should bring a piece of Alpine lifestyle to Polish chocolate consumers. The chocolate factory claims there is the clean nature and the wild rivers of the Alpine moutains included in the chocolate product.

alpinella chocolate czekolada

I have tasted the chocolate and experienced a medium chocolate product. There ia a high content of milk inside, which should be a usual thing for an official bar of milk chocolate. As usually the content of cacao seems to be quite low. 26 percent is written on the wrapping, but it tastes like less. I would say Alpinella chocolate is possible to eat, if your desire chocolate and there is nothing else to take, but I could not find a true enjoyment in the Alpinella. I would say it’s a medium chocoate with a tendency down.

alpinella chocolate czekolada

alpinella chocolate czekolada

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