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January 9, 2010

Kalev White Chocolate Strawberry

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Another divine white chocolate experience from Estonia: Kalev White Chocolate Strawberry. This kind of sweet temptation is full of cream and wonderful taste. Small strawberry pieces in the chocolate gives this wonderful creation an extra push of excellent flavour. Those strawberry pieces are very sweet and sticky and taste extremly intensive.

The bar I have opened was finished in a very short time. I must confess that Kalev chocolates impress me a lot. Especially this one was a fabulous experience, and I already know if I will return back to Estonia I will take a lot of Kalev chocolates with me back home. Viva Estonia!

Even the design of the wrapping looks very delicious. This promise won’t be a disappointment.

December 29, 2009

Kalev White Chocolate with blueberry

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Finally after more than 6 months since my holiday in the Baltics I have found some time to try and taste the Kalev White Chocolate bar with blueberry and crispy rice. The result was just tremendous. This white chocolate is a fabulous creation and I have no idea which kind of thing could be improved in that product. It’s just perfect.

The chocolate full of taste and very creamy. The crispy rice and the refreshing blueberries guarantee the right spice and the whole crowning of the delicious chocolate tasting event. I am very delighted and the bar was finished by my own in a very short time. If I get the chance to get another bar of Kalev White with blueberry I surely won’t doubt and take one.

kalev white blueberry

Estonians know how to make delicious chocolate. Congratulations!!!

May 17, 2009

The Grenada Chocolate Company Chocolate

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italyThe Grenada Chocolate Company Chocolate is an organic dark chocolate with a cocoa content of 71 percent. The chocolate delights with a colourful wrapping and an origin from a small country in the Caribbean.

The chocolate factory is located in Hermitage St. Patrick’s and claims to be a cocoa growing and chocolate making cooperative, producing chocolate from the tree to the bar. Those organic cocoa farms are nestled in the lush Caribbean rainforest. They produce cocoa beans which are world famous for their rich and complex flavour.

The small batch process preserves the true taste of Grenada’s cocoa. The chocolate factory cares about the enviroment and uses solar energy to power the factory.

Because of the high percentage of cocoa, Grenada Chocolate Company Chocolate tastes very meager and not very creamy. The character is very strict and conservative. A dark chocolate must taste exactly like a dark chocolate, right? But there is also a little bit of smoke flavour inside the precious bar.

I am very happy that I was able to taste a chocolate from such a little country which is so far away. It was an interesting experience, but I do prefer more creamy chocolate flavours. That’s why I was not so excited about that product, but for a dark chocolate manufacturer it was quite alright I would say.

May 11, 2009

Venchi Chocolate

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italyVenchi Chocolate exists since 1878 and comes from a little village in the North Western part of Italy, close to the French border. Castelletto Stura is the name of the village in the Province of Cuneo in the Italian region Piedmont, located about 70 km south of Turin and about 10 km northeast of Cuneo and has about 1.200 inhabitants.

Venchi Chocolate was my first white chocolate from Italy and the taste was just brillant. Creamy, full flavoured and very tasteful. Pure white chocolate of its best. The amount of cocoa has 30,8 percent.

The 100g bar of Venchi Chocolate was a very delightful experience on a Monday evening. I have finished the whole bar in a very short time. I just could not stop to eat this wonderful piece of white chocolate.

The uncovered chocolate desire of Venchi. Maybe one of the best white chocolates I have ever tried.

March 22, 2009

Chocolate Santander

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switzerlandThis chocolate bar comes directly from Columbia. Chocolate Santander Colombian Single Origin. Semi Dark Chocolate. Nacional de Chocolates. Establishes in 1920.

The manufacturer describes its chocolcates on his website as “unforgetable flavours which are specially created for the world’s most refined palates. By selecting the best cacao beans one by one, from a special harvest, Chocolate Santander Colombian Single Origin produces a collection of chocolates of exceptional quality and memorable taste.

Very strong words. I have experienced that the milk content of the chocolate seems to be quite low. The first taste was bitter and very sweet. A content of 53 percent of cocoa, makes this chocolate to a semi dark one.

I would say Chocolate Santander is a bit too meager, dry and sterile. It’s like a coffee with a lot of sugar and absolutely no milk. The taste of sugar is very strong. Maybe it seems there is too much sugar in the chocolate.

It is possible that the taste of Chocolate Santander is just typical for Colombian chocolate. It was interesting to experience such a taste one time, but I am not really excited about it I wonder about the taste of other Santander chocolate bars with a higher percentage of cocoa content. Their flavour must be even stronger. Amazing.

