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March 14, 2009

Lindt Lindor Chocolate Milk Irresistibly Smooth

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switzerlandLindt Lindor Milk Irresistibly Smooth Chocolate Balls are indeed one of the most smoothest chocolates I have ever tried in my whole life. The filling has a cool character. I don’t know how such kind of effect is possible, but it really tastes if the chocolate comes directly out of the fridge.

The whole delicacy is another true masterpiece from Lindt at its best. The best way Milk Chocolate can be offered. Swiss Milk Chocolate with a smooth melting filling.


150 g of the finest milk chocolate from Switzerland in a red package.

Every single chocolate is loving wrapped.

One bite and you are already in chocolate heaven. A perfect experience of a sweet divineness.

February 6, 2009

Lindt Lindor Chocolate Balls Dark

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switzerlandLindt Lindor Chocolate Balls Dark are manufactured in the Swiss town of Kilchberg. A small place with a bit more than 7.000 inhabitants located directly next to the Lake Zürichsee, close to the big city of  Zürich.

Lindt is known to be a very famous chocolate manufacturer. I have heard many wonderful stories about those chocolate balls before. So it was time for me to experience such interesting chocolate creation for myself.

The blue bag is promising. The tempting chocolate balls are wrapped in a very lovely way. Now it’s time to open this chocolate import from Switzerland.

The bag has a weight of 150 g. I have counted 12 pieces of those chocolate balls.

The chocolate ball lays gently and easy manageable on the tongue of my mouth. It really fits perfectly.

Lindt Lindor Chocolate Balls Dark gave me a true unbelievable chocolate experience. First the upper layer melts tasteful away until the special filling comes out. This filling consists of very soft dark chocolate with an extraordinary fridged character. Such cooling chocolate is truely something special, because the chocolate balls were not a fridge or outside in the cold.

Once the delicious chocolate filling made its appearance, the soft chocolate melts very quick on the tongue. The flavour is amazing. Just top class chocolate. One of the best chocolates in my whole life.

November 24, 2008

Villars Chocolate

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switzerlandAfter quite a long time I have found a chocolate bar from Switzerland again. The chocolate factory called “Villars” is located in Fribourg. A town with a mainly French population.

Villars Maitre Chocolatier Suisse exists since 1901. As their website is completely in French language, I have no additional informations about the companies history.

villars chocolate

My Villars chocolate bar has the label “Larmes de Kirsch”. It’s bittersweet chocolate with a liquid filling of cherry spirits. The wrapping looks quite alright. It seems the chocolate wont taste too cheap. In fact the price in the chocolate shop was not too cheap anyway.

villars chocolate

My first impression is a noble taste of bittersweet chocolate. The content of cocoa amounts 53 percent. This is the perfect ratio. The taste is just perfect. After a while the cherry spirits comes through the chocolate and I have a nice experience of the finest cherry spirits. It’s quite warm running down my throat. Lovely!

villars chocolate

Yes, I like Villars. It’s difficult to stop eating if you once have started. Usually I am not such a fan of liquid chocolate fillings, but Villars made a really good job. Of course a chocolate experience of more than 100 years pays well in this case.

villars chocolate

Finest spirits made of cherries and great bittersweet chocolate. I really love it! Well done French speaking Swissmen! 🙂

April 8, 2008

Lindt Goldhase

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switzerlandLindt Goldhase is available only during Easter time.

The “golden hare” is manufactured in Switzerland by Lindt and Sprüngli, Maitre Chocolatier Suisse Depuis 1845.

The Lindt Goldhase consists of 30 percent cocoa, and is made in a very special procedure to receive its wonderful taste.

lindt goldhase

I have experienced the Lindt Goldhase as a very tasteful creation of Swiss milk chocolate. I would also call this product an enjoyment of the particular kind.

lindt goldhase

The chocolate is substantial in the taste, not too sweet and not bitter, but very creamy and full of a tasteful character.

lindt goldhase 

It’s not a surprise to me that this item is world famous, and strictly protected by the copyright.

lindt goldhase

A look deep inside the chocolate hare.

December 29, 2007

Lindt Chocolate

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lindtThe chocolate bar called “Lindt Extra Milk/Milch/Au Lait” is finest swiss milk chocolate, manufactured by the candy manufacturer Lindt&Sprüngli AG in the 7.000 inhabitants town Kilchberg, which is located close to Zürich.

Lindt Chocolate has a very sweet and tender character. The sweet temptation nestles gentle around the tongue and delights with a full and pleasant taste of milk.


