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October 30, 2007

Emotion Chocolate Macadamia Krokant

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Emotion Chocolate Macadamia Krokant is manufactured by the Swiss chocolate factory Frey in Buchs.

The chocolate manufacture Frey has a philosophy to give three certain things in its chocolates: enjoyment, seduce and sensuality.


emotional chocolate macadamia krokant

The manufacturer of this chocolate bar exists since more than 120 years, and you are really able to taste the quality of such a skilled chocolate producer.

emotional chocolate macadamia krokant

A tender taste of finest milk chocolate flatters the gustatory nerves of your tongue. The chocolate melts smoothly down your throat, and leaves a wonderful chocolate enjoyment behind.

emotional chocolate macadamia krokant

When the chocolate is almost melted, the filling of the caramelized macadamia nuts comes into the game. Crunchy pieces of nuts gives that chocolate bar its extra boost. Emotion Chocolate Macadamia Krokant is a chocolate for the special moments in life.

October 24, 2007

Camille Bloch Ragusa Chocolate

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ragusa camille bloch chocolateCamille Bloch Ragusa Chocolate is manufactured in the chocolate factory of “Chocolats Camille Bloch SA” in Courtelary, and little town in Switzerland.

Camille Bloch Ragusa Chocolate is a chocolate confectionery with truffle filling and whole hazelnuts.

camille bloch chocolate cream schokolade

Ragusa is the undisputed leader product from the house of Camille Bloch. A bar of the finest chocolate with praline filling and whole hazelnuts. Originally born from an emergency situation – the admixture of hazelnuts came about because of the shortage of raw materials in Switzerland during the Second World War – Ragusa is our supreme, classic product. Naturally made according to a recipe that has remained unchanged up to the present day.

ragusa camille bloch chocolate

The price of the chocolate is quite expensive, and so I really tried to enjoy this special kind of chocolate product.

The chocolate is sweet, but not too sweet. The filling is fine and seems to be a luxury truffle cream. It’s very easy to enjoy Camille Bloch Ragusa Chocolate on the tongue. The whole hazelnuts come at the end of the taste chain. If you take a strong bite, you can mix the crunched nuts with the delicious truffle cream. An expensive but wonderful chocolate experience from Switzerland.

ragusa camille chocolate schokolade

Camille Bloch: a big chocolate name keeps its promise.

September 9, 2007

Toblerone Chocolate

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switzerlandToblerone is a Swiss chocolate from Bern, which was invented in the year 1908.

The name consits of the words “Tobler”, which was the name of the inventor Theodor Tobler, and “Torrone”, which is the Italian expression of honey-almond-nougat.


During the second world war the tank traps of the Swiss army were also called “Tablerone” in the style of the famous chocolate creation.

toberlone chocolate

Toblerone is one of my favourite chocolates. The chocolate is tender delicious Swiss milk chocolate with honey and almond nougat. If you once started to eat the chocolate bar in the unique mountain form, it’s hard to stop. The only negative thing about Toblerone is the sticky honey filling, which can be annoying for the teeth. The milk chocolate is very good and melts gentle down the throat.

toblerone chocolate

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