Bachhalm Chocolate Macchiato Orange

austriaBachhalm is a confectioner and pastry shop in the South Upper Austrian town of Kirchdorf, which was opened in 1928.

Bachhalm manufactures hand made chocolate bars, and has a highly reputated name in and around the region. The precious products aren’t available in supermarkets, but you are able to find them in more and more coffee houses and chocolate shops of Austrias federal state Upper Austria.

bachhalm chocolate macchiato orange schokolade

The chocolate bar of Bachhalm which I have tried was the “Macchiato Orange”. A Hand Made Grand Cru Cuvée Gourmet Chocolate: Pure varieties of noble cocoa beans of the variety Criollo from the best growing regions and plantations in the world. 10 degrees to the north and south of the equator, form the unique basis for all of our Grand Cru Cuvée chocolates, is written on the packaging of the chocolate.

Macchiato Orange consits of 63,8% cacao, sugar, cacao butter, bourbon vanilla and natural orange flavour. The weight amounts 85 gram.

bachhalm chocolate macchiato orange

The chocolate bar has two main colours: orange and black. The taste of the chocolate depends on the primary colour of your piece. An orange piece of this chocolate has a much stronger taste of orange as a darker one. A dark piece of chocolate has a very smooth taste of macchiato. Generally is to say that this kind pf product is really a premium quality chocolate bar. You can lay back, close your eyes, and let this chocolate melt on your tongue. It is a very special chocolate experience for very special moments. Bachhalm is a master piece of chocolate manufacturing art.

In spite of a cocao content of 63,8%, the chocolate tastes surprisingly not too bitter.  The smooth, not too sweet and not too bitter taste of the chocolate, delights the palate of the chocolate friend in a very gorgeous way.

bachhalm chocolate macchiato orange schokolade

The home of Bachhalm Chocolate: Hauptplatz 1 in the town centre of Kirchdorf. The confectioner and pastry shop of Bachhalm is located in the opposite to the town hall and just some metres away from the church.

bachhalm hauptplatz 1

Hauptplatz 1: Bachhalms confectioner and pastry shop has its place there since 1928.

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