Casali Liqueur Chocolate Bottles

austriaThe roots of Casali Liqueur Chocolate Bottles can be found in the Italian harbour town of Trieste. It was in the year 1792 when Joseph Casali decided to establish his company. He was manufacturing rum and liqueurs.

In 1810 he moved with his company to Vienna. Napoleon and his soldiers made to much troubles in Trieste, and the continuity of the company was in danger. In Vienna he found more economical freedom, and he was able to continue his successful work.

During the difficult times of the first world war a new idea turned out to be a top seller. The liquers and rum specialities were sold as filling in little chocolates. This was the birth of Casalis liqueur chocolate bottles.

Today those chocolates were sold mainly before christmas as delicious christmas tree decoration.

– Casali Eier Likör (Egg Liqueur)

– Casali Karibik

– Casali Gold Teufel (Golden Devil)

– Casali Wodka

The chocolate has a cocoa content of 50 percent, and a strong and filling character. Its liquid filling results in a wonderful and delicious combination. Casali Karabik is filled with Carribean rum. Similar like the famous Casali Rum Kokos.

Casali Golden Devil chocolate bottle is filled with tasty Viennese spirits. The vodka inside the Casali Wodka chocolate bottle tastes very smoothly. Casali chocolate bottles are quite traditional before christmas, and very popular in Austria. Now I have to wait until December again, when I am going to be able to buy some new of those delicious chocolate bottles.

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