Brunberg Chocolate

finlandBrunberg is a chocolate from Finland, which is produced in the town of Porvoo. Porvoo has 48.000 inhabitants, and can be found in the south of Finland.

The official name of the product is “Laktoositon Laktosfri Brunberg Tumma Mörk”. The chocolate bar has a weight of 150g.

brunberg chocolate

Brunberg was founded by a bakerman called “A. W. Lindfors” 1871 in the town of Porvoo. In the following 20 years he was able to become the most successful producer of sweets in Finland. In 1928 the chocolate factory was bought by Lennart Brunberg.

brunberg chocolate

My first experience of the chocolate was a lack of sweetness. I was shocked about a real tasteless chocolate.

After one minute the taste changed. There was still no sweetness to taste, but I was able to explore a unique and pleasant flavour of creamy chocolate.

brunberg chocolate

The special thing about Brunberg Chocolate is the unique taste, which is a big contrast to other chocolates. At the beginning the chocolate seems to be quite hard to get used to it, but after a little while you are able to experience a pleasant taste which is so different from all the other chocolates.

It tastes like a cup of cappuccino without sugar. I am still impressed about such special kind of chocolate. Brunberg was really worth tasting.

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