Amano Artisan Chocolate

M&M's chocolateI really can’t remember where I got that small 56g bar of US-American chocolate. But it had a long shelf life. It was laying almost one year in my office and is still valid until February 2011. 6 more months.

The full name of the bar is “Amano Artisan Chocolate Montanya Limited Edition Handcrafted Dark Chocolate”. The cocao content amounts 70 percent and was made of premium beans from the mountains of Venezuela. On the backside of the wrapping I read following informations: “Accesible only on horseback in the mountains of Northern Venezuela are several family-owned cocoa plantations. Here I discovered a limited supply of truly exquisite cocoa beans. We are the first to make a single origin chocolate from these precious beans. Our vintage process gently accentuates their finest flavours. The result is a remarkable chocolate with flavour notes of apricot and marshmallow that you will find enchanting. Amano Artisan Chocolate is dedicated to reviving the art of making fine chocolate from the bean. We craft our chocolate in small batches only from the finest cocoa beans, pure cane sugar, and whole vanilla beans. I hope you enjoy our chocolate.

Well, what should I say. At first the chocolate tastes quite neutral. Later, after one or two minutes melting on the tongue, I experience much more flavour. A bit vanilla is recognizable. As the bar is very small I only take very small bits and try to enjoy best I can. I must say, if you know the story of this chocolate, the flavour is quite interesting. It also has something slight of blue berries in the taste. Also for the huge content of cocoa the taste is not too bitter. A quite good chocolate product from the USA, but of course, I have experienced much better chocolates in my life. It was not the best, but rather good.

The second wrapping of Amano Artisan Chocolate.

… and finally the broken 65g bar. Amano Artisan Chocolate is manufactured in the 85.000 inhabitant town of Orem in Utah. The chocolate factory is located about 40 miles south of Salt Lake City in the heart of the Wasatch Mountains.Comments Off on Amano Artisan Chocolate

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