Baileys Chocolate Irish Cream Truffle Bar

irelandThe Original Baileys Chocolate Irish Cream Truffle Bar is manufactured in the Irish town of Navan.

Navan is located in the east of Ireland, and has 25.000 inhabitants. The name of the chocolate factory is Lir Chocolates Ltd.

baileys chocolate

The Original Baileys Chocolate Irish Cream Truffle is made by hand and has a cocoa content of 35 percent. The package is divided in two 50g wrapped bars.

baileys chocolate

Baileys Chocolate is a quite new chocolate. The chocolate factory who produces the Irish speciality was founded in 2003.

baileys chocolate

My first impression of the Irish chocolate was a slight sourish and sharp flavour of the Whiskey cream. The milk chocolate has a very fine character and delights with a delicious experience.

baileys chocolate irish truffle bar

The filling consists of Irish Cream Truffle with a cosy creamy taste.

I have to say that this kind of fancy chocolate is a fabulous treat for the very special moments in life. The chocolate melts smoothly and gentle down the throat, and leaves a wonderful memory of this special day.

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