Baci Perugina

Baci Perugina is a chocolate creation for people who like nuts. The chocolates are manufactured in the Italian city of Milano by Nestle Italiana. The impression was a thick layer of milk chocolate which was not too sweet. This chocolate is a covering for a core of a nut, nuts pieces and cocoa butter. The… Read more Baci Perugina

Novi Chocolate

Novi – Il Grande Cioccolato Italiano. Nocciolato Gianduja. Cioccolato Passione dal 1903. Novi Chocolate from the Italian province of Piedmont is something very special and unique. This kind of chocolate is not like all the others. There are special ingredients and fabrication techniques which cause a huge difference between chocolate from Novi, and a chocolate… Read more Novi Chocolate

WalCor Chocolate Cigars

Wal-Cor Cioccolato al Latte. Today I have tried something really funny. Chocolate Cigars from Italy. A company from Cremona in the North of Italy had the glorious idea to manufacture such an amusing chocolate creation. Wal Cor stands for Walter Corsanini. The founder of the chocolate factory. He started to make chocolates in 1954. It… Read more WalCor Chocolate Cigars

1 Cru Chocolate

Chocolate from Italy again. Such kind of products from that country are always known being delicious and exquisite. Trying “1 Cru Cioccolato Da Degustazione Los Vasquez” confirms my opinion and delighted my Sunday afternoon chocolate enjoyment. 1 Cru Chocolate is manufactured by “Muzzi Antica Pasticceria dal 1795” in the Italian town of Foligno. Folgino has… Read more 1 Cru Chocolate

Venchi Chocolate

Venchi Chocolate exists since 1878 and comes from a little village in the North Western part of Italy, close to the French border. Castelletto Stura is the name of the village in the Province of Cuneo in the Italian region Piedmont, located about 70 km south of Turin and about 10 km northeast of Cuneo… Read more Venchi Chocolate

Amedei Chocolate

What a wonderful surprise on a cold Tuesday evening in the middle of January. White chocolate with pistachio from the Italian province of Tuscany. The cocoa content amounts 29 percent. The chocolate manufacturer is located in the 27.000 inhabitant town of Pontedera. The establishment took place in the year 1990. Amedei Chocolate already won a… Read more Amedei Chocolate