Casali Rum Kokos Chocolate

austriaCasali Rum Kokos are chocolates made of the finest Viennese chocolate and filled with Carribean rum.

Casali has a very long history. The company was founded in 1782, and started to manufacture rum. The brilliant quality of the products soon opened the doors to the Imperial family and other aristocratic personages.

casali rum kokos chocolate

During the wars in the Napoleon times the company moved from Trieste to Vienna. Trieste was an Austrian city in those times, and had to suffer a lot by the French soldiers. The boss of the company, Julian Casali, did not see a future anymore in this city and moved to the Austrian capital Vienna.

casali rum kokos chocolate

In 1810 Julian Casali, who was the son of the founder, moved into his first office in Vienna. It was located in the city centre of Vienna, Wollzeile Nr. 816.

casali rum kokos chocolate

One year before the first world war in 1913, the Casali company was sold to a family called “Beer”. They started to manufacture chocolate candy with alcoholic filling. Casali Rum Kokos was born!


Even two world wars could not stop the success of Casali Rum Kokos. Today they are manufactured by the Manner company (since 1970), and one of Austrias most famous and popular candy specialities.

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