Carletti Chocolate Mørk Kaempeplade

denmarkCarletti Chocolate “Mørk Kaempeplade” cannot compete with the two other chocolate bars of Carletti which I have tasted before.

The white chocolate bar and the milk chocolate bar are much more tasteful than the dark chocolate of the Danish candy manufacturer.

carletti chocolate

The chocolate is not a bad dark chocolate, but a bit too average. There is no special flavour which makes me say “woohoo”. There is only a monotonous sweet taste of dark chocolate. The sweetness is also a bit too much for a dark chocolate bar. The cocoa content amounts 44 percent.

carletti chocolate

I could not find anything outstanding in that chocolate. This is the only negative point. I could eat the 200g bar without a problem at once.

carletti chocolate

The consistency of Carletti Chocolate “Mørk Kaempeplade” is hard and rough.

My personal summary: the chocolate bars “Hvid Kaempeplade” and “Lys Kaempeplade” of Carletti are much better.

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