Berger Chocolate

austria chocolateBerger is a chocolate maker from Salzburg, who has also a chocolate shop in Vienna (Wollzeile). I found this shop in Vienna by accident, and thought to buy a little bar.

Berger Chocolate is something very fancy, and the prices are quite elevated. I suppose a chocolate for the special moments in life. Not for everyday life. Something to enjoy and make other people happy. This is Berger Chocolate for me.

berger chocolate

There were different types of chocolates. Some of them had also funny forms and characters. I went for the cheapest and bought the little bar of 40g. My chocolate bar was named as “the harmonic one”.

berger chocolate

The special character of this chocolate is its tartish flavour. The cocoa content amounts 33 percent. Chocolate maker Mr. Berger used cocoa beans from the African island of Madagascar for this product.

berger chocolate

There is also a strong taste of milk noticeable, and a light flavour of caramel. I must confess that this one is really a top class chocolate. It’s okay to pay such a high price for that kind of flavour experience. I am in love with Berger Chocolate. Chocolate in paradise might taste like that.

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