Bobby Chocolate

austriaVery fine milk chocolate as a covering for a heavy filling banana cream, garnished with round cereal crisps. This is Bobby Chocolate. An Austrian chocolate creation with interesting history.

At first I have experienced the inspiring taste of the milk chocolate melting on my tongue. When I started to bite, I have heared the cereal crisps crunching. The rich banana cream inside Bobby is the last thing I was able to taste. This is also the most intensive part of the product. A full taste of smooth banana cream.

bobby chocolate

Bobby Chocolate was invented at the end of the 70’s.  “Graf Bobby” was a famous and popular character in the Austrian TV in those times.  This chocolate was named according to him.

bobby chocolate

Since 1993/94 Bobby Chocolate is manufactured in a chocolate factory in Salzburg. The chocolate was invented by Bensdorp. Later in the middle of the 80’s Bobby Chocolate was bought by Suchard, and produced in the Lower Austrian town of Tulln.

bobby chocolate

Now Bobby Chocolate is manufactured in the same chocolate factory like the famous Mirabell Mozartkugeln in Salzburg, and very popular among young and old chocolate lovers. Bobby Chocolate is not available in every supermarket. You have to search a little while until you are going to find a supermarket which sells Bobby chocolate bars.

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