After Eight Thin Chocolate Mints

after eight“After Eight” are thin plates of bitter chocolate, filled with peppermints cream.

The sophisticated chocolate creations are manufactured by Nestle in the German city of Frankfurt/Main.

after eight peppermint chocolates mints thin

The idea of “After Eight” was born 1962 in England. It was the English company “Rowntree’s” who created this kind of chocolate product. In 1988 Nestle bought Rowntree’s and received the marketing rights for “After Eight”.

peppermints chocolates after eight

The peppermints cream filling of “After Eight” has a very refreshing effect. It’s quite a good product, and the success prove the popularity. The only negative thing I have experienced about the thin peppermints chocolates is the too distinctive sweet taste of the peppermints cream.

after eight chocolates

after eight chocolate mints

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