Björnsted Ecuador Chocolate

germanyBjörnsted Ecuador Chocolate consists of 70 percent cocoa, and is manufactured in the German town of Herford, which is located in the Western part of Germany.

The product is made in the chocolate factory of “Eco Finia”.

bjornsted ecuador chocolate

Björnsted is a new chocolate brand and available since just one or two years. The special thing about the chocolate is that the ingredients are only taken from the best sources.

bjornsted ecuador chocolate

At first you experience a bitter sweet chocolate. After you take your first bite, the chocolate evolves its unique flavour and taste. The reason of such kind of special flavour is a very rare cocoa bean called “Arriba”.

This kind of cocoa bean was imported from the South American country of Ecuador. Ecuadorian farmers plant such cocoa beans under strict ecological requirements. This “Arriba” cocoa bean counts to one of the best cocoa beans in the world. You are going to taste that in the chocolate. Extremely tasty.

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