Ildefonso Chocolate

The chocolates of Ildefonso are something very special, and a true delicacy for nougat and chocolate lovers. Ildefonso chocolates are manufactured since 1880. The owner of a Viennese chocolate factory spent his holiday in Spain. During that holiday, he has visited the church of Toledo, which was dedicated to the Bishop St. Ildefonso. The owner of the… Read more Ildefonso Chocolate

Bobby Chocolate

Very fine milk chocolate as a covering for a heavy filling banana cream, garnished with round cereal crisps. This is Bobby Chocolate. An Austrian chocolate creation with interesting history. At first I have experienced the inspiring taste of the milk chocolate melting on my tongue. When I started to bite, I have heared the cereal crisps crunching. The… Read more Bobby Chocolate

Casali Rum Kokos Chocolate

Casali Rum Kokos are chocolates made of the finest Viennese chocolate and filled with Carribean rum. Casali has a very long history. The company was founded in 1782, and started to manufacture rum. The brilliant quality of the products soon opened the doors to the Imperial family and other aristocratic personages. During the wars in the… Read more Casali Rum Kokos Chocolate

Berger Chocolate

Berger is a chocolate maker from Salzburg, who has also a chocolate shop in Vienna (Wollzeile). I found this shop in Vienna by accident, and thought to buy a little bar. Berger Chocolate is something very fancy, and the prices are quite elevated. I suppose a chocolate for the special moments in life. Not for… Read more Berger Chocolate

Sissi Kugeln Chocolates

On a sunny Sunday at the end of August like today, I thought its time for a very special chocolate creation. I have found my delight in an organge chocolate box with the title “Sissikugeln”. Sissi Kugeln were tradionally manufactured by the Viennese chocolate maker “Hofbauer”, but as the company was sold to “Lindt &… Read more Sissi Kugeln Chocolates

Pardos Crisp Chocolate

The manufacturer of those little Pardos crisp chocolate balls is not an unknown one. It’s the chocolate factory “Salzburg Schokolade” from the south of Salzburgs province, in the little town Grödig. Salzburg Schokolade is also the manufacturer of the famous Mirabell Mozartkugeln. This promise a good quality.  The product is a paper box of 140g finest… Read more Pardos Crisp Chocolate