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September 27, 2010

1888 Origin Malmö Chokladfabrik Chocolate

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After a very long time (more than 7 months), I had the pleasure to taste a new chocolate again. It was a chocolate from Sweden, from the town of Malmö in the south of the country. I can’t remember where I got it from. I suppose it was a present from a Swedish friend, who knows I like to try new chocolates from all over the world.

The cocoa content of the chocolate was quite high. 70 percent. So you are might able to imagine the taste. Typical dark chocolate taste. The plate was quite thin though. I would label it as a good and solid chocolate, but nothing outstanding. Maybe I am already too much used to dark chocolate. But Ritter Sport tastes better. Sorry Sweden.

On the backside of the wrapping I can read following things: 1888 – The Swedish Quality Chocolate. At malmö Chokladfabrik we have dedicated to recreating an old tradition of quality chocolate making. Around 100 years ago chocolate was pure and prized for qualities beneficial to health. However, during the 20th century it was often transformed into candy; lower cocoa content, with more sugar, more fat and foreign additives.

The front side of the Swedish chocolate. The net weight amounted 80g.

The story continues … 1888 ORIGIN, by conrast, contains only cocoa and unrefinded cane sugar which, we believe, results in superior taste, aroma and a smooth, natural texture. Our chocolate is made in small, hand crafted batches and conched (stirred) until it is “just right” which may take several days! Skilled chocolate experts monitor this process with care, a process inspired by the tradition started in 1888 in the chocolate factory in Malmö, using original recipes from a century ago. To continue this tradition is our mission!

Maybe 1888 Origin Malmö Chokladfabrik Chocolate usually tastes better. I made the mistake to keep it in a warm room during summer. Much warmer than 16-18°. Now I read on the wrapping that the right temperature is very important for this product. So maybe it’s a bit unfair to review a chocolate which had the wrong storage. I will probably never know the real taste of 1888 Origin Malmö Chokladfabrik Chocolate. That’s life …

The sight after I have received the first wrapping.

Finally I am ready to take the first piece …

June 29, 2008

Daim Chocolate

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daim chocolateDaim is a traditonal candy from Sweden. The inventor and manufacturer of this chocolate is the famous Swedish company called “Marabou”.

Daim came on the Swedish market under the name of “Dajm” in 1953. It took some more years when Daim found its way to the Central European market. 1978 Germany, 1983 Austria, and 1988 France and many other European countries. Since 1989 Daim is also sold in Japan. The furniture store of IKEA seems to be a very important factor for the distribution of the sweet delicacy outside of Sweden.

daim chocolate

In Austria I am able to find Daim Chocolate only in IKEA shops.

Daim Chocolate is a hard and thin bar of chocolate. The coating consists of a delicious milk chocolate. This coating has a very full flavour, and is probably the best of the whole thing. The filling is a hard and crispy plate of cocoa butter, cocoa, butter, almonds, sugar and caramel.

daim chocolate

As I already told the milk chocolate of Daim is quite enjoyable, but the hard filling a bit unusual and quite difficult for melting on the tongue. I suppose you have to bite this hard plate of almonds and caramel. I was not able to let it melt on my tongue. But biting this kind of thing is not such a delighting idea and not so nice for the teeth either.

daim chocolate

April 20, 2008

Marabou Chocolate

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swedenMarabou is one of Swedens most popular chocolates. The famous candy is manufactured in the municipality of Upplands Väsby. Upplands Väsby is a part of Swedens capital Stockholm.

Today I had the pleasure to try the Mjölkchoklad of Marabou. Mjölkchoklad is Swedish and means translated into English language: Milk Chocolate.

marabou chocolate

This kind of chocolate made me very happy. It was a true pleasure to taste this wonderful product.

marabou chocolate

I have experienced a chocolate of a creamy and smoothly character. There is a good and solid taste of milk. I had a very pleasant time while I was eating Marabou Chocolate.

marabou chocolate

30 percent cocoa content is included. There was not a slight flavour of a bitter chocolate taste noticeable. Marabou is a very good milk chocolate.

April 13, 2008

Cloetta Polly Original

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cloetta polly originalCloetta Polly Original are chocolates manufactured in the Swedish village of Ljungsbro, which is located in the South Western part of Sweden.

Cloetta Polly Original have a coating of milk chocolate, and a filling of a strange and sticky mass. The taste of this mass is a mix of coffee and alcohol.

cloeatta polly original

The chocolates are known as “soft foam dragees”. “With a taste of chocolate, arrack, buttertoffee and vanilla”, is written on the wrapping.

cloeatta polly original

Yes, now I must confess that there is a taste of vanilla. I cannot say that I am enjoying this kind of candy. I can eat a lot of those chocolate dragees without becoming sick, but I am not able to experience a wonderful taste, and there is also no addictivity to me.

cloeatta polly original

April 1, 2008

IKEA Chocolate

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swedenI bought the Ikea Chocolate, guess where, directly from the IKEA store.

The wrapping is quite loveless. A brown colour with yellow letters and the explanation of the word “Milk chocolate” in different languages like: Mjölkchoklad, Chocolate con leche, Milchschokolade, Chocolat au lait, Chocolate de leite, Greek letters and Cioccolato al latte as well as Maitosuklaa.

ikea chocolate

The chocolate was made in the Swedish town of Helsingborg. But also Germany was involved in the manufacturing of this chocolate bar. Anyway, this is going to be my first chocolate review of Swedish chocolate.

ikea chocolate

The chocolate has a content of cocoa of 30 percent. This is quite alright. At first I thought to taste a bit too much fat. I am not sure if this was a misunderstanding of my sense of taste or not. Well, this were also the only negative points. By such a loveless wrapping you do not really expect a high quality product.

ikea chocolate

But I must say after one or two minutes the taste becomes quite milky and creamy. Then it’s a true enjoyment to have such a chocolate in the mouth.

I would say IKEA is quite a good treat if you like milk chocolates. But if there would be a more attractive wrapping, the chocolate would also receive a better review. By such a wrapping the chocolate looks very poor.

Chocolate Schokolade Chocolat Cioccolata Cioccolato Cioccolatini Sjokolade Suklaa Choklad Chokolade Chocolade Shokolaad šokolāde Sokoladas