March 14, 2009

Lindt Lindor Chocolate Milk Irresistibly Smooth

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switzerlandLindt Lindor Milk Irresistibly Smooth Chocolate Balls are indeed one of the most smoothest chocolates I have ever tried in my whole life. The filling has a cool character. I don’t know how such kind of effect is possible, but it really tastes if the chocolate comes directly out of the fridge.

The whole delicacy is another true masterpiece from Lindt at its best. The best way Milk Chocolate can be offered. Swiss Milk Chocolate with a smooth melting filling.


150 g of the finest milk chocolate from Switzerland in a red package.

Every single chocolate is loving wrapped.

One bite and you are already in chocolate heaven. A perfect experience of a sweet divineness.

March 9, 2009

Stainer Chocolate

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M&M's chocolateStainer chocolate is manufactured in the American village of Littleton (6.000 inhabitants), which can be found in the state of New Hampshire.

The privately owned chocolate producer is well known for its creative and exceptional chocolate delicacies. I was able to get the dark chocolate bar with aloe and blackcurrant.

At first the chocolate is slighty bitter. Later the fruity flavour of blackcurrant is recognizable. But everything not too strong and intrusive. The taste stays polite hushed in the background.

Stainer Chocolate has a very hard character. The wallower of this chocolate needs strong teeth.

One bar has only 50g, but a cocoa content of 70 percent. For such a high content of cocoa Stainer chocolate has a brillant taste. The blackcurrent harmonises fabulous and imparts the chocolate an unique enjoyment. Well done you chocolate makers from the USA!

February 17, 2009

Excelsior Chocolate

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ivoria chocolate“Excelsior Chocolate Degustation Chocolat au Lait Fleur de Sel” is manufactured in the French town of Perpignan. Perpignan has 110.000 inhabitants and can be found in the South Western part of France directly on the border to Spain.

Fleur de Sel is salt from the sea. It’s included in the chocolate but the taste is not too strong. The cocoa amounts 30 percent. Excelsior offers a pleasant taste of milk chocolate. The flavour is not too bad. Only at the end a slight taste of sea salt is recognizable.

February 8, 2009

Rübezahl Spongebob Chocolate Lentils Chocolate

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austriaThe Spongebob Chocolate Lentils Chocolate is a very creative idea from a chocolate manufacturer from Germany. “Rübezahl Schokoladen” is the name of the German company which can be found in the South Western part of the country, close to the city of Stuttgart.

Rübezahl produces chocolates since more than 50 years. The chocolate factory is specialized on season chocolate like Santa Claus chocolates or Easter Bunny chocolates. In this case we have something completely different from all christmas and easter chocolates. This is a chocolate dedicated to the famous cartoon character “Spongebob”.

The special delicacy consists of milk chocolate with a cocoa content of 30 percent, and little chocolate pieces with a sugar icing and tasteful chocolate inside. Similar to the famous m&m’s. Those chocolate pieces are called “Chocolate Lentils”.

Those colourful “chocolate lentils” shine through the chocolate bar. Very impressive for little children. I suppose.

But the best of all is the taste. It is a tasteful chocolate product indeed. Very creamy milk chocolate, and a strong flavour of sweet cocoa. The little chocolate lentils inside the bar are an additional attraction, and increase the enjoyment by a crispy character.

Rübezahl Spongebob Chocolate Lentils Chocolate is a very good product with a great taste.

February 6, 2009

Lindt Lindor Chocolate Balls Dark

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switzerlandLindt Lindor Chocolate Balls Dark are manufactured in the Swiss town of Kilchberg. A small place with a bit more than 7.000 inhabitants located directly next to the Lake Zürichsee, close to the big city of  Zürich.

Lindt is known to be a very famous chocolate manufacturer. I have heard many wonderful stories about those chocolate balls before. So it was time for me to experience such interesting chocolate creation for myself.

The blue bag is promising. The tempting chocolate balls are wrapped in a very lovely way. Now it’s time to open this chocolate import from Switzerland.

The bag has a weight of 150 g. I have counted 12 pieces of those chocolate balls.

The chocolate ball lays gently and easy manageable on the tongue of my mouth. It really fits perfectly.

Lindt Lindor Chocolate Balls Dark gave me a true unbelievable chocolate experience. First the upper layer melts tasteful away until the special filling comes out. This filling consists of very soft dark chocolate with an extraordinary fridged character. Such cooling chocolate is truely something special, because the chocolate balls were not a fridge or outside in the cold.

Once the delicious chocolate filling made its appearance, the soft chocolate melts very quick on the tongue. The flavour is amazing. Just top class chocolate. One of the best chocolates in my whole life.

Chocolate Schokolade Chocolat Cioccolata Cioccolato Cioccolatini Sjokolade Suklaa Choklad Chokolade Chocolade Shokolaad šokolāde Sokoladas