Cupido Truffles Chocolates

Cupido Truffles Chocolates are manufactured in the Belgian town of Vrasene. Vrasene is a little town in the north of Belgium and has 4.000 inhabitants. This chocolate creation is mentioned as “milk chocolate flaked truffles. The cocoa content consits of 33 percent. My impression of Cupido Truffles Chocolates was a creamy taste of milk chocolate.… Read more Cupido Truffles Chocolates

Hamlet Chocolate

Hamlet Chocolate is sold in little chocolate pieces which have different characters. The place of manufacture is Belgium. “Assortiment”is the official name of this chocolate delicacy. Yes, the chocolates are a delicacy indeed. At first sight I was not sure. The wrapping is made quite simple and there are no detailed descriptions of the different chocolates… Read more Hamlet Chocolate

Zaabär Chocolate

Zaabär is a luxury chocolate brand from the Belgian capital of Brussels. The concept of the highly gifted Belgian chocolatier Francois Decarpentries is to create fancy chocolates with a cocoa content of 55 percent, and spice blends from around the world. Zaabär offers only dark chocolate in a little factory shop in Brussels city center.… Read more Zaabär Chocolate

What is Puff Xtra Limited

Pre-filled with an ejuice capacity of 8ml and 5% of nicotine, the Puff Xtra Limited Tobacco disposable vaporizer delivers approximately 3000 puffs in a compact, light, and portable design. With a 1000mAh battery, the Puff Xtra Limited Tobacco disposable vaporizer has enough power to deliver excellent flavor without any charging or complicated settings. Being disposable, the… Read more What is Puff Xtra Limited

Schwedenbomben Chocolate

Schwedenbomben are creations from Austria, and consist of glair foam and a filmy covering of bitter chocolate with and without coco crumbles. A legend tells that this kind of candy speciality was invented 90 years ago. Schwedenbomen means “Swedish bombs” in English language. It’s told that the inventors best friend was from Sweden.

Tiroler Edle Cranberry Chocolate

Tiroler Edle is a very special chocolate from Austria. The chocolate factory is located in the Tirolean town of Landeck, which can be found on the border between the federal states of Tirol and Vorarlberg. Deep in the Western part of Austria, and quite close to Switzerland.