Amedei Chocolate

What a wonderful surprise on a cold Tuesday evening in the middle of January. White chocolate with pistachio from the Italian province of Tuscany. The cocoa content amounts 29 percent.

The chocolate manufacturer is located in the 27.000 inhabitant town of Pontedera. The establishment took place in the year 1990. Amedei Chocolate already won a lot of international prizes, which is no surprise for me after enjoying the first bite of this product.

The taste of Cioccolato Al Latte Bianco Con Pastacchi La Tavoletta Amedei Tuscany is a mixture of sweet and bitter elements. The pistachio which serves as filling take the bitter part. The white chocolate itself is creamy, but not too much. So I would label it as not such a sweet chocolate. But there is no doubt that this creation is a very fine chocolate.

Simple design of a wonderful chocolate bar.

I removed the wrapping and experienced a white chocolate bar with dark spots of the pastachio.

At the end I was not disappointed. Amedei was a very interesting chocolate experience. Great!

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