Wenschitz Chocolate

Wenschitz Chocolate is chocolate enjoyment on its top. No complaints, no negative side effects, no disappointments. Wenschitz is the pure and perfect chocolate bar to me. I had the “Wenschitz Maitre Chocolatier Madagaskar 64% Chocolat Maison Extra Noir 72h Grand Cru”, and I was really excited about it. The bar has 64% plain chocolate covering,… Read more Wenschitz Chocolate

Rosenauer Viennese Imperial Chocolate

The “Viennese Imperial Chocolate” is made by the Viennese chocolate manufacturer “Rosenauer’s Wiener Schokolade”. Only the best ingredients are used. High quality is very important for the blessed chocolate artist from Vienna. All chocolate bars are made by hand. The Viennese Imperial Chocolate was made in the homage of Austrias and especially Viennas Imperial past.… Read more Rosenauer Viennese Imperial Chocolate

Rosenauer Wiener Schokolade Apple Strudel Chocolate

Wiener Schokolade Apple Strudel Chocolate is a wonderful composition made by the Viennese chocolate manufacturer Rosenauer by hand. According to the manufacturer, only the best ingredients are used for this kind of fancy chocolate candy. The chocolate bar is an appreciation of one of Austrias most important and famous sweet dishes: the “Apple Strudel”. If… Read more Rosenauer Wiener Schokolade Apple Strudel Chocolate

Ebner/Hanauer Chocolate

This kind of chocolate was a rather interesting one. It was wrapped as “Ebner Chocolate”, and unwrapped it turned out to be a chocolate from the Viennese confectioner Klaus Hanauer. Ebner is confectionery and pastry shop from the Styrian town of Pöllau. They sell and wrap it as home-made chocolate, but the naked chocolate does… Read more Ebner/Hanauer Chocolate

Milka Milketten Chocolate

Milka Milketten are manufactured in the Austrian chocolate manufactury of Bludenz, which is located directly next to the Swiss border in the Western part of Austria. Milketten are one of Milkas traditional products. They exist since quite a while. At least a couple of decades. Milketten consist of the finest Milka Alpine Milk Chocolate and… Read more Milka Milketten Chocolate

Panuli Chocolate Mocca Beans

Panuli Chocolate Mocca Beans are manufactured by HARIBO in Austrias third biggest city Linz. The company “Panuli” was founded in 1921 in Linz by the confectioner Josef Franz Panuschka (PANUschka LInz = PANULI).  Panuli manufactured fruit bread, waffles and gingerbread. ORDER PANULI CHOCOLATE MOCCA BEANS ONLINE In 1929 the company moved to a bigger factory… Read more Panuli Chocolate Mocca Beans