Apple Wine Chocolate (Mostschokolade)

apple wine chocolateGosh! What is that? Mostschokolade! A chocolate with Austrian apple wine flavour. A very unusual creation. I have never seen something like that before, and so I thought I should try and take this product.

Mostschokolade is manufactured in the Upper Austrian town of Frankenmarkt by a company called “Frucht und Sinne”, which means “Fruit and Senses” in English language. On their website it’s written that this chocolate factory received an official sponsorship by the European Union. Very interesting.

apple wine chocolate mostschokolade

Frucht & Sinne Mostschokolade is white chocolate with dried fruits, and a cocoa content of 28 percent, as well as vanilla, dried apples, and an apple wine concentrate. In my opinion a very adventurous but interesting creation. But let me have a try.

apple wine chocolate mostschokolade

The first bite and my hair stands on end. This chocolate is extremely sour. I have never tried such a sour chocolate before in my whole life. Some seconds later I am able to experience the typical “Most flavour”. The national drink of some certain Austrian provinces.

apple wine chocolate mostschokolade

I think now it depends if you are an apple wine lover or not. I don’t like apple wine, and so I am not so excited about the flavour. The flavour is extremly sourish, and of course the taste of apples is also very strong.

After some more bites I get more used to the Mostschokolade. Now the taste is not that shocking anymore. Yes, I was shocked after my first bite. Mostschokolade is a new and funny way to enjoy a bar of white chocolate. Not more. I don’t think I am going to buy another bar.

apple wine chocolate mostschokolade

Maye this review would be more positive, if I would enjoy drinking the Austrian apple wine. I think at the end the chocolate is not that bad. You really must be used to the new and unique taste. The first bite is truely a shock. Usually chocolates are sweet or bitter, but this one is sour[!]

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