The chocolate is a true pleasure. To be honest I haven’t expected something else. The name of “Lindt” guarantees quality on a higher level.

lindt chocolate

Lindt Chocolate was founded in 1879 by Rodolphe Lindt. Lindt was the inovater of a conche machine, which was able to increase the quality of the chocolate on a multiple higher level. He was also the first one who put cocoa butter into the chocolate mass. Those two things made the Swiss chocolate world famous. He is the father of modern chocolate.

lindt chocolate

Rodolphe Lindt sold his chocolate brand and the secret of conche in 1899 to Sprüngli. Since that time the Lindt Chocolate is produced by the company called “Lind & Sprüngli AG”.

lindt chocolate

December 27, 2007

Eza Mascao Chocolate

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switzerlandEza Masco Chocolate is declared as a fancy organic chocolate, produced in a secret place in Switzerland of precious cocoa butter from Latin America.

The sugar which is included in the chocolate is imported from the Philippines and known as natural full cane sugar.

EZA Chocolate exists since 1975 and has the FAIRTRADE seal of approval.

eza mascao chocolate

My first flavour experience was a specific bitter taste. The taste was not really good, but maybe I am just not used to such a high quality chocolate? The cocoa content of 85 percent is also maybe a bit too high. Such high cocoa content chocolates have not really a pleasant taste.

eza mascao chocolate

At the end of my testing I would consider the Eza Mascao Chocolate as acceptable. The mild bitter taste has no cheap character, but I am just not used to such a special bitter chocolate flavour. It’s okay but not exciting.

December 15, 2007

Nestle Chocolate

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nestle chocolate switzerlandNeste White Chocolate “Die Weisse” Crisp comes from the Swiss town of Vevey, which is located in the French part of Switzerland, directly next to the lake Genfersee.

The chocolate bar is filled with crispy rice which has an extra crispy character.

nestle chocolate

The chocolate is good, but has no excitment included. I could eat bar after bar without a single problem, but the special taste, the certain kick, is missing.

nestle chocolate

I would say a lovely white chocolate with a slight flavour of cream in the background. The massive consistance of crispy rice dominates the product.

nestle chocolate

December 14, 2007

Munz Chocolate

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switzerlandMunz Swiss Premium Chocolate is a dark chocolate product from the village of Flawin in Switzerland.

The chocolate factory who produces Munz chocolate bars is called Maestrani. Maestrani is a very traditional chocolate producer in Switzerland. They produce chocolate since more than 150 years. Maestrani bought the chocolate factory of Munz in 1998.

munz chocolate schokolade

We are talking about a dark chocolate with a content of 70% cocoa. On the package it’s written that Munz Chocolate is the finest swiss bittersweet chocolate. For me the taste was a bit too bitter, but there was also a full flavour.

munz chocolate schokolade

 I would say Munz is not that bad, but not very exciting either.

November 12, 2007

Frey Chocolate

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switzerlandFrey is a Swiss chocolate brand which is almost as old as that of the European chocolate industry itself.

It started around the middle of the nineteenth century, when chocolate making changed over from manual to industrial production.

Frey Chocolate was founded in 1887 by the brothers Max and Robert Frey in Aarau. In its early days the company considerably influenced the way chocolate moved from being an exclusive indulgence for a few privileged people to being a sweet treat generally available to a wide section of the population.


frey chocolate chocolat schokolade

I had the pleasure to taste the “Extra Fine Milk Lait exta fin Vollmilch” chocolate of Frey. A milk chocolate with a cocoa content of 31 percent.

frey chocolate chocolat schokolade

The promise of an “extra fine” chocolate is not a fake. The chocolate is extra fine indeed. There is a pleasant creamy taste of milk chocolate. The chocolate melts quite smoothly on the tongue.

frey chocolate chocolat schokolade

As Frey Chocolate is a very cheap chocolate, the price-performance ratio is just fabulous. You receive a good taste for little money.

The chocolate was manufactured in the Swiss town of Buchs. The official name of the chocolate producer is “Chocolat Frey AG”.

November 8, 2007

Ovomaltine Chocolate

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switzerlandOvomaltine is a national product of Switzerland. Swiss are very proud about that.

Ovomaltine was developed in 1904 as a brand of sweetened milk flavoring product made with malt extract, cocoa, and whey.

The idea of Ovomaltine was to receive some extra energy. Maybe one of the worlds first energy drinks.


I have tasted the chocolate bar the first time in my life, and I was really delighted.

When I have opened the chocolate I already had such a pleasant smell in my nose. The first bite was the next excitement.

ovomaltine chocolate

The chocolate has a gentle taste of creamy milk. The filling has a crumply and rough character. It seems the chocolate is filled with very small pieces of cookies.

ovomaltine chocolate

Ovolmaltine Chocolate has a very unique character. Only at the end, when the chocolate was already melted on the tongue, I could feel the crumply rough filling as small cookie pieces. This reminded me on Maltesers chocolates.

I think Ovomaltine is a top quality chocolate with a great unique taste. It’s hard to stop eating if you once have started.

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