Zotter Chocolate

Zotter Chocolate is finest hand made Austrian chocolate from the federal state of Styria. It is the confectioner Josef Zotter who puts the stamp on that chocolate. Zotter is already well known in Austria. His chocolates can be bought in many cake shops, coffee houses and confectionaries. But until now I haven’t found a Zotter Chocolate… Read more Zotter Chocolate

Amicelli Chocolate

Amicelli is a sophisticated chocolate creation, and manufactured in the little town of Breitenbrunn, which is located in the north of Austrias Eastern province Burgenland. The candy factory is a part of Masterfoods. Amicelli seems to be also availbable in Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, and Poland. Amicelli is a chocolate stick which is coated with the… Read more Amicelli Chocolate

Zotter White Poppy Chocolate

Another certain creation of Austrias famous confectioner Josef Zotter. I received this interesting candy for christmas. The chocolate bar which is filled with white poppy is made by hand, and one of Josef Zotters popular chocolate bars. Zotter White Poppy Chocolate is filled with cocoa mass, white poppy, apricot schnapps and almonds. The chocolate has a… Read more Zotter White Poppy Chocolate

Mirabell Mozart Chocolate

Mirabell Mozart Chocolates are manufactured in the 7.000 inhabitant town of Grödig in the federal state of Salzburg. There are many different chocolate manufacturers in Austria and Germany who produce Mozart Chocolates, but only the ones from Mirabell are allowed to be called the genuine ones (Die Echten). Mozartkugeln from Mirabell are also the most… Read more Mirabell Mozart Chocolate

Swedy Chocolate

Swedy is a traditional chocolate candy bar from Austria. The Upper Austrian confectioner Niemetz from Linz is the manufacturer of Swedy. Swedy is filled of the finest peanuts cream and covered with savoury milk chocolate. The result of this creamy combination is an experience with a strong character of peanuts. Swedy is very soft, which is… Read more Swedy Chocolate

Milka Amavel

Milka Amavel is a new chocolate creation from Milka. The bar has a weight of 160g and should go after the demanding chocolate lover. This kind of Milka Amavel chocolate is filled with a fluffy chocolate cream called “Mousse au Chocolat”. Milka Amavel consists of a strong covering of tender milk chocolate. The chocolate melts… Read more Milka Amavel

Milka Chocolate Egg

The Milka Chocolate Egg is a very funny idea. It consists of the finest milk chocolate which is formed as hollow egg and filled with sticky milk cream. My experience was a fine taste of the milk chocolate, but the milk cream was not that good as expected. I think this product is something for… Read more Milka Chocolate Egg

Hofbauer Chocolate

Hofbauer is one of Austrias most traditional chocolate manufacturers. The company was founded in the middle of the 19th century, and is located in Austrias capital Vienna. Hofbauer Chocolate is the finest selection of dark chocolate with a brilliant filling of marzipan. This is my personal opinion about “Hofbauer Für Verwöhnte Marzipan”. Hofbauer is the… Read more Hofbauer Chocolate