1 Cru Chocolate

italyChocolate from Italy again. Such kind of products from that country are always known being delicious and exquisite. Trying “1 Cru Cioccolato Da Degustazione Los Vasquez” confirms my opinion and delighted my Sunday afternoon chocolate enjoyment.

1 Cru Chocolate is manufactured by “Muzzi Antica Pasticceria dal 1795” in the Italian town of Foligno. Folgino has 55.000 inhabitants and can be found in the province of Umbria, close to Perugia city.

I am not able to understand the Italian language, but there was something written about the Dominican Republic on the backside of the box.  The weight of 1 Cru Chocolate amounts 70 g.

The cocoa content amounts 75 percent. The hope for pure and good chocolate is not an empty promise. The chocolate tastes really brillant, and is not that bitter as I have expected before. Yes, I would call it “luxury chocolate”.

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